Any idea why the lame-stream media calls patriots “extreme right-wing?”

Far-right protests break out across France as tensions reach boiling point

UK Express

CROWDS of extreme right-wing protesters have disturbed a solidarity march in France as news breaks that at least one of the terrorists responsible for the slaughters in Paris was a Syrian refugee.

Flares going off in protest

Anti-Muslim demonstrations have broken out in France

A peaceful demonstration taking place in the centre of Lille, northern France, was interrupted by right-wingers appearing to belong to the Front National.

The unrest came as Front National leader Marine Le Pen declared French people “are no longer safe” and called for France to take back control of its borders.

Many people have taken to the streets across France today to show their solidarity with Paris despite the French government banning demonstrations from taking place for security reasons.

Right-wing protestors had flares and banners reading: “Throw out Islamists”
The protesters, armed with flares and with banners reading: “Throw out Islamists” pushed their way through the peaceful crowd and started chanting “Out the Muslims”.Protesters hurled Islamophobic chants as police surrounded the tense scenes.

Demonstrators, taking part in the act of solidarity organised by Human Rights League, lashed back at the group of right-wingers, shouting: “Get out Fascists”.


Thousands have taken to the streets to show solidarity with Paris 

Banners of peaceful protesters read: “We are not afraid”, “Pray for Paris” and “Je suis Paris” in homage to the terrorist attacks on Charlie Hebdo in January.Mourning Parisians have laid flowers and candles at the six locations where the gruesome attacks took place.


Peaceful demonstrations were hijacked by crowds of right-wing extremists 

I call that bullshit.
Londoners also gathered in Trafalgar Square today in solidarity with the French capital.Iconic landmarks across the world have lit up in the colours of the French flag as France comes to terms with the country’s worst ever terrorist attack.

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    As you are aware I have warned and warned and warned those that read my words that you must defend yourselves.

    Part of that defence is arming yourselves.

    There are times ahead, in the not too distant future, when you will be forced to defend yourselves against Muslim/Marxist threats to your lives and property and that includes the lives and property of your loved ones, friends, neighbours and countrymen. One only has to watch the madness as it unfolds across Europe to understand that in Australia, North America and the remainder of the civilized world it is only a matter of time before the cancer of Islam and its verminous Muslim begins its campaign of mass murder, destruction and domination here.

    As you have, very clearly, unequivocally have, been abandoned by your law enforcement agencies, your judiciary and your leaders, all treasonous, all clearly in full support of the Muslim and its Islam, your lives now lay in your own hands and your will to defend those lives with lethal force if necessary.

    (Listen to the Leftist media worried about “registration”)

    Many of you will not remember the riots that swept through Los Angeles in the early 90’s. This was a manifestation of the Black Panther movement and was combined with Marxist groups and resulted in the murder of dozens of persons as well as the destruction and torching of hundreds of millions of dollars in businesses and private property.

    Of interest is the recent re-emergence in cities, towns and campuses across America of these same violent Marxist/Fascist groups like the Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street and the New Black Panthers as they commence a new campaign of terrorism across the United States. Same Dog, different leg action and with the same aspirations of terrorism and lawlessness as their “weapons” of political change.

    MOVING ON…….

    During the Los Angeles riots the police were powerless to defend the citizenry. Many people, defenceless, barricaded themselves in their homes, absolutely terrified, as utter chaos and anarchy reigned supreme all around them.

    One group of citizens and business owners refused to be terrorized, refused to watch all their sweat and labour be set to torches by human garbage, they ignored the confusion and cowardice of the police and rallied amongst themselves, took up arms, and defended, successfully defended, their homes, their businesses, their loved ones and their fellow countrymen.

    That group were recent immigrants to the United States, the Koreans.


    The Koreans realized that they had been abandoned by those persons and agencies who were elected/appointed/tasked with the administration and enforcement of law and order. They realized that the Marxism, the political correctness, the cowardice and the incompetence of those leaders and police had placed them in harms way and stood to be the catalyst for their deaths and the destruction of all they had worked so very hard for. The Koreans refused to allow that to happen.

