Do Muslims and Christians Worship the ‘Same God’?

Wheaton College says it is taking steps to fire Dr Larycia Hawkins for her views on Islam and God

In her post, she said: ‘I stand in religious solidarity with Muslims because they, like me, a Christian, are people of the book.

‘And as Pope Francis stated last week, we worship the same God.’

Christian college professor who put on a hijab and declared ‘Muslims and Christians worship the same God’

Do Muslims and Christians Worship the ‘Same God’?

Do Muslims and Christians Worship the ‘Same God’?

The suspension of a Christian college professor who said that Muslims and Christians “worship the same God” has garnered a great deal of attention in recent weeks, with a reignited debate raging over a key theological question: Do Muslims and Christians revere the same Lord? …

“The God in each of the faiths is understood differently enough to conclude that saying we worship the ‘same’ God muddies the water.”

Muslims and Christians do not only use different names for God; in reality, these different names refer to different gods.

Allah is not GOD

Kaaffiroon includes “people of the book”  Moe did not worship what we worship.  In his own words attributed to Allah:

109:1Say (O Muhammad  to these Mushrikûn and Kâfirûn): “O Al-Kâfirûn (disbelievers in Allâh, in His Oneness, in His Angels, in His Books, in His Messengers, in the Day of Resurrection, and in Al-Qadar, etc.)! 

109:2. “I worship not that which you worship, 

109:3. “Nor will you worship that which I worship. 

109:4. “And I shall not worship that which you are worshipping. 

109:5. “Nor will you worship that which I worship. 

6. “To you be your religion, and to me my religion (Islâmic Monotheism).” 

Further confirmation of the obvious is found in Sahih Bukhari. Moe prayed before attacking the caravan at Badr. He told Allah that, if he allowed Moe’s army to be defeated, he would never be worshiped again.  If Jews & Christians worshiped Allah, that threat would be void.

Volume 4, Book 52, Number 164: 

Narrated Ibn ‘Abbas: 

The Prophet , while in a tent (on the day of the battle of Badr) said, “O Allah! I ask you the fulfillment of Your Covenant and Promise. O Allah! If You wish (to destroy the believers) You will never be worshipped after today.” Abu Bakr caught him by the hand and said, “This is sufficient, O Allah’s Apostle! You have asked Allah pressingly.” The Prophet was clad in his armor at that time. He went out, saying to me: “There multitude will be put to flight and they will show their backs. Nay, but the Hour is their appointed time (for their full recompense) and that Hour will be more grievous and more bitter (than their worldly failure).” (54.45-46) Khalid said that was on the day of the battle of Badr. 

 Allahu Shaytan!

Who but Satan communicates revelations to his messenger through the “Musical Instrument of the Satan” ?

What prophet of God had an “a devil”  who only commanded him him “but for good

For more details, including full quotes with links to source texts, see these pdf files:

Allah explicitly declares perpetual war on Christians in Surah At-Taubah 9.29. The Jihad imperative is confirmed in Sahih Bukhari 1.8.387 and codified in “Reliance Of The Traveller”, Book o, Chapter 9.8. The caliph makes war on Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians until we are subjugated and submit to extortion.  Its Shari’ah of the Shafi’i school!

According to Imam Al-Shafi’i, paraphrased in Reliance o9.1 and quoted in page 18 of “The Book Of Jihad“, the Imam must see to it that no year passes without an attack.  From the Hanafi school of Islamic law, we learn that “Infidels may be attacked without provocation.”.

For more detail, with screenshots of the Qur’an & Islamic Law with links to source texts, see this pdf file:

Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God, was crucified, died, was buried, resurrected and ascended. The Qur’an denies all but ascension.
Islam makes Jesus out to be Allah’s slave, fully human with no divine aspect, Moe’s paternal half brother and step son. Besides that, it makes him out to be a barbarian warlord who will return to kill the remaining Christians and Jews.
Outrageous claims?  Where is my evidence to support them? Right here with full quotes & links to source texts!

Common Ground

When  I first learned of the malignant missive, I created a blog to expose its malignancy:
Yes, I really did tell them to go burn with Muhammad.  Many of the links will be broken by web site changes, but the facts remain true.


Projecting your hierarchy of needs and values onto Muslims is one of  the worst mistakes you can make. If you have paid attention to current events, you know that they say “we love death more than you love life”.

Death in the way of Allah is the Muslim’s get out of Hell free card and admission ticket to Allah’s celestial bordello, the supreme success.

If your home & family are more dear to you than Jihad, then you are on the path to the fire. Turn to 9.38 & succeeding verses to learn that this world is play and pass time, the real action is in the celestial bordello.


