“Islamophobia” and “Stress” Caused Nothing-to-do-with-Islam in Paris

Picture of the week
paris-mufti-massacreThe Grand Mufti of Australia says the cold-blooded massacre
of 129 innocents in the name of Allah is a wake-up call for
the Muslim world to engage in self-examination, global
responsibility, and an overriding resolve to end Islamic terror…
No, no, we’re just kidding, of course. 
The Mufti blamed the Paris attacks on ‘Islamophobia‘ –
meaning the French were killed in the name of
Islam because they had an ‘irrational’ fear of Islam. (TROP)

One of the poor buggers was just stressed, that’s all:

Mother of Paris suicide bomber says her son did not mean to kill anyone… and claims he may have blown himself up because of STRESS

By Hannah Roberts In Molenbeek, Belgium and Julian Robinson for MailOnline

  • Ibrahim Abdeslam blew himself up in attack outside cafe Comptoir Voltaire
  • He was one of three brothers said to be at the heart of the ISIS terror cell
  • Their family has since claimed that Ibrahim, 31, may have been ‘stressed’

More stressful reading at Mail Online thanks to Mullah, pbuh

UK Home Secretary Theresa May: the Paris attacks ‘have nothing to do with Islam’
Nothing to do with Islam eh? Let’s see. After the attacks the Islamic State issued a statement claiming responsibility for them and quoting the Qur’an, the holy book of Islam. Clearly Theresa May, who is much more concerned with banning foes of jihad from entering the country than she is with combating actual jihadis, is among those who do not “wish to take heed” of the Islamic State’s warning. When a Paris-style attack hits London, she will bear a great deal of the responsibility for her role in misleading the British people about the nature and magnitude of the jihad threat.


Our media is being told what it can and can’t publish… just like the number of rapes being perpetrated against Aussie girls by Middle Eastern gangs in our country….
Main steam media is dumbing down Middle Eastern crime so as not to rile up the rest of the nation….!

Malcolm Farr writes stupidly about a hijab in a shade of blue and  a “bogus version of Islam. …”

Malcolm Farr is one of the palace eunuchs in the Canberra Press Gallery.  Useful idiots. We have way too many of them….

French police launch series of anti-terror raids
French anti-terror police are believed to be carrying out a series of coordinated dawn raids on a number of addresses in Toulouse, Grenoble, Calais and a suburb of Paris known as Bobigny.

Tim Blair

Several weeks after a France Inter headline dismissed as a right-wing fantasy the idea that terrorists could be among Europe’s refugees, the same story’s headline – and part of the story itself – has been re-written:

imageimageThe original September 14 headline: “Refugees: the fantasy of terrorist infiltration.” The new headline, on a story still datelined September 14, now asks: “Terrorists among the migrants?”

(Item and translations from Dylan Kissane in Lyon. Naturally, France Inter is part of a government-owned media outlet.)

6 thoughts on ““Islamophobia” and “Stress” Caused Nothing-to-do-with-Islam in Paris”

  1. 100,000 POLISH PATRIOTS

    and not a single word about it in the Marxist Mass Media.

    Look in the link below for the video and then ask yourself a question.


    Considering the role the Marxist Mass Media are playing in the furtherance of Global Grand Jihad, would the assassination of SkyNews, BBC, CBC, ABC, NBC, CBS reporters and news anchors be a crime or an act of patriotic self defence?

    If Polish, French, British, Canadian or Australian patriots were to surround a No-Go-Zone and burn every single building, mosque, business and residence in it to the ground, would that be a criminal act or an act of patriotic self defence?

    God Bless and Godspeed my Polish patriots, may you rid your country of every shred, every single form and function of the filth of Islam and the verminous, parasitic Muslim.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada


    Just look at the photographs of the miles of Polish patriots, absolutely magnificent!!!

    They are saying that the recent demonstrations in Poland against the Muslim invasion numbered between 100,000 and 200,000 Polish patriots.

    Tens of thousands of Polish patriots in stark contrast to a few thousand Germans or Brits. Oh well, as they say, lead – follow- or get the hell outa the way!!

    And the Polish certainly are taking the lead in showing Europe what the face of patriotic strength and courage looks like. Their efforts combined with that of their Hungarian brothers and sisters could be what sets in motion a new chapter of history to be written in the shadow of King Jan Sobieski’s humiliation of the filthy Muslims at Vienna.

    I missed the festivities at the Vienna Gates.

    I was too young for WW2.

    I missed both Gulf Wars.

    That aside, as the old expression goes; “better late than never”.

    I expect to see assassinations of EU leaders soon as the patriots across Europe rebel against treason.

    I expect to see large numbers of patriots across Europe form and begin to remove the verminous Muslim from their midst.

    I expect to see hundreds of mosques put to the torch.

    I expect to see No-Go-Zones put to the torch.

    I expect to see the Islamic swastika (hijab/niqab) and the beards of the mullahs receive a swift and richly deserved dispensation of justice at the hands of patriots.

    I expect, I hope, with the swift legislative action of patriots, to see every single verminous, parasitic, barbaric and savage Muslim sent back to the filthy Islamic toilet of its choice, either willingly, or kicking and screaming or feet first wrapped in garbage bags. I prefer the latter.

    We have sustained insult and grievous injury at the hands of the Muslim for too long. We have sustained the outrageous treason and treachery of those persons who were elected or appointed to serve and protect us for too long.

    The time is long overdue to settle the outstanding accounts.

    And I am alive and well and up to my eyebrows in the whole stinking mess!!!

    I couldn’t be happier.

    I can hardly wait.

    Food for thought, catalyst for action.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

    1. CORDWOOD………

      I can’t even begin to imagine what it must have been like to have saddled up and rode out to meet the Muslim on September 11, 1683.

      To put the Muslim vermin to the sword, to avenge hundreds of years of barbaric savagery, or domination and of murder, to stack their filthy corpses like so much rotting cordwood, like so much pig-feed.

      What a magnificent day that must have been.

      Don Laird
      Alberta, Canada

  3. Who tells our media what it can and can’t publish? Is it the government? Newspaper owners? The UN or EU?

    I suspect the government. Thank goodness for the Internet without which we would be completely in the dark.

    1. Red Rose you are absolutely right, without the internet most of us would actually believe the garbage that the media spews about the peaceful nature of Islam…

      Islam will meet its death only when and because people will stop listening to the lies of the western media, the lapdogs of Islam, and be willing to hear the truth being told about this cult through the internet sources.

      Ironically radical Muslims through their magnificent jihadi deeds are doing more to educate us ignorant westerners about the true violent nature of Islam than the western intellectuals, media and politicians combined.

    2. @Red Rose

      Red Rose, no one tells the media what to publish or broadcast. They are heavily Marxist, extremely Marxist and as such they publish and broadcast in full support of both the Muslim/Islam campaign as well as the hard Left/Marxists in government.

      In a very clear way, as has been said by me and millions of others, the Marxist Mass Media is treasonous and seditious and complicit with our government and law enforcement agencies in targeting patriots who are trying to defend and preserve our culture and heritage.

      I know this is a hard pill to swallow, but face it, the police and the judiciary are now your enemies. FACT.

      Don Laird
      Alberta, Canada

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