    The Koreans spit in the faces of the police cowardice and saddled up, organized and armed themselves. They then barricaded themselves and their businesses, loaded their weapons, took to the roof-tops and stood and faced down the mobs of rioting Blacks. Their message to the criminals was clear; attempt to hurt us, our families or destroy and loot our businesses and we will kill you.

    The Blacks listened. Most of the Korean businesses remained untouched while other businesses and residences around them were looted and then burned to the ground.


    I am telling you that you must arm yourselves now.

    You may dismiss what I am saying as hyperbolic, hysterical melodrama. So be it.

    But to those who understand what they face, what is unfolding across Europe, what the Muslims have clearly stated they intend to do to you and your families and what treasonous cowardice has become SOP for your leaders and police, those persons understand that their lives and the defence of those lives rests in their own hands.




    Buy a weapon or several weapons if you can. If you cannot “buy” a weapon acquire one by other means.

    Preferably acquire a semi-automatic weapon, a rifle, that is chambered in a calibre for which ammunition is readily available.


    .22 Cal

    5.56mm / .223 Cal

    7.62 x 51 Nato / .308 Cal

    7.62 x 39 Soviet or 7.62 x 54 Soviet

    12 Gauge in 2 ¾ or 3 inch magnum

    .300 Winchester Magnum

    9mm handgun

    Avoid full “auto” weapons as these are for Hollywood and are a waste of ammunition. Stick to semi-automatic weapons or bolt-action rifle for long range sniper work.

    Avoid exotic rifle or handgun calibres like the Colt 1911 .45 ACP or Lapua .338 (unless you are a sniper)

    Stick to handgun ammunition like the common 9mm which is used in the common Glocks and Sig Sauers. This 9mm ammunition is also used in a variety of short barrelled weapons like the HKMP-5.

    Buy a large quantity of ammunition. If you can, at least 2 to 5,000 rounds of center-fire rifle ammunition. For shotgun ammunition at least 200 rounds. For pistol at least 500 rounds.

    Read up on the storage of weapons and ammunition in order that it stays clean and dry. Read up on the use of “oxygen eaters”, bags of rice or other desiccants to eliminate moisture.

    Learn how to use, clean, care for, disassemble and assemble your weapon. Learn to do this under stress and or in the dark. Your weapon is the difference between your life and death.

    If you can, learn the basics of reloading ammunition and buy reloading supplies.

    Learn the basics of manufacturing expedient ammunition that can defeat personal armour.

    Look to rifles like the AR-15, the HK 91 and 93, the FN and their variants, the M1, the WW2 Garand, the Russian SKS or AK47 variants, the Remington Police 12 Gauge shotgun, the Remington 700 bolt action chambered in .308 or .300 WinMag.

    If you buy a bolt action long gun like the Remington 700 and you have it equipped with a scope make sure it is also equipped with iron-sights so that you can still shoot it if the scope breaks.

    Understand that the police are walking armouries. At all times a police officer is equipped with a clean, functioning, sighted-in, fully loaded handgun, either a 9mm Glock or a Sig Sauer. On their person they also carry at least 2 extra magazines, this makes a total of almost 45 rounds of ammunition on their persons.

    Police, in their vehicles, carry gear-bags that usually contain an extra 100 to 200 rounds of ammunition as well as spare weapons. Many police officers are issued with shotguns or automatic weapons like short barrelled carbines as in the AR-15 or the HK-MP5. Other officers are sniper qualified and carry sniper rifles like the Remington 700 Police (heavy barrel). All these weapons are supplied with large quantities of ammunition. Weapons are kept in vehicle trunks or “vehicle safes”. The officers carry keys to all the locks for these weapons on their persons or on the key ring to the vehicle. Also found in these vehicles are portable VHF radios which are tuned to the common police frequency.

    NOTE: For storage of your equipment like firearms/ammunition never ever store them at your residence or at another location like a storage facility or your business. You can store the equipment in an area not likely to be touched like a new building or a national/provincial/state park. Make sure the spot you select for storage is remote and never, ever go to that location with a cell-phone that is on or with a vehicle that is equipped with On-Star, Satellite Radio, GPS or suspected of having a police surveillance device planted on it.

    Buy or acquire bullet-proof clothing.

    Buy a decent set of water/fog proof binoculars.

    Buy a decent First-Aid kit.

    Buy a decent portable water filter.