Allah’s mercy, Islamic charity & justice are for Muslims only. You will need to read the entire Qur’an and Sahih Bukhari to get the big picture.  Zina with Muslims gets the bachelor lashed amd the married Muslim killed. But those slaves whom your right hands possess are fair game.

 Killing another Muslim is one of the worst sins, but our infidel blood and property are halal for Muslims and we have no human rights.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammad and four of his buddies decided to practice Islam: to worship Allah by killing & terrorizing infidels in the World Trade Towers.  Read about it in the second page of his “Response To The Nine Accusations“.

Muslims are commanded to Obey Allah and Moe. Allah said “fight them“.  Muslims are commanded to emulate Moe. The practice of Islam therefore entails everything Moe did including but not limited to plunder, extortion, rape, terrorism & genocide. If you have doubts about what he did, read Sahih Bukhari and Guillaume’s “Life Of Muhammad”.  You can find links in several of my pdf files.

12 thoughts on “Do Muslims and Christians Worship the ‘Same God’?”

  1. Islam denies the deity of Jesus Christ and denies the doctrine of the Trinity.
    In John 10:30, Christ claims equality with God the Father when He states ” I and the Father are one”.
    Surah 4:171 in the Koran shows that the idea of Allah having a son is repugnant to Muslims.
    A comparison of relevant texts in the Koran and Bible shows clearly that Muslims and Christians don’t worship the same God.
    Therefore God and Allah are not the same entity.

    Unlike the God of the Bible, Allah has done nothing for humankind that cost him anything.
    As a complete opposite, Jesus Christ, as God in human form, took the rap for our sin through His crucifiction on the Cross at Calvary.
    Salvation in Islam is based on works and is never certain.
    Christ brings salvation by His grace alone through His finished work on the cross . Salvation by Christ’s grace is certain for eternity.
    Allah says “you die for me”. Jesus Christ says ” I died for you”. What a contrast!

  2. Do Christians and muslimes worship the same God?

    FUCK, NO!


    Sura 24:2 – The Holy Qur’an says: “The woman or man guilty of adultery or fornication, Flog each of them with a hundred stripes, Let not compassion move you in their case, in a matter prescribed by God, if ye believe in God and the last day, and let a party of the believers witness their punishment.”

    John 8:3-11 – The Holy Bible says: “When Jesus had lifted up himself and saw none but the woman, he said unto her, woman, where are those thine accusers? hath no man condemned thee? She said; No man Lord. Jesus said unto her; neither do I condemn thee; go and sin no more.” The self-righteous scribes and Pharisees brought a woman caught in adultery to Jesus to stone her, but Jesus simply knelt down and then quietly said; “Let he that is without sin cast the first stone.” When he said that everyone dropped their stones and left. Then Christ showed compassion on her and told her to go and sin no more. ??

    Sura 4:88-89 – The Holy Qur’an says: “Why should ye be divided into two parties about the hypocrites? God hath upset them for their (evil) deeds. Would you guide those who God has thrown out of the way? For those whom God has thrown out of the way, never shalt thou find the way. They but wish that ye should reject faith as they do, and thus be on the same footing (as they); But take not friends from their ranks until they flee in the way of God (from what is forbidden); But if they turn renegades; seize them and slay them wherever you find them; and (in any case) take no friend or helper from their ranks.” Please Note here that the penalty for apostasy is death.

    Galatians 6:1 – The Holy Bible says: “Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault ye which are spiritual restore such a one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself lest thou also be tempted.” The idea here is reconciliation. Christians should be willing to forgive even as God has forgiven them. Matthew 6:14-15

    Sura 5:41 – The Holy Qur’an says: “As to the thief, male or female, cut off his or her hands: a punishment by way of example from God for their crime: and God is exalted in power.”

    1 John 1:9 – The Holy Bible says: “If we confess our sins He (God) is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from ALL unrighteousness.”

    God’s way is forgiveness for sin.

    Sura 5:33 – The Holy Qur’an says: “The punishment of those who wage war against God and his apostles, and strive with might and main with mischief through the land is execution or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from both sides, or exile from the land; That is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the hereafter.”

    Romans 12:19 – The Holy Bible says – “Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath; for it is written; Vengeance is mine; I will repay saith the Lord.”

    The Lord can handle his enemies – he doesn’t need our help.?

    Sura 9:5 – The Holy Qur’an says: “But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the pagans wherever you find them, and seize them beleager them and lie in wait for them in every strategem of war; but if they repent, and establish regular prayers and practice regular charity, then open the say for them; for God is oft-forgiving, most merciful.”

