Muslims should not be forced to take welfare payments

Muslims are instructed that the law of Allah supersedes all man-made law. For Western leaders to acquiesce to such fanatical folly can only lead to the death of the West. 

The Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir, or Party of Liberation, held their meeting on the weekend in Sydney. In case you are not aware, the matters this party wishes to liberate us from, are liberal democracy, the rule of law and Western civilisation. Think of the political propaganda arm of ISIL, and you get the picture. Both organisation follow the same textbook.

As expected in our current state of moral inversion, there were no caution notices sent by the Australian Hotels Association. There was no LNP state premier announcing proudly that no public buildings would be available to this party. And there was no need to keep the location in confidence, lest the Socialist Alliance and friends violently picket the venue and demonstrate against killings homosexuals and unbelievers, FGM, forced child marriage and other Islamic cultural enrichments. 

Orthodox Islamic speakers were free to call on the 800 in attendance, to establish the Caliphate and to liberate us from this abomination of Australia, democracy, equality and separation of religion and state.
And politicians from LNP and ALP will happily rub shoulders and pose for happy snaps with the messengers of Islam at the next multicultural harmony ball.

This is Australia 2015. Who will you be voting for in 2016?

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Turncoat should be put on the stand for his inane statements. He must be asked to explain why we should “promote and encourage Islam” (as if there was a need for it!) and what’s in it for us if we do. He must be be forced to explain himself, to explain to us, what the purpose of Islam is; what the goals of Islam are, and why he believes we can benefit from it when no other nation in the world can show any benefit from Islam at all.
Iran’s Supremo: Iran’s foreign policy is “based on Islam”

…which has nothing to do with Islam. Got it!

Including, evidently, its genocidal hatred of America and Israel and determination to destroy them. “Ayatollah: America Is the Source of the Region’s Problems, Not the… JIHAD WATCH|BY ROBERT SPENCER

Iris Murdoch, The Virtuoso Of Virtue:

The Muslims in this country (quite a substantial number of them) speak like savage madmen — I mean some of them do, and keep it up. All men speaking out and being photographed, of course, no women. They are constantly demanding Muslim schools, compulsory separation of women, teaching the Koran etc. They are quite unlike other persons from elsewhere. Perhaps Islam will conquer the whole planet in the next century. To think that the wicked o

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Pali savages can always rely on EUro-dhimmies to support them:

Europe loves the “Islamic freedom fighters” so much that they decided to come to their countries.

EU Gives 13M Euro ‘Social Allowance Payment’ to Palestinian Authority
The European Union gave nearly 13m euros in a third-quarter payment to the Palestinian Authority last week for
13 reasons why we should not admit Muslim ‘refugees’
American Thinker, by Carol Brown, Oct. 29, 2015: President Obama wants to flood this country with “Syrian refugees.” As most AT readers know, we should not admit a single one.
Muslims should not be forced to take welfare payments

I absolutely agree with these statements from the Ghaith Krayem and the Victorian Islamic Council. And particularly, Muslims should not be forced or coerced into doing anything that violates their religion or culture.

Muslims should not be forced to accept Australian citizenship, or to express any loyalty to our nation.

Likewise, Muslims should not be forced to receive tax payer funded welfare, or forced to use Australian health and education services.

Muslims should not be forced to drive their cars on Australian roads, indeed, Muslims should not be forced to use any technology developed by the infidel or kaffir.

Muslims should not be forced to watch television, use computers or

iPhones, eat bacon or sliced bread.

Muslims should not be forced to use electricity, modern plumbing, or travel by airplane.

Above all else, Muslims should not be forced to live in a culture or country whose values they disagree with.– | XYZ

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  1. Blah Blah Blah another bullshit talk fest designed to cry poor me poor my by the same group of bum lifters that would sooner cut your throat, rape your daughters or goat or blow you up, all because some desert dwelling paedophile had some type of drug induced epiphany.

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