Islamo-prop from “moderate” Muslim Ameer Ali

ALA president Debbie Robinson responded to Ameer Ali’s mental mush, here. external

There are a few more things that need to be said:

Ameer Ali calls the Australian Liberty Alliance a “mob”. He conveniently ignores that Geert Wilders, who leads the strongest party in the Netherlands the PVV,  has to live like a prisoner in his own country due to multiple fartwas from his coreligionists, who would love to murder him. Ameer claims Wilders visit is “bad for Australian democracy”, how, he doesn’t explain,  and whines about our failed multiculti experiment.
 According to Ameer, Wilders is like “Peter the hermit of the Crusaders,” and those who took pains to learn about Islam are “unenlightened”.  He notes that the Islamic invasion of Europe  might scare Australians and worries that people here may become less ignorant about the Mohammedan expansion project.
At least brother Ameer recognises the Islamic state as what it is, “the latest manifestation of the jihadist globalisation project”, but then he acts as if he didn’t know that  hundreds of his coreligionists, who were biting their time downunder, have joined the cause.  But he forgets to tell us that tens of thousands, perhaps several hundred thousand, are sympathetic and support the jihadists any which way they can.
Ameer calls the Australian Liberty Alliance, a group of concerned Australian citizens, a “mob” that “abuses values such as liberty and freedom”, (for a Mohammedan all opposition to Islam is a grave sin and punishable by death,) something he compares with the atrocious behaviour of Islamic state zealots who he claims “abuse concepts like jihad and the sharia.” They don’t.
Ameer’s mental acrobatics are frustrating, but intentional: he wants his clueless readers to believe there is something wrong with those who take the scriptures straight up, undiluted, and that the Islamic scriptures don’t say what they do. As if “kill the unbelievers” suddenly meant “hug the kafirs wherever you find them”.  Lets hope Ameer won’t find any buyers for his nonsense.
From Ameer Ali’s Wiki page:
In 2015, Ali called on religious leaders to oppose the Islamic State as, “I haven’t heard so far any single imam in this country that has named IS and condemned it.”[3]
And why would they? They can’t. The Islamic state is not only legitimate in their eyes, it is a dream come true for the majority of the world Muslims.
Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 11.24.31 AM
Ameer throws the usual red herrings around  and claims  those who oppose Islam are “ignorant,” just like those who practice Islam in the way of the prophet. We are all “medieval in outlook and confrontational in approach”. 
Ameer is lying. ALA is not “uni-dimensional” and we have nothing in common with Mohammedan savages.
The caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Baghdadi received his PhD from the Islamic University of Baghdad, with a focus on Islamic culture, history, sharia, and jurisprudence. Do you think he doesn’t know his Islam? Or do you believe Ameer Ali, who calls himself an “academic” because he holds a doctorate in economics?  Where did Ameer learn his Islam? Not in the the London School of Economics, surely not.
Opposing Islam is an “utopian dream”, writes Ameer, it might “destabilise the existing world order and create division and disharmony in plural societies”.
You don’t say, Ameer, you don’t say. I’m afraid its too late for that: Allah already divided the world in believers and unbelievers, nothing we can do about it:
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If Ameers coreligionists would concern themselves more with contributing  to the economy instead of plotting jihad and raiding our welfare offices, we would hardly have these problems. Religious and ethnic hatred is something Mohammedans suck in with the mothers milk; there is next to nothing we can do about it except keeping Ameers people out. It is  certainly not ”worsening economic conditions” or “systemic poverty” that are causing jihad. Jihad causes poverty; and Islam is the cause of religious and ethnic hatred.
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The idea that jihadism (Ameer calls it “Islamist extremism”, which is PC speak and in itself an absurdity) somehow originated in “ the colonial past,” is the gibberish parroted by leftist professors who are ignorant about Islam and the life of Muhammad. It was the prophet of Islam himself, who did all these things that the head choppers of the Islamic state do today. Muhammad was the perfect man, that’s what Muslims believe; and his worshipers are obliged to emulate him in all the things he did.
Ameer worries that “major parties will have to enter into marriages of convenience with unsavoury minority elements like the ALA, which might soon prove to be a long-term disaster”. A disaster for whom, Ameer? A disaster for the Mohammedan expansion project?
Protests against a mega-mosque in Bendigo are a clear sign that Australians are prepared to stand against the rapidly spreading mosques that are popping up all over the country
In the typical finger-pointing fashion of the Islamofascist, Ameer fantasises over “violent protests in Bendigo”. These protests are legitimate, timely  and proper. If it wasn’t for violent counter protesters, no violence would have occurred at any time. Bendigo doesn’t need a mega mosque. Australians stand united against further Islamisation. We will not allow corrupt politicians to sell our birthright to Mohammedan savages.
Ameer closes his  article with “one can only hope that the ALA doesn’t become the Australian version of the KKK”.
This is a mental low-blow even for Ameer. The KKK never flew planes into tall buildings, never engaged in televised mass beheadings, never committed genocide or any of the atrocities that the soldiers of allah engaged in during their 1400-year history on a daily basis. What Ameer doesn’t tell us, is that Muslims are still practicing slavery today, and it is mostly African blacks who suffered the worst under Islamic slave masters.  Some 25 million are still enslaved today.
 Ameer whines about pluralism and diversity. For this reason I’m attaching a link to an article written by his brother in arms, Irfan Yusuf, which is almost a carbon copy of the same grievances that Ameer compiled. Which makes you wonder if they all undergo the same indoctrination program in the same madrassa. Ameer Al is making a fool of himself by attacking the ALA and comparing them to the KKK. He should be concerned about the hundreds of young headbangers who joined the Islamic state, he should be concerned about the hate-preachers in the mosques and that the “number of active investigations is now up around 475,” according to this report in The Telegraph.
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    CAIR piece , is a deceptive piece designed to fool gullible non-Muslim Westerners into thinking that the case for “moderate Islam” has been made, but which will not change a single jihadi’s mind.

    Question how many non-Muslim Westerners will read what Robert Spencer has written.( and it is not in the MSM)

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