    Buy a small set of good quality camping gear.

    Make sure your personal vehicle is in excellent repair with good tires. If you have a truck or 4×4 make sure you can navigate the back-country comfortably, can recognize danger, can perform basic repairs and can recover yourself from a bad incident or accident.




    (In no particular order)


    Face the facts that your police and judiciary have abandoned you. They have allied themselves with the Muslims. Your police and judges are just as dangerous as the Muslim, in fact more so as you expect murder at the hands of the Muslim but you do not expect betrayal and harm at the hands of those appointed/elected to protect you. That is life, deal with it, face it, prepare for it.

    Eat better, stop smoking, lay off the booze, do a few sit-ups.

    Spend at least 30 minutes day in a meditative state, be positive at all times.

    Organize in small groups.

    Take a First-Aid course.

    Try to get some rifle range time in. But be aware of your surroundings and if you are shooting in the countryside/rural areas be aware of who might hear the shots.

    Look to yourselves and your group for support, stay informed.

    Be aware of “new friends”. Stick with people you know.

    Avoid weak persons with drug or alcohol dependencies. Avoid persons with a need for status. Avoid persons who are afraid to lose a job, or their house, or their membership at a country club. Avoid persons with low self esteem who need the approval of others, these persons are easily influenced or broken during interrogation.

    Avoid blowhards, braggarts and those people who give you big lists of their training and “connections”. Any “new members” of your groups must be thoroughly vetted. Follow them home, research their families and friends and gauge their commitment to ridding your country of the verminous Muslim and its enabler the Marxist. Avoid quick tempered, irrational persons or persons who want to KILL KILL KILL.

    Avoid idiots. Trust your sixth sense, an idiot is an idiot is an idiot.

    Look to soft-spoken ex-military or law enforcement types with a verifiable past. Seek out persons who are organized and disciplined. Stay on a first-name basis. Keep your personal information to yourself. Distribute information on an “need-to-know” basis. Those persons who want to be involved in “everything” are a threat and a liability. Do not be tripped into gushing information because someone gives you the guilt-trip of “you don’t trust me”!!!…..your response to that is and always will be…..YOU’RE RIGHT, I DON’T FUCKING TRUST YOU, I DON’T KNOW YOU AND NOT TRUSTING YOU KEEPS ME OUT OF JAIL AND ALIVE” !!!!!

    LEARN TO KEEP YOUR BIG MOUTH SHUT. The prisons and graveyards are filled with big mouthed, weak willed idiots.

    Pull surprise inspections on persons who think they are trusted. Always suspect a person is “wired”. Force persons to strip-search at a moments notice. Don’t be shy about it. Override objections to nudity, force the person to get naked, they are either clean or dirty. Don’t be hindered by concerns of bruising an ego or offending someone.

    Engage in misinformation. Use these tactics to ferret out leaks and persons who are untrustworthy. As an example, if you distribute a document internally, make spelling mistakes or omit words on each copy. Make a note of who gets each copy. When that copy appears or is referred to you know where it came from.

    More misinformation. Plan a “big shipment”. Plan this for weeks. Talk about the cost and the importance of the commodity. Record who has what information. Accept the “big shipment” and expect “officials”. Later, work through the details to find your “leak”

    Avoid pillow talk!!!!! If you need to tell your girlfriend, wife, husband or boyfriend about your operations just to get an erection or feel like a “big time operator” then you are a “walking dead man” and a Muslims best friend. KEEP YOUR BIG MOUTH SHUT!!!

    Learn the value and joy of self sufficiency, self reliance and solitude. Develop an inner strength and rely on that strength, it will make you virtually invincible.

    Educate yourselves. Use all resources to train yourselves in the use of weapons, both conventional and expedient.

    Carry a weapon, of some type, with you at all times. Learn how to use it and be prepared to use it.

    Learn basic anatomy such as the location of the jugular, carotid and femoral veins and arteries.

    Learn to sit in positions of observation for long periods of time without detection.

    Learn to detect being followed or observed. Become situationally aware. Learn to sit, walk or drive and be reasonably aware of who and what surrounds you at all times. You are not trying to be a super-spy, just someone who has their wits about them.

