Legitimising Polygamy

Polygamy. You ‘ll have to pay for it.

Not only in the UK. On the mainland of EUrabia; in the U.S. and even here in Australia its already happening. And our welfare offices are instructed not to raise the alarm about it.

This is what’s coming if we don’t rise up against this evil. This is what the left says we should respect and tolerate.

Get Ready To Pay Millions For Polygamy. It Was Just Approved
There are many religious customs in Islam that are considered inhumane and cruel. However, one sickening tradition to which many Muslims adhere was just legally…

Liberal multiculturalist wishful thinking is meeting reality in Germany. Soon it will be meeting reality all over Europe and the U.S. as well.

Pubs and clubs in Germany’s “inclusive” “Green City” Freiburg forbid refugees 
A group of nightlife spots in the German city of Freiburg have banded together to bar refugees following a string of reported crimes. | Pamela Geller

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Some “feminists” would rather protect Muslim men from
criticism than protect women from sexual assault. (Gatestone)
Cultural enrichment with Mohammedan “migrants”
Europe grows a backbone, demos planned against Islamization of their nations
Demos planned against Islamization of their nations. It appears the lowly peasants have has enough of their liberal elite abandoning European civilization.

5 thoughts on “Legitimising Polygamy”

  1. “The left says we should respect and tolerate” WTF?
    Then the leftist appeasers can bloody well pay for them!
    Why should my tax dollars pay for some Islamotrash to have half a dozen wives popping out kids at a rate of knots?
    This is bullshit on a scale that defies belief!

    1. “if we have to pay for it can we at least watch?”Rush Limbaugh. Maybe film it & sell it to make some of our money back, lol Seems as if there is no right nor wrong anymore so —

  2. In so many areas – things are just the opposite of the way they should be.

    Why is it that a noticeably backward group – with a history of centuries of inbreeding – gets to churn out individuals with the least chance of being of benefit to the human race?


  3. According to the books of such embedded cultural anthropologists as Raphael Patai’s “The Arab Mind” and Carl Salzman’s “Culture and Conflict in the Middle East,” Arab “culture” (which is codified in the Qur’an) glorifies the tribe over the individual, so each tribe engages in us-versus-them, might-makes-right wars all the time.

    The best way to keep your tribal numbers up is to have each man marry four or more wives, which guarantees he will breed four (hopefully male warrior) children each year, while also depriving his enemy’s tribes of those same women and warrior-breeding ability.

    This is also why they marry their own cousins all the time (so the enemy tribes can’t steal their women and potential warrior-children, thus weakening their own tribes) and it’s also why they have “honour” killings (because if they can’t control even their ‘weakest’ members, then they will invite attack from other tribes AND they’ll have lost those women’s warrior kids to their enemies, too)!

    So if they don’t kill their own women, then those women’s actions will eventually get them all killed!

    Libtards in the West refuse to see this easy truth, and pretend it’s the moslems’ “cultural right” to out-breed and conquer everyone.

    You believe in “Democracy,” in voting-might-makes-rights?

    Allowing polygamy destroys your children’s future rights.

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