    Matthew 5:44 – The Holy Bible says: “But I say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you.” – The words of Jesus Christ –

    Here we see that one book offers pain and death for sin or defection from the religion it represents.

    The other offers forgiveness and restoration for all who will repent and be forgiven and saved – God alone deals with his enemies. He doesn’t need help from any man. Thou shalt not kill is still part of the Bible.

    And “THOU SHALT KILL!” is still the main part of Satan’s Qur’an.

    The Qur’an clearly and specifically tells muslims the Bible is wrong and also that all Christians and Jews are infidel criminals who worship a false god, and who must therefore be extorted, enslaved, and murdered for their “crime” of not being muslims:

    Sura (Chapter) 47:1-4 of the Qur’an:

    1: non-muslims are bad, (allegedly because they insult allah by dividing his nature*);
    2: muslims are good, (allegedly because to them allah is the cause of everything*);
    3: Allah made them both like that;
    4: So muslims should chop off the non-muslims’ heads.

    (“Allah could have done it himself, but he wants you muslims to do it for him”).

    It’s all right there, in context: islamic violence is entirely general doctrine-driven, and not at all specific grievance-driven. (Don’t go looking for what actions of yours may have offended or provoked them; they have been taught from birth that your existence alone offends their god, and so should offend them).

    (And chapter 47 isn’t by any stretch even remotely the worst, most violent chapter; that honor goes to either chapter 8 or 9).

    *[Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, for that they joined companions with Allah, for which He had sent no authority: their abode will be the Fire: And evil is the home of the wrong-doers! (3:151)].

    So, if and when you consider islam to be a religion, you must agree with it’s main tenet: that God is a violent murderer who wants his muslim tribe to violently conquer the world by extorting, enslaving, and murdering all the non-muslim humans, right?

    At WORST, all REAL religions only say:

    “Obey our silly rules, or GOD (/’the gods’) will get you!”

    …but ONLY islam says:

    “Obey our silly rules, or WE will get you (‘for god’)!”

    A forced ‘Faith!’ ISN’T a “Faith!” at all – it’s only extortion, and extortion is always a CRIME.

  3. PS: (Dajjal just reminded me) re: Sura 5:33:

    The meaning is disclosed by Tafsir Ibn Kathir. Waging war against Allah “includes disbeliefr”. Its a licence to kill us for not being Muslims as codified in Hedaya 23.141, 212 & 216.

  4. More (Hey it’s like I’m morphing or “transitioning” into Don Laird or something today LOL)!

    Let’s have a quick look at this “CHRISLAM” treason in general, shall we?

    Muslims clearly state: “Islam was specifically designed and created to destroy all the other religions and cultures in the world, by deceit and violence, and to replace them all, until allah alone remains!”

    Clueless Christians: “Islam is peaceful and muslims want to be our friends!”

    Muslims: “No, we don’t! You shall bow to us, and we will destroy you all!”

    Clueless Christians: “Islam is peaceful and muslims want to be our friends!”

    Muslims: “Truly, only the will of allah could make our enemies so stupid!”

    Islam is victim-blaming criminal slander. Period. It even slanders “God.”

    Basically, islam denies there is a god at all, because Islamic “beliefs” include the belief that their god cannot be understood nor reasoned with, (so it might as well not exist at all) only feared and obeyed.

    They also include the criminal notion that, since Muhammad got away with committing his crimes, (and he tried them all, enthusiastically, many times and, far from ever feeling remorse or apologizing for them, instead encouraged everyone else to join him in committing them, too) then “god” must have wanted him to get away with committing those crimes! So obviously islam is only an ancient yet ongoing extortion-racket CRIME syndicate, and the only “religious” part in it, is where they say:

    “God told us to commit these crimes!”


    Christianity holds the exact opposite: that, even if God is too complex for us to understand, that still doesn’t stop God from being able to understand us, and to relate to us, and communicate with us, on our own terms, in the person of Jesus Christ. And Jesus advised us to help each other, not to prey on one another.

    For all Christians here is the fact that the Qu’ran calls the Son of God an abomination (9:30; 19:88 – 19:89; 37:151 – 37:152) and all of His eye-witnesses liars – by one lone accuser (Muhammad) who was not even there with them at the time – offering no proof but his own say-so.