    Learn to observe irregularities. Such as a thick jacket on a hot day, a man washing his feet in a public washroom sink, sweating on a cool day. Dirty finger nails on an “office worker”. Clean fingernails and uncalloused hands in an automobile mechanic. Look for things that don’t match.

    If you frequent places like a mall or school regularly become intimately familiar with that facility. Learn where all entrances and exits are. Plan an escape from any location of the facility. Learn where you can acquire possible resources (First-aid kits, fire extinguishers) weapons or tools in that facility.

    Decide, in advance, what your reaction will be if you should suddenly be surrounded by explosions and gunfire. Will you run away? Will you run toward the carnage? Understand this time will be noisy, terrifying and confusing. There will be explosions, gunfire, blood, bodies, body parts, screaming, moaning and dying all around you. Learn to think clearly. Learn that you may have to stop for a minute and place your hands over your ears, collect your thoughts and your courage and then act. If you need that time, take it, breathe deeply, think, focus and then act, act because there are people, women and children who are counting on you to be calm, cool and collected. By doing this you will save lives, lives including your own.




    Do not ever depend on the police to help you as many of them are cowards and clowns. As the old expression goes, “When seconds count, the cops are hours away”.

    Look at the police in Paris as the mass slaughter began at the Bataclan. Uncoordinated, uninspired, confused, cowering, trembling, crouched behind vehicles all while the defenceless were executed.

    Look at the nightmare that unfolded at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi Kenya. The White Widow, slipped through the fingers of bumbling British police and wound up leading her crew in a mass slaughter of shoppers at this mall. It was a Muslim abattoir for the Kuffar and slaughter they did. They wandered about unhindered, and murdered over 65 persons. Not one cop lifted a finger, in fact the soldiers who arrived later were caught looting the shops in the mall, stepping over bodies to fill their pockets. FACT!

    Look at Beslan in Russia, A school where Muslims held hundreds of women and children hostage. The Muslims were torturing these children and women killing them one by one and all while the police, impotent, uncoordinated and confused stood outside listening to the screams of the dying. The final death toll at Beslan? …..186 murdered children and 148 murdered adults.

    Look to the police in England when the bombs went off 7-7. They knew it was going to happen. They were warned. They ignored the threat and were and are more concerned with persons who publically criticized the murdering Muslim than locking down the Muslims themselves. Madness.

    Look to the United States where 13 men and women including an unborn child were butchered by a Muslim at Fort Hood. The treacherous American president called it an incident of “workplace violence”.

    Look at the TSA and the Border police in the United States. Strip searching and molesting little children. Strip searching, molesting and humiliating 85 grandmothers with their prosthetic breasts. All the while hardened jihadists and orthodox Muslims are ignored and given the red-carpet treatment.

    Look at the RCMP when Parliament Hill was recently attacked by a Muslim. That Muslim actually made his way into the Parliament Buildings, past the snoozing RCMP, and was only defeated by what amounted to a lone senior citizen, all while dozens of RCMP ran around in a state of terrified, bumbling, mass confusion. Further, with respect to the RCMP, they are funded by the Canadian taxpayer to the tune of over 4 billion dollars a year and aside from their hatred of women and their love of criminality and corruption their only other skill is getting themselves shot to death in large numbers by lone gunman. Protect Canadians from terrorism? Please.

    In fact many police departments including the RCMP fully support the complete disarming of the citizens leaving the same defenseless and totally reliant on their standard bumbling stupidity, negligence and criminal zeal. In the case of the RCMP they conducted an illegal house to house search of over 4000 homes in High River, Alberta in 2013. The RCMP were using stolen gun registry data relating to Canadian citizens gun ownership to kick in doors and ransack over 4000 homes in a highly illegal search and seizure program. The reality is that the vast majority of police do not want you to be able to defend yourselves. Fuck that.


    In dealing with or close to police always record or videotape your interactions with the police. Never ever tell them you have video of them. Save that for trial and allow them to perjure themselves and then produce the video.

    Read up on basic police interrogation techniques and how to defeat those techniques.

    If you are ever arrested or detained SAY NOTHING!!!!. Do not be dragged into any conversations, ever! Do not be fooled into confessions based on your supposed betrayal by your colleagues by statements such as “your friends said you did this or that or your wife said you were here or there”. LEARN TO KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!!!

