Trump Calls for ‘Complete Shutdown’ of Muslim Entry into U.S.A, Establishment Goes Apeshit….


Just when you thought the Donald was making all the right noises, he comes out and takes a big dump on free speech:

Trump: “‘Oh freedom of speech, freedom of speech.’ These are foolish people.”

Robert Spencer has a go at him here:

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Donald Trump — all foes of the freedom of speech. Perilous times.

Donald Trump Calls for ‘Complete Shutdown Of Muslims Entering the United States’
Trump Calls for ‘Complete Shutdown’ of Muslim Entry into U.S.A…
What does Cheney stand for and believe in? Saudi money?

Cheney: Trump’s Anti-Muslim Plan ‘Goes Against Everything We Believe And Stand For’

Former Vice President Dick Cheney argued that “this whole notion that somehow we can just say, ‘No more Muslims,’ and just ban a whole religion, goes against everything we stand for and believe in” on Monday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show.” Cheney



I would like to ask imam Rauf about the purpose of Islam. I would like him to explain Quran (2:191-193) I would ask him if he sees himself as an enemy agent, just like Arianna Huffington is an enemy agent on behalf of George Soros.

‘Full Fascist': Huffington Post Stops Categorizing Donald Trump’s ‘Ugly and Dangerous’ Campaign as Entertainment

…PuffHo Meltdown: ‘Full Fascist’!

Do you care?

What One of Obama’s Muslim ‘Sports Heroes’ Teaches Us About Islamic Terrorism

What One of Obama’s Muslim ‘Sports Heroes’ Teaches Us About Islamic Terrorism

3 thoughts on “Trump Calls for ‘Complete Shutdown’ of Muslim Entry into U.S.A, Establishment Goes Apeshit….”

  1. It’s no big secret that Canada’s ability to monitor its coastline is limited and any determined effort to smuggle people in by boat will likely succeed. Added to this, the new Liberal government seems to have resumed the immigration policy of Chretien/Martin, which saw large numbers of Muslims enter the country.

    I’m also wondering if Trump has ever mentioned the Yazidis? This ethnic group, which adheres to a pre-Islamic religion, last year was the target of an attempted genocide by ISIS. Many thousands were murdered if they didn’t convert, and untold women were subjected to a rape campaign and/or enslaved. The Yazidis and a few other non-Muslim minority groups are in serious danger, yet the world largely ignores them. In Canada the refugee mania is focused on Muslims from Syria.

  2. Mr. Trump is at least more honest than those who are trying to win cheap political points by castigating him!!!

  3. Anything the war criminal dick cheney says has to be a bad thing. If the criminal dick cheney opposes Donald trump, then that’s a very strong case for supporting trump.

    Trump’s right, islam needs to be banned from western worlds. I’m sure the opposite is already the case. That is, no islam nation would tolerate democracy.

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