    The Qur’an (19:30-34) also has the baby Jesus assert: “Lo! I am the slave of Allah.” Also according to the Qur’an, Jesus’ main mission was to herald and announce the later coming of Muhammad:

    “And when Jesus son of Mary said: O Children of Israel! Lo! I am the messenger of Allah unto you, confirming that which was (revealed) before me in the Torah, and bringing good tidings of a messenger who comes after me, whose name is the Praised One. Yet when he has come unto them with clear proofs, they say: This is mere magic.”(61:6)


    Judeo-Christianity is based on the Golden Rule of Law (most simply put as Do Not Attack First) and also therefore based philosophically on the similar ideal that, between people, all is forbidden unless and until specifically allowed – i.e: I’m not allowed to do anything either TO, or FOR, you, without getting your express consent, first.

    From agreeing to this Rule, we gain trust, progress, and Civilization.

    Islam is based on the exact opposite – on what I call the brazen rule of chaos (or, of crime), where they slanderously hold it’s their holy right and duty to always attack the innocent others first, (before they can be ‘inevitably’ attacked them selves) and where all is allowed unless and until it’s very specifically forbidden.

    From this, they inflict distrust, stagnation, and barbarism.

    Our philosophy and religion are lawful, theirs criminal.


    The Qur’an clearly and specifically tells muslims the Bible is wrong and also that all Christians are infidel criminals who worship a false god, and who must therefore be extorted, enslaved, and murdered for their “crime” of not being muslims.

    So, if and when you consider islam to be a religion, you must agree with it’s main tenet: that God is a violent murderer who wants his muslim tribe to violently conquer the world by extorting, enslaving, and murdering all the non-muslim humans, right?

    Islam was specifically designed to violently conquer and replace all ‘other’ religions on earth.

    So, as for this insane new “Chrislam” treason:

    HEY EVERYBODY! Let’s compare Jesus and Moe, the Founders of their respective creeds!!

    (Here’s my Top Ten, just off the top of my head!):

    1. How many babies did Jesus rape?
    2. How many slaves did Jesus take (and rape)?
    3. How many innocent merchants did Jesus torture, to get their treasure to pay his bandit armies?
    4. How many bandit armies did Jesus lead, and how many countries did they invade & enslave?
    5. How many poisoned swords named “Death!” did Jesus own and use to behead enemies?
    6. How many times did Jesus lie, say “God is the greatest deceiver!” and rob and extort people?
    7. How many people did Jesus burn out of their homes, while they were still asleep in them?
    8. How many people (who had only verbally contested his claims) did Jesus put out “hits” on?
    9. How many pregnant women did Jesus have run through with swords for doubting him?

    …and of course:

    10. How many people did Moe heal (or resurrect)?

    1. Yes, so many muslims including especially nearly 100% of all imams, muftis, sheiks etc are concerned with the spread of islam in the world. Its brutal , primitive edicts are something than can relate to – after islam has destroyed any empathy they might have ever felt for non-muslims.

      All other religions are concerned with the spread of loving kindness and awareness

  5. @Uncle Vladdi

    Be careful with that “morphing” thing, you may find yourself suddenly waking in the middle of the night from a sound sleep, clad in jammies and slippers, standing in front of a gun store, mumbling things like “Honor, Duty, Country”…….and “one Muslim in this country is one Muslim too many”…..

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

  6. First off, thank you, Sheikyermami, for this well done post on the “same god” mantra ignorant Church leaders are spouting. Our God would have to have rejected and disowned His Son and also disowned His Chosen People, the Jews. I do think in Moses time, God threatened to destroy the Israelite’s and Moses talked Him out of it, but He was going to do it Himself, not using opposing tribes or Muslims like like the allah god does. There is a correction I feel is necessary. Sura 109 was done while the false prophet was at Mecca before going to Medina. In the verses you quote, I believe he was speaking to his pagan tribe who ran the Kaaba relative to his statements on what I worship and what you worship. I doubt there were Christians in Mecca at the time. Correct me if I’m wrong or you have reasons why you think the Sura 109 included Christians and Jews.

  7. Hey Sheik! Methinks I recognize a LOT of the above post as Dajjal’s original work! Not that he begrudges anyone its use to further the ultimate destruction of islam or anything, but don’t you usually at least give a bit of the accredition by way of a HT (hat tip)?!



  8. Allah straight up says in the Koran that he bought your soul, life, and possessions in return for killing for him. That is Satan. Muslims sell their soul to the devil. As is plainly clear by how they behave, think, and ‘worship’. The mark of the beast, in their heads (thoughts) and hands (actions). And the deluded non-Muslim fools who stick up for Islam worship the beast’s ‘image’.

  9. “In her post, she said: ‘I stand in religious solidarity with Muslims because they, like me, a Christian, are people of the book.”

    Where does that leave Hindus,Buddhists,Sikhs ( the other major religions) as far as Dr Larycia Hawkins of Wheaton College is concern.

    Does she realize that Christians are infidels as well, people of the book or not makes no difference?

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