    Never lie to a police officer, that is a criminal offence called “obstruction of justice”. The best response is to say nothing. Simply say “I refuse to answer that question and I want to speak to a lawyer now”.

    Even in a ride in a police car, never say anything to the police officers in the car. Anything you say, can and will be used as evidence against you in a trial.

    Never, ever, consent to searches of your property, vehicle, place of business or residence. Ever. Tell them you strenuously object to the search and want them to get a warrant.

    Never, ever, consent to the taking of your blood or DNA in the form of hair or saliva. Tell the police you strenuously object to the search and want them to get a warrant.

    Learn how an interrogation room is set up and the psychological effects of that set-up.

    Learn the numerous ways a liar can be detected. Learn those ways like the back of your hand.

    During interrogations never involve yourself in an conversation with a police officer where they are using flattery and appealing to your ego by getting you to talk at length about anything including Islam and Muslims. KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT.

    Learn you, I really mean “LEARN YOU”, learn that your fears, your suspicions, your arrogance, your ego, your paranoia, your anger, your vanity, your poorly controlled temper are all your worst enemies and as such; KEEP YOUR COOL AND KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT.

    Do not be fooled into correcting police officers during an interview/interrogation about anything you think they are mistaken about.

    You are NOT a lawyer, don’t try to be one.

    If they say “we have your fingerprints”, you say, “I will see the evidence at trial”, or say nothing.

    If they say “we have a video of you and your car”, you say, “I will see the evidence at trial”, or say nothing.

    Once in police custody, refuse to answer any and all questions, do not be dragged into a conversation. Do not be misled by police statements that “we know you did it” or” the judge will give you more time if you don’t speak to us”. Understand that the police are allowed to lie to you and do so all the time! Understand that you are not required to say one single word. Always ask to speak to a lawyer and keep your mouth shut until you do!!!

    Do not be goaded or insulted by strip searches and the laughter or insults of police officers and guards. You will have to bend over and spread your ass-cheeks. Roll with the insults about penis size and your physical appearance. Simply ignore it all, there is no humiliation in being taunted, just consider that the source of the jokes and taunts is coming from treasonous half-wits who support the Muslim.

    Do not allow the police to try and establish common ground with you with statements like, “we’re just like you”, “we want to fight terrorism”, the fact is that you and the police have absolutely nothing in common. Not now, not ever.

    Understand that the police are not your friends, they are your deadliest enemies and they, most of them, fully support the Muslim. Look the police in the eye and understand exactly what you are looking at: a clear and very dangerous threat to you, your loved ones, your country and your culture. Make the danger of these police officers known to your family and your children. The education of your family is their best defence.

    If you think these are inflammatory overstatements I strongly suggest you look around. Really look around.

    If you think that is an overstatement just ask Tommy Robinson and the years of harassment, false arrest and false imprisonment he, his family and his relatives have suffered at the hands of the British police. All for committing the heinous crime of peacefully and lawfully objecting to the Islamification of his country.

    If you think that is an overstatement just look to the cities and towns like London Ontario, Windsor Ontario, Dearborn Michigan and many others where they write Arabic script on the police cars. These same cities and many others that now allow Sharia Law to trump our common-law system. That is very clearly treasonous collaboration with the enemy and nothing else.

    If you think that is an overstatement look to the streets of Britain where terrorists like Abu Qatada and Anjem Choudary walk the streets, funded by the tax-payer, protected by the police, preaching death and anarchy.

    If you think that is an overstatement look to the actions of Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Madame June Ross. I read on a blog that never was there a judge more deserving of assassination in Canada than Justice June Ross when she, grovelling on her knees, extended her judicial activist tongue and bathed the filthy ass of the unrepentant, convicted murderer and terrorist, Omar Khadr, setting him free and breaking international agreements with the United States of America all while spitting in the faces of Canadians.

    Do not be afraid of prison, They are big, scary noisy places. Keep your mouth shut. Keep your head down but do not appear to be afraid. Be wary of all cellmates, confide in no one!!! You will be asked about what you are “in for”, answer that question as briefly as possible, be vague but not too vague. Understand that you may get into a fight and if you do a black eye or a bloody nose is not the end of the world.

