…but, the real problem is ‘Islamophobia’

Fear of “Islamophobia” shuts mouths

The Left keeps drumming up fear of “Islamophobia” to stifle debate about Islamic terrorism. Did this fear of “Islamophobia” contribute to the carnage in California?

Spike in number of Islamophobia reports in Australia since Paris terror attack


Mendacious grievance monger MARIAM VEISZADEH: There’s approximately 5.4 incidents of Islamophobia being reported on average per week. Post-Paris that actually increased three-fold. …

Note that the three most recent terrorist attacks in Australia were all carried out by Muslim “refugees”.

Back to that debate about the 12,000 extra refugees – on top of the 14,000 a year already – that we will take from Syria and Iraq. Why won’t the Turnbull Government simply guarantee all will be Christian? (Jihad in America: , Andrew Bolt)

The usual “backlash” bullshit from Oklahoma Muslims:

they say they feel discriminated against and are worried for being criticized in the name of extremist terrorist attacks around the globe, such as the November attacks in Paris lead by ISIS. ..

While yesterday’s bloodbath in San Bernardino took most of us by surprise, we’re learning that there indeed were visible clues leading up to the incident — which, if heeded, potentially could have prevented unspeakable tragedy.

As authorities continue to investigate the home tied to one of the suspects, Syed Farook, one man who reportedly worked near the home is saying he’d grown suspicious of activity surrounding the home leading up to yesterday’s massacre.

So, you ask, why See More  (Allen West)

Neighbor Suspicious of San Bernardino Shooter WOULDN’T Report Him Because he didn’t want to appear racist….

“Authorities now say that the Islamist jihadists in California were planning something really BIG. The CA slaughter was a spontaneous diversion. Their House was an IED Factory… innumerable “men” were coming in and out at all hours… delivering packages and boxes. FBI still won’t commit itself to the proper description of this jihadist slaughter which insults the VICTIMS. 12 Pipe Bomb Devices found at California home..See More

OBAMA Suggests San Bernardino Terror Attack was Workplace Violence Calling For More Gun Control.
As always, he stands with his Muslim brothers. That’s the only promise he ever kept.
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