Bishop of London: Vicars Should Grow Beard To Reach Out To Muslims

I always thought the stupidity of our journallie could only be matched by the idiocy of our politclowns. I was wrong. I forgot about our clergy:

Lets grow beards so Muslims can like us

Bishop of London: Vicars Should Grow Beard To Reach Out To Muslims

From the Telegraph:

It brings together the most unlikely of bedfellows from Prince Harry to Gerry Adams and even – in many depictions – God himself.

Now the fashion for beards has been given the blessing of the Church of England, after one of the country’s most senior clerics praised vicars who grow them to appeal to Muslim communities around them.

The Bishop of London, the Rt Rev Richard Chartres, singled out two East End priests who had cultivated bushy facial hair “of an opulence that would not have disgraced a Victorian sage”, for special praise.

More than simply a fashion choice, the move reflected a desire to “reach out” to the community in their Tower Hamlets parishes, a large proportion of whom are of Bangladeshi origin, he said.

It is, he added, an acknowledgement of the fact that in many Middle Eastern and Asian cultures the hirsute appearance is more associated with “holy men” than hipsters.

The bishop, who sports what he describes as a “modest” beard dating from the late 1970s, made the observation in an article for the Church Timestracing the history of facial hair over the last 2,000 years of Christianity.

In Islam beards are viewed as an “adornment” and Muslim men are encouraged to wear them to honour the Prophet Mohammed.



7 thoughts on “Bishop of London: Vicars Should Grow Beard To Reach Out To Muslims”

  1. I’m trying to envision an occasion that a vicar with a beard would be in a position to reach out to a muslim. Being raped on his alter by Muslims? Otherwise I can’t see muslims wanting a reach out from a najis kufar cleric. Hopefully the Crocodile will eat them first.

  2. Lets ask all women to wear a hijab to reach out to Muslim women.

    This also has the added advantage that it gives them some protection to women from Muslim men.

  3. vicars should throw gays off of tall buildings to reach out to muslims. how effing ridiculous will they become in their efforts to appease muslims? vicars should stone aulterers to death. vicars should kill apostates of the muslim cult.

  4. hey, vicars. muslims do not want to live peacefully with you. they want to overrun your church and install sharia. and kill you. get an effing clue.

  5. I bet they’ll even go as far as offering their wives as peace offerings.

    Sick, despicable fools.

  6. Total stupidity. We are at war with demonic spirits which possess and influence Muslims as they worship Allah aka Satan. They’re prayers ask for curses on non-Muslims, they are vile, intolerant, racist, hate filled, sexually perverted in every way, Slave keepers, torturers of innocent ppl and the most violent humans on earth. They declared war on us, the entire non-Muslim world. Our leaders have been drastically dumbed down. A handful of Christian denominations are apostate especially Catholicism that try to make Christianity more like Islam (God is displeased), I am a Christian and I tell you that true Christians know this is a war between the kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness.

    So all you men should go rape women, men, girls, boys, babies, animals and dead bodies to reach out to Muslims and show them we are not so different. There is NO WAY to help Muslims become good, compassionate, loving people who assimilate with the rest of mankind. Jesus is the only way. There are ex-Muslims who escaped Islam and are Christians, pastors and evangelists, I personally know one.

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