    If you are ever arrested or imprisoned DO EXACTLY AS YOU ARE TOLD.

    Never give the police officers or guards a reason to crack open your skull or shoot you. When they say sit, you sit and do not stand or move until you ask or are told to. When they say stand with your hands on that wall, you do exactly that!!! Understand that there is a time and a place for everything and being a tough guy in a prison setting is a recipe for disaster. Understand that they own every last inch of your ass until you are released. Be polite and respectful but never kiss ass. Use your time wisely. Look around you. Memorize faces, names and numbers. Look for weapons, keys, locks and video systems. Understand that every prison cell is bugged with voice and video monitoring equipment. Understand that all telephone calls to and from prison are monitored. Gather as much intelligence as possible. Get comfortable, get relaxed, enjoy the ride.




    Learn how to use encrypted email and lock down your computer and documents with a decent quality encryption program.

    Learn to destroy all physical documents and receipts with a shredder or by fire.

    Do not keep anything such as files or contact lists on your cell-phone, ever.

    Use disposable email addresses weekly or monthly. Reformat your cell-phone or computer weekly or monthly. Change phone numbers and service providers regularly.

    Do not talk about operations in your house, your vehicle, on your phone or any other place that may be corrupted.

    Learn to detect being followed. Change your habits or travel patterns constantly. The only predictable thing about you should be your unpredictability. Alternatively, use habits and patterns to mislead. Be creative.

    Learn to wear a baseball hat and sunglasses. Avoid the use/wearing of unique clothing logos or brands. Avoid the use of unique watches and jewellery.

    If you have a scar or mole do not be afraid to use women’s make-up or theatre make-up to cover it up while you are out and about.

    Assume you are being video-taped at all times by government or business video cameras because you probably are.

    Learn to walk with a limp or a cane you do not have or require.

    Stop using slang expressions regularly. Expressions such as “cool cats” or “fuckin’eh” that are commonly associated with you directly.

    Buy a common brand of tires for your vehicle. Strip your car of all unique identifiers’ like the name of a car dealer, a political bumper sticker, pin striping, fancy wheel rims.

    Immediately repair all damage/rust/large scratches to your car that can be used as a unique identifier of your vehicle.

    Avoid the use of credit cards, debit cards or shopper loyalty cards like AirMiles.

    As an example, before an operation, purchase, in cash, all your needs weeks or months before hand and not all from one location. Make sure your vehicle has a large capacity, full, fuel tank and carry an extra fuel can if necessary. Fuel your vehicle days before an operation.

    During operations always take extra medication and inform your partners of any medical condition that may affect you and that they may have to deal with. Take spare eyeglasses or contacts with you.

    During operations take food and coffee with you so that you never have to stop at a restaurant or convenience store and expose yourself to cameras or observation.

    Before an operation look at all angles in relation to your objective. Look for fire and police station locations. Look for traffic volumes and patterns. Look for one-way streets, school zones and areas under construction. Look for choke-points. Look for shift changes. Look for restaurants, doughnut-shops and areas frequented by officials. When gathering intelligence do not be too lazy to park and walk 20 blocks, the exercise will do you good.

    Before departing for an operation make a check list regarding all the aforementioned equipment and precautions. Personally check each item with each person. Take no one’s word for it. Take nothing for granted. Consider losing an operation because some idiot just had to text a girlfriend. Trust no one on matters of final equipment readiness checks!!!

    NEVER EVER USE GOOGLE EARTH OR GOOGLE MAPS. Do not use these tools on a computer you own or work with. Never use these tools on your cell phone. Learn a sense of direction and learn to read a conventional map. And for the love of Christ don’t leave godamned maps with your notes and markings on them laying around for all to see. (see note about idiots!!)

    When researching an operation never use a vehicle that has SAT-NAV, On-Star, GPS equipment, Satellite Radio (Sirius or XM), or with a cell-phone that cannot be completely powered down with battery removal or with a vehicle that is equipped with or suspected of having a police surveillance device planted on it.

    Always assume that if you use a toll-way, toll-bridge, central parking lot that your licence plate has been recorded because it has.

    If planning an operation….plan, plan, plan, drill, drill, drill, rehearse, rehearse, rehearse, plan plan, plan some more. As the carpenters saying goes…….”measure twice, cut once”

    If compromised, never ever be afraid to cancel the operation, ever. There will always be tomorrow or another opportunity.

