Muslim convert in the ADF wines about “religious discrimination”

Australia’s very own Hasan Malik, brought to you by the insufferable Tony Jones:

Muslim soldier causes trouble and disruption because of his incompatible religion.  He insists on demanding special privileges that are denied to everyone else. Interesting that he had to convert (Islam) to marry his wife!

Army accused of religious discrimination by Muslim soldier
An Australian soldier who served for 13 years and converted to Islam says he was branded a security risk and told he would never be promoted because of his faith–ABC.NET.AU

For me, this guy  is Australia’s very own Hasan Malik. The question is now where will be Australia’s Fort Hood?

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7 thoughts on “Muslim convert in the ADF wines about “religious discrimination””

  1. “For me, this guy is Australia’s very own Hasan Malik. The question is now where will be Australia’s Fort Hood?”

    You mean where and when will be Australian Fort Hood?

  2. “green-on-blue attacks”

    How does any Muslim or Australian Muslim or Australian Muslim soldier explains green on blue attacks?

    An Afghan soldier opened fire on US troops in eastern Afghanistan today, killing one and wounding several more. The insider or green-on-blue attack, where a member of the Afghan security forces kills Coalition personnel, is the second of its kind recorded this year.

    Question for the Coalition forces in Afghanistan.

    Why in any joint operation are some coalition forces watching, following and monitoring the Afghan forces?

  3. I think you might find there is more to this story than what’s being told.

    I bet on more than one occasion this turd has spouted off his supremacist beliefs and this in turn has pissed many other diggers off no end especially the ‘demands’.

    If that’s the case he’s lucky he didn’t have his face kicked in he’s gotten off lightly.

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