More Australians fear terror on our shores

Pauline Hanson stands her ground against the insufferable “Kochie” and his giggling sidekick, a blonde who gets fatter and sillier by the day,  and that idiot Derry Hinch, who suggest that Reclaim Australia is causing all the trouble, causing “division” (as if it wasn’t Islam that divides the world in believers and unbelievers). Hinch invokes the IRA, babbles incoherent stuff,  implies that we can’t blame  “all Muslims” etc. etc. The inane drivel from these freaks is unbearable.

Derryn Hinch and Pauline Hanson discuss a new poll that’s found more than 70 per cent of Australians believe a local terror attack is likely.

Piers Akerman:

HANDOUTS and #hashtags haven’t worked, multi-faith kumbaya sessions haven’t cut any ice — the evidence is that the only way to eradicate ­Islamist terrorism is to kill the terrorists. Icon Arrow Continue reading ‘Stop being nice and bomb the terrorists’

Scott Morrisson worries more about “backlash” than Islamic terrorism

Treasurer Scott Morrison insisted the government was taking a deliberate and calm approach to dealing with a terror threat, rather than a “hot-headed” response.

Australia needs to pull the plug on this moron:


Australians ‘should reject, repudiate’ violent anti-Islam rallies, Race Discrimination Commissioner says

Andrew Bolt:

Why does the Race Discrimination Commissioner, a former Labor staffer, now involve himself in debates not on race but religion?

MICHAEL BRISSENDEN: The Race Discrimination Commissioner has described yesterday’s anti-Islam rallies around the country as ugly and disappointing…

TIM SOUTPHOMMASANE: These anti-Muslim protests represent a fringe of our society that’s seeking to promote hatred and division. 


Sam Newman is sick of the finger waggers and professional offence-takers.

Socialist complains police are stopping them from monstering others

Andrew Bolt

Mel Gregson is removed by police. Police move East West tunnel protesters at a drill site on the corner of Brunswick and Westgarth Streets in Fitzroy. Pic. Nicole Garmston
Mel Gregson is removed by police. Police move East West tunnel protesters at a drill site on the corner of Brunswick and Westgarth Streets in Fitzroy. Pic. Nicole Garmston

Socialism is the natural home of the authoritarian.

Today’s example: Socialist Party activist Mel Gregson goes on ABC radio 774 this morning to complain that police protected anti-Islam protesters from socialist protesters wanting to confront them. She insisted police should get out of the way so that her protesters could decide who could meet and protest in public.

Interesting admission: she said the police standing between the anti-Islam protesters and the socialists had their faces to the socialists, which to me suggests exactly where they expected most of the violence to come from – a fact repeatedly glossed over in media reports.

Imagine such people with real power. Or just cast your mind back to any number of totalitarian regimes which preach that their moral self-righteousness trumps your freedom:


Companies like Woolworths, Harvey Norman, Optus, Navitas and Westfarmers are just a few out of 100 companies that are prepared to hand jobs on a silver platter to the refugees.

It matters not that they are Muslim or Christian refugees. What matters here is that these refugees regardless of religious affiliation are being handed YOUR jobs.

So we have a government organising jobs for them on a silver platter for when they arrive, completely oblivious to the needs of the citizens who pay the wages of our government. How many of those taxpayers will lose their job in order to accommodate the new arrivals, because logic dictates that you can manufacture jobs out of thin air….so someone will have lose their job in order to employ a refugee!!

But here’s the best bit…if there are any jobs left over after the 12,000 Refugees have been offered jobs….then, and only then will Australian Citizens be offered them!!!!



Below – Article from Daily Telegraph:


BUSINESSES including some of the country’s largest companies have agreed to give jobs to the 12,000 Syrian refugees so they don’t end up on the dole.

A prospectus has been released under the Friendly Nation initiative seeking to sign up 100 corporate players to commit to providing training and jobs to those refugees fleeing to Australia to escape the carnage in Syria.

Already Woolworths, Harvey Norman, Optus, Navitas and Wesfarmers have signed up to the program and offered to give jobs to Syrian refugees resettled here.

Former head of the Business Council of Australia and board member of the Migration Council Tony Shepherd will meet Social Services Minister Christian Porter and the Refugee Resettlement Advisory Committee today in Canberra to secure federal government support for the program.

“Settlement and integration are faster and better through employment. Social cohesion is lost if people are on the dole for a long time,” Mr Shepherd said.

“They want jobs, self-sufficiency and security. Australia is being generous but you don’t want a situation where the refugees are forced on to the dole for long periods.
“Migration is a major contributor to economic growth. If you get a job, you become self-reliant.

“If you stay at home in an enclave relying on welfare, you will not get assimilated.”

Mr Shepherd said the initiative, which has the backing of the major business and industry groups, would start with the 12,000 but if there was excess capacity, as in more jobs offered than people needing them, it will be extended to those already here.
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull yesterday said he was committed to ensuring that the majority of the 12,000 refugees would be taken from persecuted minorities in Iraq and Syria who are predominantly Christian.

“The tenor of the times in the Middle East is much less welcoming to minorities like the Christians and that is why the focus of the 12,000 intake is on persecuted minorities and women and children,” he said.

“Nothing has changed. That is exactly what it is and I discuss it regularly with the Immigration Minister, Mr Dutton.”

The Daily Telegraph revealed at the weekend that Syrian community leaders in Australia has provided to the Department of Immigration the names of more than 6000 Syrian Christians who had managed to escape Syria.

However, there are concerns that it will be difficult to find more UN registered Christians in refugee camps, which were mainly occupied by Muslims also fleeing the violence.…/story-fni0cx12-12276188902…

3 thoughts on “More Australians fear terror on our shores”

  1. Well I for one am not fearing more terror i’m expecting it as it will happen.

    As sure as the sun rises and sets it will happen eventually, slip past the security agencies I mean.

    But then again i’m probably just being —-phobic. No fear here fellers just expecting the worse.

  2. That bald bloke is a bald faced lying apologist for Islam when he spoke over Hanson claiming that the Paris jihadis were homegrown, not refugees. They were both. Even if he were correct it actually damns his take on Muslims in Australia being nothing to worry about. However his purpose was merely to shut down Hanson.

    Then Hynch and the bald idiot went on about violence and people wearing masks and balaclavas, pinning this on Reclaim instead of on the rent-a-crowd extreme far left socialists who are commonly acknowledged to be the troublemakers.

    See for instance where one man without head dress but holding an Australian flag is confronted by four socialists and the caption reads “Protesters from one group surround an opponent. Picture: Mike KeatingSource:News Corp Australia”. The vague wording indicates knew that was 1 Reclaim to 4 Socialists but were attempting to disguise that fact. What’s the bet if it had been the other way around (very unlikely as socialist contra demonstrators always outnumber Reclaim) would have been quite specific.

    Hanson must have been unnerved by the lies and hostility coming from the three stooges because she missed that point and instead looked to justify the Reclaim people who wore no disguise or, a few, a small Australian flag over their lower face.

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