    Understand that the use of firearms will result in something called “GSR” or “Gunshot Residue”. This is a pattern of unseen chemicals and residue that stick to your face, hands, person or clothing after firing a weapon. Learn how to deal with GSR.

    Be careful in the use of the internet. Never research an area or location for an operational purpose using your internet, your work internet or personal/home/work/cell phone. Ever!

    Always have an alibi. For example if you require gasoline for an exercise, make sure you have a lawn mower or other gas powered tool at your residence or business that explains your purchase just in case you are investigated.

    If you carry a baseball bat carry a ball and glove as well, your lawyer will thank you.

    Never, ever, trust or confide in the police.

    I will say this again. Never, ever trust or confide in the police.

    The police, as in the RCMP, the FBI, the Australian Federals and the local/regional police forces are compromised and heavily infiltrated with Muslims and Muslim sympathizers. These Muslims have 24/7 unfettered access to highly confidential databases and routinely take that information and pass it on to groups like ISIS, Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. As an example, in recent years the RCMP have been investigated for over 332 cases of breech of classified information regulations as they, junior constables and senior commanders, took that same classified information and gave it or sold it to members of organized crime. Those criminal breeches have resulted in assassinations of informants and ordinary citizens. The fact is that the police are a clear, present and deadly threat to the lives and safety of you and your loved ones.




    So, that should give you some food for thought.

    Consider the treason, the collaboration, the negligence and the cultural Marxism that has become second nature for many Western governments. Consider the policies and practices of these governments that amount to cultural suicide. Consider the lethal harm to your country, your culture and your countrymen that results from these policies and practices. Consider that these same governments simply walk away untouched, immune from prosecution for what are crimes of criminal negligence, treason and sedition, leaving carnage and mass murder in their wake.

    Do your homework. Do your training. Give your participation in this pushback long and very serious consideration before you make a commitment.

    Understand that there are no “good Muslims”, that is a myth and a vicious lie designed to distract and dissuade the victims and critics of Islam from reality. The fact is that there are only three types of Muslim. The first are the ones that are killing you and your countrymen now. Two, are the one’s who are not directly involved but logistically, financially and morally support the murder of you, your loved ones and countrymen. Three, are the ones who are just quietly waiting for the balance of power to shift in their favour.

    Consider your level of involvement ranging from donations to websites or lawyers funds for incarcerated patriots to full, complete and total involvement in the fight against the filthy Muslim.

    Plan and strive for success but do not be afraid or discouraged by failure.

    Do not be afraid of betrayal. Do your best to avoid it. Plan for it. Prepare for it. Expect it.

    Betrayal is as old as time itself. Look no further than Judas Iscariot. Look no further than a jilted lover. Look no further than a conniving husband or wife. Look no further than your good friend succumbing to horrific acts of torture. Look no further than a police officer who claims to be protecting you and your family. If you are betrayed understand that there will be an accounting for that in this world or the next. The next is called Karma. In this world it is a network of your fellow citizens who will avenge the treason and treachery that you suffered.

    Resolve that your goal, above all else, is the removal, every single last vestige, in every form and function, of the filthy Muslim and its poisonous Islam, from your towns, cities and country.

    Do not be afraid, be confident. You are not sitting on the couch watching some intellectually, morally bankrupt sitcom, instead you are waist-deep in the defence of your country and your culture.

    Embrace it. Enjoy every minute of it.

    Food for thought, catalyst for action.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

  7. The world is going to hell in a hand-basket, and the leftists idiots sing kumbaya. What a bloody shame!

    I can’t believe the age of delusion and stupidity we are currently living in.
    I hope history will remember them as cowards, traitors and fools, just as Chamberlain is to this day.

    These are the ones that willfully handed over their advanced culture and civilization to the uncultured, ungrateful, barbaric hordes of Mohammed’s armies,

    Woe is them!



    To obfuscate the lack of an extreme left wing.

  9. Pegida and other movements are not right wing – but Antifa and other violent anarchist groups are very left wing. The question is why does the media have an interest in distorting the truth thereby placing our societies in danger. Any idea mr soros???

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