The Mothers of Chutzpah

Grievance mongering and finger pointing goes hand in hand for these Islamopropagandists. They are the mothers of chutzpah. Chutzpah is when you murder your mother and father and claim leniency because you’re an orphan…. Muslims murder our people and not only claim victimhood, they spit in our face. How much longer will we let them get away with it?

‘There is an onslaught against Islam and Muslims’: Australian Muslims conference speaker lashes out at politicians’ treatment of Grand Mufti in aftermath of Paris terror attacks


  • Shaykh Mohamad Abdalla has lashed out at ‘onslaught’ against Muslims 
  • Islamic leader said politicians say ‘outrageous things’ about Muslims 
  • Conference speakers also criticised treatment of Australian Grand Mufti
  • Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed faced backlash over speech after Paris attacks

An Islamic leader has lashed out at the ‘onslaught’ against Muslims and treatment of the Grand Mufti in the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks.

Islamic leader and academic Shaykh Mohamad Abdalla (pictured) has lashed out at the ‘onslaught’ against Muslims

Shaykh Mohamad Abdalla told the annual Sydney Muslim Conference that some Australian politicians said ‘outrageous things’ about Islam and used the situation for ‘political opportunity’.

The Grand Mufti, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, faced a backlash after saying he should not need to continually condemn Islamic State following the massacre which left 131 people dead.

Liberal frontbencher Josh Frydenberg described the spiritual leader’s initial statement as a ‘graphic failure’, which he then sought to cover up.

Dr Abdalla, an associate professor at Griffith University, said Australian Muslims must be more wily in dealing with politicians.

‘We have some politicians who come out and say the most outrageous things about Islam and Muslims,’ he said.

‘There are many politicians, unfortunately, who use the situation for political opportunity.

‘And if you do not know how to play the game, you will continue to be the ball that will be kicked around.’

He also argued that the Muslim community must address the piecemeal approach to speaking publicly if it was to counteract Islamophobia.

Read it and weep.

It is Islam, says Frydenberg, and more must be done to fight the Islamic State

Andrew Bolt

At least one minister in the Turnbull Government is speaking frankly about Islam and terrorism:

Cabinet minister Josh Frydenberg says “a problem within Islam” is to blame for recent terrorist attacks and extremist activity…

In a scathing attack against the Grand Mufti of Australia, Mr Frydenberg also declared the nation’s most senior Islamic cleric had made a “graphic” leadership failure after the violence in Paris…

“We need to hear more of those voices because clearly we’re not winning the battle of hearts and minds and we do need to win them,” he said…

Asked if he was concerned that the wider public debate in Australia had a “large element of denial in it when it comes to confronting the fact that this is a problem within Islam”, Mr Frydenberg replied: “I would say it is a problem within Islam.

“The point about Islam is that this is a minority of extremists, and you could argue it’s even a small minority of extremists but it’s a significant minority of extremists and it does pose a challenge to our way of life in Australia.

“We need to acknowledge the significance of this threat, to acknowledge that religion is part of this problem, and thirdly, because this is the key point, we need to deal with it at a hard edge — with a military response — but we also need to deal with it with a counter narrative.”

And Frydenberg says as much as he can without embarrassing Malcolm Turnbull, who foolishly slapped down Tony Abbott for suggesting special forces help local armies fight the Islamic State:

Mr Frydenberg said there would have to be “other strategies” implemented by the US-led coalition in Syria and Iraq in order to destroy the terrorist group.

“You can be successful from the air but there will have to be other strategies over time but that will be talked about,” he said.

Frydenberg is fast becoming one of the serious voices of the Government. Sorry, in the Government.


Malcolm Turnbull let the Mufti off the hook very quickly:

Australia’s Grand Mufti, our top Muslim cleric, responded to the Paris massacre not by blaming Muslims or Islam, but by blaming the West. Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed said five “causative factors” had to be tackled to stop more terrorism, and all involved Australia’s alleged sins against Muslims — “racism, Islamophobia, curtailing freedoms through securitisation, duplicitous foreign policies and military intervention”.

The apparent message: submit or risk death.

After heavy media criticism, the Mufti issued a second statement saying he didn’t support terrorism, but he still didn’t take back his list of demands or say he would help reform Islam. Yet that was good enough for Turnbull, who claimed the Mufti had “clarified that initial statement and that seems to have cleared up the issue”.

Not so Frydenberg, and correctly:

“The Grand Mufti failed in his leadership with his statement,” Mr Frydenberg said on Sky News’s Australian Agenda program.

“He sought to cover that up subsequently but it was a graphic failure and he has more of a responsibility not only to the Muslim community but to the community at large because all of our security is at risk.

“His first reaction was his instinctive reaction. You only make a clarification after you realise the response to your first comment. That was the first comment that I’m sure many in the Muslim community heard and certainly that’s what the rest of Australia heard.”

And remember Turnbull’s claim, from which Frydenberg again seems to dissent:

ISIL’s deeds and ideology defame and blaspheme Islam and are utterly contrary to the precepts of authentic Islam.


Andrew Hastie, the former SAS captain who won the Canning by-election for the Liberals, has made a brave intervention, ringing the main newspaper outlets to support Frydenberg’s comments on Islam and the Mufti. It is important that Frydenberg is supported like this to prevent his own comments from being seen to be merely what you’d expect from a Jewish member of Parliament. It says something about the character of Hastie that he dares back Frydenberg on this sensitive issue just two months after becoming a politician.

Frydenberg – and Hastie – are correct, and other MPs have a duty to support them in the push for a more moderate interpretation of Islam, if that’s possible, led by Muslim leaders with the wisdom and courage to fight for it. That does not include the Mufti, unfortunately.

And can we finally have a calm discussion about the need for some soldiers on the ground in Syria, without Turnbull supporters in parliament and the media treating the suggestion as cover for a pro-Abbott insurrection?

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