Its the “ultra-orthodox” we should be worried about, or is it?

Should we be concerned about the “ultra-orthodox” now?

Army of Darkness: A Recent History Of The San Bernardino Shooter’s Terror-Linked, Ultra-Orthodox Islamic Sect

SAN BERNARDINO, California – When Breitbart News attendedthe Dar Al Uloom Islamiyah mosque – where terrorist Syed Farook once attended – leaders seemed unwilling to answer some basic, straight forward questions about what they teach at their masjid. Do they subscribe to the idea of an Islamic caliphate? Do they believe that the punishment for apostasy from Islam is death? Answer came there none.

Now it is becoming more clear why the group may have been avoiding the requisite transparency that we rightly expect of religious and community institutions.–Breitbart

Meanwhile, our “orthodox” are up to their usual  tricks:

Orthodox Rabbis Issue Groundbreaking Declaration Affirming ‘Partnership’ With Christianity

Orthodox Rabbis Issue Groundbreaking Declaration Affirming ‘Partnership’ With Christianity

In other news:

San Bernardino Terrorists Receive Traditional Islamic Burial…

Migrants Storm Channel Tunnel Armed with Iron Bars and Hammers

Migrants Storm Channel Tunnel Armed with Iron Bars and Hammers
Muslims are “the best of peoples”
Hamas Leader: Palestinian Stabbers ‘The Most Exalted, Noblest of People’
Paris fixer moving Aussie jihadis
The man believed to be responsible for helping the ‪#‎ParisAttack‬terrorists enter and leave Syria for training, is facilitating the entry of several Australian jihadis into the conflict zone.–THE AUSTRALIAN
Too weird for words:
Muslim World marks December 24 as MUHAMMAD’s birthday
Nothing is sacred. Everything non-Islamic must be co-opted, falsified, erased.
Superb Analysis Re The Mess In Syria and Why There’s Not a Hope In Hades It Can Be Fixed
Daniel Greenfield hits it out of the park with his succinct, spot on examination of Obama, Osama, ISIS and why Syria won’t be “fixed” any time soon, if ever.  (Scaramuche)

3 thoughts on “Its the “ultra-orthodox” we should be worried about, or is it?”


    One, is a comment on the rising nationalism in Germany and a homosexual who was butchered by a couple of Muslims that he no doubt intended to “play” with after he had fed them.

    The next turd to munch on is the story of Marxism in Canada as, under the new Marxists and their leader Trudeau, we find a choir of Canadian children singing a “welcome” song to their new masters. The song is a battle victory song sung to Muhammad after his victory and conquest over the Jews and Christians in the Battle of Tabouk.

    Doing a little research on this reveals considerable Muslim influence from the Ontario Muslims, specifically, the Kanata Muslim Association.

    Anyone recognize the shape of the symbol on the children’s shirts?

    As an added bonus, the Trudeau government has now blocked access to information relating to the suppliers of clothing to the Syrian invaders to Canada on the basis of “security reasons”. Look up the story on CBC. Prepare yourself for a massive gag-reflex!!!

    Welcome to slavedom my friends.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

      1. @Uncle Vladdi

        Its just beginning.

        Think the reference to the choir children’s sweaters in the video above and the image of the Arabic word for Allah/Muhammad stood on its end is a bit much? Its not a Christmas tree, it is what was intended to be by the Kanata Muslim Association…..A FUCKING TIP OF THE HAT TO THE GREATEST MASS MURDERING PEDOPHILE OF ALL TIME!!!!

        Consider that the Muslims in the UK made the same point in losing their minds over the logo used by Dairy Queen, apparently the swirl of the ice-cream cone logo closely resembled the Allah word and then they demanded under threat of violence and legal action to have it removed. Dairy Queen caved.

        As for Trudeau, his lunacy is gaining popularity in Canada amongst the White Guilt Indian Industry as he disposes of the Financial Accountability Act which was to hold the thieving Indian chiefs and their little kleptocracies accountable for raping and pillaging the Indian band’s finances. Now it is every Indian for him herself.

        And Trudeau is now on the radar of American senators and congressmen as they are alarmed in the face of the lethal farce that is Canada’s “vetting” process for our new Muslim invaders (read Syrian “refugees”…..oh fucking tee fucking hee hee)

        The American senators and congressmen have issued statements that the Canadian/American border should be closed as Canada is fast becoming “Jihadi Central”.

        Meanwhile Rona Ambrose, Michelle Rempel and Lisa Raitt, now the Vagina Trifecta of Canadian Conservative politics have decided to spend their days washing Trudeau’s boots and Sophie Gregoire’s filthy arse with their tongues to make up for all the “Harper Hate” the Liberals tolerated for all those years.


        Jimmy Swaggert
        Melonville, USA

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