“No backlash allowed”

Boston Police won’t allow backlash against Muslims, says Commissioner Evans

Boston Police Commissioner William B. Evans assured Boston’s Muslim population that the department would not permit backlash against the community in the wake of the San Bernardino mass shooting. …

More no backlash against followers of the meshugga prophet following the fatal forward lash by fellow followers in San Bernardino By Lloyd Mallison at Boston.com, thanks to Mullah, pbuh

“What happened in California was an act of war. We need to drop this notion that they’re these random terrorist acts.” – Newt Gingrich

Islam is not associated with anything:

“It comes down simply to this–good and evil. Islam is not associated with anything that’s evil,” said Bilal Ali.

France: Mosques closed – 330 war weapons found – 223 Arrests
Mass shooting in California leaves 14 dead – Another Muslim Terror Attack?–|BY NDL EDITOR
Terror bride used fake address on visa application; State Dept. had no idea, but reporter finds…

What happened in ‪#‎SanBernardino‬ is the result of Barack Obama’s disastrous immigration and foreign policies. We are at WAR with the part of the world where this killer came from and she should have NEVER been able to immigrate here. 

The time has come to stop playing nice and call it like it is: Obama and the Democratic Party have blood on their hands.

Is this the vetting process President Obama wants us to trust for Syrian refugees? The terrorist bride who went on a killing spree in San Bernardino on Friday, got…
The most important thing:
White House: ‘We’re Not At War With Islam’
At the White House, Press Secretary Josh Earnest praised moderate Muslims, telling Americans that the United States is not at war with Islam. – Breitbart
Australians United Against Extremist Religion's photo.

Haron Monis was on welfare for 10 years. That means he lived on OUR MONEY spreading hatred of OUR PEOPLE!

If you’re not angry yet, then get angry now!

FOOD FOR THOUGHT… How many more of these types are living off our back while plotting against us?

Wayne Dupree's photo.
Degenerates. But what do you expect? Al BeBeeCeera is totally infiltrated by Mohammedans, commies and homosexuals. Diversity to die for!
The broadcaster has an effective ban on the word terrorist, arguing that its impartiality could be thrown into doubt. It says the term risks ‘implying judgment where there is no clear consensus’.
Guidelines for Countering Racial, Ethnic and Religious Profiling | Society of Professional Journalists…
The Society of Professional Journalists is the nation’s most broad-based journalism organization, dedicated to encouraging the free practice of journalism and… (Read it and weep!)
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