“Sheik Feiz Mohammed isn’t a problem”

“Deradicalised” Cleric Radicalised Again

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Student site linked to radical cleric

AN Islamic centre founded by a “controversial cleric” has been promoted on the website of the State Government’s international student marketing arm, StudyAdelaide.

A website link to the Global Islamic Youth Centre (GIYC), cited as a “hotbed of Islamic youth radicalisation”, was among a number of Islamic organisations offered by Study-Adelaide as potential contacts for Muslim students …More islamic awareness at The Advertiser, thanks to Mullah, pbuh


 “Sheik Feiz Mohammed isn’t a problem”-– Australian Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus  23 April 2013

Following the Boston bombings, the initial media reports said that the two ‘suspects’ were asylum seekers, or they were from Chechnya.

Few mentioned the I-word (Islam) or the M- word (Muslim). Andrew Bolt pointed that out on Sunday on the Bolt Report, and reported that the two young men were Muslims. A media article by Andrew Bolt appears at NO 2 below.

Apparently the two young men had taken up Islam more seriously in the past two years. The wife of the older brother, an American girl who dropped out of college, converted to Islam and wears the hijab. (See Overseas News below – NO 2)

The mother of the bombers said that the FBI had been investigating – and monitoring – the two brothers for some time.

Eventually it was reported that the older brother had posted various videos on ‘terrorism’. One video was by a controversial Australian Muslim cleric Sheik Feiz Mohammed, who runs the Global Islamic Youth Centre in Liverpool in western Sydney.

One paper reported (No 1), “In 2007, a British documentary called “Undercover Mosque” showed footage of him saying children should be “soldiers defending Islam.’’ He said, “Teach them this: There is nothing more beloved to me than wanting to die as a mujahid. Put in their soft, tender hearts the zeal of jihad and a love of martyrdom.”

That report said that the Australian government had investigated him and his videos to see if they were ‘inciting hatred’.

Australian Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus immediately said that Sheik Feiz Mohammed isn’t a problem – or at least isn’t a problem ‘any more’!  He said, “Sheik Feiz Mohammed in recent months, particularly in the later period of last year when there was some quite dramatic demonstrations in Sydney condemned the use of violence,” Mr Dreyfus told Network Ten. “Certainly as a community leader he’s getting behind the countering violent-extremism program that we have.”   (See Item No 4)

New South Wales police said the counter terrorism unit had questioned the sheik when he came forward – but had ‘no concerns about him’.

The question is, “Has Sheik Feiz Mohammed REALLY changed?” His videos and previous teaching are extremely concerning. Has he changed his official position in order to escape the ‘heat’?

Even if his views have really changed, his videos are still circulating on You Tube and on DVD to influence more disenfranchised – and easily radicalised – young people.

Perhaps Bill Warner of Political Islam says it best…. “He seemed like such a nice guy…” 
But he goes on to talk about the nature of jihad, the influence of the Quran verses on jihad and so on….
Read Bill’s article: He Seemed Like Such a Nice Guy – American Thinker.

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