Paris: for the moment, globull worming has to wait….

Obama “won’t speculate” as to who the responsible party is or their motive.

With terror situation still underway in Paris, President Obama said he didn’t want to speculate on who is responsible for the attacks. He is in full scrub-a-dub jihad mode. He’s one of them.


Still want open borders, with uncontrolled illegal immigration?

Any moment now:

I bet you a hundred bucks that some politclown pops up in front of the cameras telling us that its got nothing to do with Islam:

 Larry Pickering



Germans march in solidarity with France

While Prime Minister Turnbull and Angela Merkel embrace in the warm glow of multiculturalism, their foolishness is becoming apparent to the people to whom they have a duty of care. 

Hold your breath each Saturday morning here in Australia because Europe’s Muslims will be about to depart their mosques after Friday prayers, all juiced up by firebrand preachers and ready to slaughter some more infidels.

Muslim attacks also follow Friday prayers here in Australia where Left magistrates seem to work hand in hand with terrorists’ ambitions.

You and I are watching live what must eventually be 100 Parisian deaths at the hands of mad Muslims who are inspired solely by the teachings of their prophet Mohammed.

Surely authorities cannot allow this declared Islamic warfare against compassionate non-Muslims to continue. Surely they must soon begin to understand that Islam is the fuel that drives these atrocities.

I mean only a fool could believe otherwise, yet our leaders see “togetherness” and “mutual respect and understanding” as a solution, while approving further mosques.

Paris will soon host a global warming farce promoted by an evil UN. Australia’s Julie Bishop, Greg Hunt and Malcolm Turnbull will no doubt agree we have a serious global temperature problem but not a word of what is unfolding right now will rate a mention.

President Obama has again managed to make an “egalite” statement on this atrocity without mention of Islam… it’s just extraordinary that he can hear the sounds of bombs, automatic gunfire and the cries of those dying, but not the cries of “Allahu akbar”.

The heat has been turned up all right but it’s not due to global warming.



The UK is on the right track: submission is just around the corner!

UK press watchdog urged to act against media slurs on Muslims

By Ben Flanagan

Blasphemy law debate

A MCB conference held in London on Wednesday, entitled ‘Terrorism and Extremism – how should British Muslims respond’, also heard debate over potential blasphemy laws in the United Kingdom. …

More calls for muzzling the press and protecting evil, blasphemous islam at Al Arabiya News thanks to Mullah, pbuh

President Obama stands firmly with jihadists as death toll climbs in Paris
At least 18 people were killed as multiple shootings and explosions hit Paris Friday, police said. Police also said there was an ongoing hostage crisis in the Bataclan… | Pamela Geller
Obama: I Don’t Want To Speculate With Attacks Ongoing Who Might Be Behind It…
“We can’t jump to conclusions” beats “acting stupidly….”  Of course he won’t “speculate”. He doesn’t have to.

France seals borders, declares emergency as Muslims murder at least 60

They should have sealed their borders from Muslims YEARS ago. Now the People of France are paying the price for the stupidity of their leaders.

Death toll now 60 in Paris jihad massacre
Multiple Attacks Hit Paris Area in Night of Deadly Terror
Shootings and explosions erupted across Paris, with dozens of people reported dead and others taken hostage in what seemed to be coordinated attacks.
As we watch the terror in Paris, we need to learn the lesson that when the Muslim terrorists scream “Allahu Akbar” as they slaughter the kafirs, that it is really just all about unemployment and probably bad medical plans. If we just give better jobs to you know who (don’t say the word or you are being racist!) and make sure they have better medical plans — and let’s add dental plans to that — then things like this would not happen. Let’s not get Islamophobic over this. Yes, yes, Suras 9:5 and 47:4 do sound a bit scary at first, but the answer is more accommodation to Islamic demands and paying more Jizya. Then everyone will hold hands and everything will be fine.– Jamie Glazov
Shootings in Paris:

Several people are reportedly dead in Paris after an attacker or attackers opened fire on multiple locations on Friday night, as part of what witnesses say is a wave of violence still unfolding across the city.

