Koran-ulla, 10 years after Aussies were betrayed by their government

“Get the Aussie dogs… get the Aussie sluts.”

If there was Racism involved in the Cronulla riots it was all due the Lebanese Muslims being RACIST against average Australians. It is an all too familiar song that the media sing when they take an event and make Australians the racists or bigots, when in fact it is Muslims who initiated the incident with their bigoted and/ or racist behaviour.


Today the Supreme Court has BLOCKED the Cronulla Riots 10-year anniversary parade proposed to go ahead this weekend.
 It is still on, but now it’s called “non halal BBQ”

Democracy and free speech has been suppressed in Cronulla.

The left-wing, politically correct mainstream media had a field day blackening Australia’s reputation following the infamous 2005 Cronulla riots.

Tension had been building for months as gangs of Lebanese Muslims swarmed on to Sydney’s Cronulla beach, jostling elderly patrons, abusing Australian families and threatening to “rape Aussie sluts” for wearing bikinis…..

The mainstream media accounts of these riots were an absolute disgrace.

The journalists portrayed the Cronulla riots as “racist” attacks but the Muslim plethora of violence and destruction was glossed over, portrayed as a “retaliation” attack.

“Get the Aussie dogs… get the Aussie sluts.”


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