Are the Islam denialists already in a state of full blown dhimmitude?

In any case, this kind of psychobabble is hard on the brain:

US lawmakers to hold prayer services at attacked Virginia mosque

“We must show that we will not tolerate Islamophobia and that those who propagate it do not represent the melting-pot America that we celebrate,” the letter read. …

“Across the country, Muslim Americans responded with shock and outrage…” “In every culture and in every religion there are bad apples that will spoil the rest of the apples…..”

 The New York Times and the Twilight Zone
If you miss the old show the Twilight Zone, you can still get a similarly disquieting eerie chill by entering the surreal realm of the New York Times. Moonbattery »

California shooting sparks conversation about Islamic stereotypes

(Stereotripical chaff and video about followers of the false prophet downplaying connections to evil islam and deflecting attention to ‘islamophobia’ and generally denying islamic responsibility)

Mustafa Kuko, director of the Islamic Center of Riverside, has trouble understanding how Farook could have betrayed the very principles of his religion. “We’re told in Islam if you take one human life, it’s as if you’ve taken all of mankind.”

Muslim Americans fear demonization of Islam after mass shooting

DEARBORN, Mich. (Reuters) – Muslim Americans fear their religion will be demonized and Islamophobia will spread after a young Muslim couple was accused of carrying out one of the bloodiest mass killings in the United States. (By Ben Klayman / Reuters)

Reuters: “Muslim Americans fear demonization of Islam after mass shooting”
This is a typical “backlash” story, of the kind that invariably appears after a jihad attack or foiled jihad plot. It attempts to deflect attention away from the jihad terror…
You can try to deny reality, but you can’t escape the consequences of denying reality. 
 America’s pathological denial of reality
In America of December 2015, natural conclusions are considered irresponsible, at best.–JPOST.COM
More of the same:
Obama White House: Terrorists Will Stop Attacking if We Pass Gun Control Laws
 The Obama administration reacted to yesterday’s shooting in San Bernardino – likely carried out by a Muslim terrorist –…
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3 thoughts on “Are the Islam denialists already in a state of full blown dhimmitude?”

  1. If you want to see denial visit this thread. The forum is largely populated by left-liberal apologists for Islam:

    Notice post #15:
    TheOilerFan83 Wrote: Apparently they attacked a center for the developmentally disabled.

    WTTM: Strange choice of target for anyone not a Nazi.

    and then after #46 when someone posts information confirming that the shooters were Muslims, the discussion is largely about gun violence and ownership in general.

  2. “Muslim Americans fear demonization of Islam after mass shooting”

    In other words, they are saying that these terrorists are giving Islam a bad name. And we can’t have Islam insulted like this, can we. Drawing Mohammed was a slight against Islam too, but one that drew tens of thousands out onto the streets to scream their anger at how Islam was being insulted.

    But apparently, slaughtering innocents in the name of Islam is not that much of an insult to the religion that it should warrant noisy, well-attended world-wide demonstrations. Sure, you get quiet groups of a few dozen, or “spokespersons” giving their view, but where are the vocal, angry masses?

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