French media say a shooter with a Kalashnikov rifle fired numerous times at patrons dining at a restaurant, Le Petit Cambodge, and then at a concert venue, Le Bataclan, and that he or she is still at large. Witnesses also reported hearing two explosions near the Stade de France, the country’s national stadium, which is hosting a soccer game between France and Germany. President François Hollande, who was at the stadium, was reportedly evacuated.  (Andrew Bolt)



The death toll mounts: 


There are reports of two separate gun attacks and one explosion in Paris, France.  French media reports that police say 18 people have been killed.

One of the shootings occurred in a Cambodian restaurant located in the capital’s tenth arrondissement… The second shooting took place in a restaurant in the 11th arrondissement, near the historic Bataclan concert hall.

BFMTV reports that the shooters are still at large, and are holding hostages.


The BBC is reporting that 60 people have been taken hostage at the Le Bataclan concert hall.

Reports that some of the blasts heard at a restaurant were suicide bombings.


A Paris police official said there were at least 100 hostages in a Paris theater following shooting and explosions at two cites in the city.

Multiple officials, including one medical official, put the number of dead at between 35 to 40 people.

The stadium is in lockdown after a loud explosion, possibly of a suicde bomber, which you can hear on this video:


Not the slightest surprise:

Police in France officially confirmed there has been at least one explosion in a bar near a Paris stadium and shooting in a Paris restaurant, the latter of which appears to have claimed the lives of 11 people.

A witness name Louis told France Info radio the men opened fire and shouted “Allah Akbar”. He only saw silhouettes.


Wrong conclusion, wrong message, wrong time from Sky News’ Laura Jayes (8:51am):

Again, it’s not the time to play politics, talk about politics and different style, but I think it was important we heard from [Liberal MP] Craig Laundy earlier this week and he said under the new Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, the language really changed to what we’d seen under Tony Abbott. We saw Team Australia, we heard him say we wanted to see Muslim leaders say things and mean it and at the time I spoke to many community leaders and that was really divisive language that I don’t think helped the situation.

The worse the attacks get, the louder we’re supposed to sing Kumbayah.


Now unconfirmed reports of a shooting the Les Halles shopping mall as well. If true, that would be a fourth location. Reports of shootings at six locations.

French president Francois Hollande has declared a state of emergency. French borders are sealed.


Two suicide bombers had attacked the stadium. There was a bomb explosion at one of the entrances.


Five explosions have been heard at the Bataclan concert hall. A witness says the gunmen inside shot many hostages.


The death toll is now estimated at 140, with 100 people killed at the concert hall. Shootings reportedly at seven locations. A massive operation.

This is the worst terrorist attack in the West since the 2004 Madrid bombing that killed 191 people. France has imported a civil war into its streets.

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  1. I started posting comments after 9/11 and then the Mo-toons.

    Since then things have gotten a lot worse.

    One can only come to the conclusion that this is what our leaders want.

    A nice push into global governance.

    1. @Gramfan

      Exactly, start a global war pitting age old enemies against each other and then step in once the body count has reached into the billions and clean up the mess with a totalitarian governance that rise in response to “terrorism” and the need for “global peace” .

      Be that as it may, that still leaves us with the Muslim on our doorstep.

      Don Laird
      Alberta, Canada

    1. I’m Canadian, and live near Quebec. “We” just elected islamo-apologist panderer Justin Turdeau, so I think I know a thing or two about “Ze French” in general, and how they will react:

      Q: What do you call a Frenchman advancing on Baghdad?
      A: A salesman.

      Q: What do French recruits learn in basic training?
      A: How to surrender in 17 different languages.

      Q: Why wouldn’t the Statue of Liberty work in France?
      A: Because she has only one arm raised.

      Q. How do you confuse a French Soldier?
      A. Give him a rifle and ask him to shoot it.

      All sadly true.

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