Europe: The ship is going down

Sam Gerrans


It is sobering to realize that the supposed captains on the ship your forebears built over millennia are willfully detonating the bulkheads and drilling large holes in the hull whilst claiming there is nothing anyone could possibly have done.
The Kübler-Ross model of trauma describes the emotional pathway for any European with an interest in protecting the continent his forebears created from the perfidy of national leaders whose actions will breed him and his children out of existence.

First there was denial: surely Angela Merkel couldn’t be so stupid as to sink the European ship?

Next came anger as news of the organized attacks by so-called asylum-seekers on European white women seeped through the checkpoints embedded in the mainstream media machine.

Then came the stage known as bargaining as people thought they would settle for some restrictions on numbers so long as the tidal wave was stopped.

And now we are at enforced acceptance: the tidal wave will not stop – so get used to it – with Jeremy Corbyn, for example, calling for the UK to take similar numbers as Germany.

If you feel like you didn’t vote for any of this, that’s because you didn’t. Your opinion isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. It’s people like George Soros who are making these decisions. Your job is to shut up, pay taxes, and learn to get on board with this new round of social engineering and ethnic cleansing.

But now that it is obvious to anyone with a functioning brain that – hand-wringing apart – the fix is in, it is interesting to observe how career politicians are talking now that the dust is settling on the new reality.

Because talk is all that they will do. We are at the tipping point. And once we get over that, the ship is going down, make no mistake.

Stranded Mohammedans scuffle with Greek police officers at the Greek-Macedonian border, near the village of Idomeni, Greece © Alexandros Avramidis / Reuters

Political positioning 

The French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, for example, has managed – albeit belatedly – to get an intellectual handle on what’s going on: the refugee crisis is destabilizing Europe.

Now, he does not mean what you and I mean by Europe: our countries, nations, languages and histories. He’s a Bilderberger so he has at least a mid-level understanding of the actual plan and doesn’t care about any of the things the people who vote for him care about. He means the Union of European Soviet Socialist Republics; the Brussels oligarchy in other words.

The Guardian writes: ‘He said a message to refugees that said “Come, you will be welcome” provoked major shifts in population.’

His grasp of the obvious now it is too late to do anything about it is impressive.

The Dutch prime minister, Mark Rutte, said Europe was close to breaking point: “We need to get a grip on this issue in the next six to eight weeks.” But, he went on: “No one wants to kill Schengen, but if it is only a fair-weather system then it cannot survive.”

Geert Wilders is described by the liberal press as a ‘far-right’ Dutch politician. This means he has stayed roughly where our grandparents were while everyone else was processed by Cultural Marxism. Wilders has called for the invading, marauding males to be locked up in asylum centers and for the safety of Dutch women and girls to be put first. What a novel idea.

This isn’t ‘far-right’. It is just right. But, we already know, it will never happen.

RT interviewed Hansjoerg Mueller of the Alternative for Germany party. Mueller said: ‘Germany now is somewhere at the edge of anarchy and sliding towards civil war, or to become a “banana republic without any government.”

He went on: ‘Bavaria is the first region because we are affected the most – we are living on the border to Austria where the influx of refugees stems from. But the second regions of Germany where this happens are Saxony and Thuringia. First of all, they have also borders to the Czech Republic, that’s the first reason. And the second reason is that in former Eastern Germany people are still aware of what it is living in a dictatorship. They are feeling quite well that our so-called democracy is sliding more and more towards a totalitarian state.’’

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Migrants wait on the bridge at the Austrian-German border between Braunau and Simbach at lake Inn near Passau, Germany, October 27, 2015. © Michaela RehleMigrant crisis pushing Germany towards ‘anarchy and civil war’
Interesting and objectively correct words. But then Mueller does not hold any real power.

Donald Tusk, on the other hand – as chief apparatchik in the European Soviet machine – does have power. He now warns that we have only two months to get things under control. This means, of course, when after two months the invasion is only worse, we will be expected to accept the situation as fait accompli.

Tusk also has a holy reverence for the nonsense known as the Schengen Agreement and warned that if Europe fails to make the strategy work “we will face grave consequences such as the collapse of Schengen,” the 26-nation passport-free travel zone.

How complicated is it?

There is nothing holy about the Schengen Agreement – the UK is not party to it, for example. But European leaders talk about it as though it were somehow problematic to revoke it.

It’s not.

The Schengen is an idea. The invasion of Europe and the destruction of the ancient cultures within it, however, is very real.

If these were not ‘refugees’ but infantrymen (even ones without guns) arriving from – let’s say – North Korea, this problem would not have got to first base.

This is an invasion. But because it is dressed up in the garb Europeans fall for every time – the language of compassion – we are now in a state where European women cannot walk unmolested in their own streets or use public pools without being subjected to degradation.

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Syrian refugees © Yannis BehrakisRefugee influx ‘organized invasion’ of young men, who ‘should fight ISIS’ – Czech president
Given the political will, this problem can be fixed in a five-minute conversation. It’s a group Skype call at best. The fact that this doesn’t happen belies the reality: the fix is in, and politicians like Valls and apparatchiks like Tusk are trying to distance themselves from the inevitable fallout. This is why they are saying things they think people will want to hear: not because they are going to step up and do what is necessary, but because they don’t want the coming chaos attached to their names.

The solution is obvious: stop ‘saving’ all the ships arriving in Europe; put officers with real powers on borders, and have anyone without a passport or other valid ID immediately ejected from the EU space. And border guards both at the peripheries of individual countries and the EU itself should be told in clear and uncertain terms what their job is: to protect what’s behind them from what’s in front of them.

If EU border guards’ pay was inversely indexed to the number of persons shown to have entered the EU illegally – and if internal police had equivalent motivations – this problem would be solved in a month.

If there is a genuine case for asylum – based on the existing legal framework – the place for that discussion is on the border of the EU, not within it.

Pretending to address the problem
Germany has followed Switzerland in confiscating the assets of ‘refugees’ over a certain value – shown to be four-figure sums on average. This will do nothing other than ensure that the next wave comes with nothing, or has it sent over in parcels later.

The real causes for invasion lie with neo-colonialism and the banking cartel which drives it – ‘philanthropists’ such as Soros – and NATO’s genocide against Libya and the murder of Gaddafi – who was holding back the population floodgates for us.

NATO has no compunction about killing people in very large numbers when it suits the bankers’ agenda. The fact that Europe’s military is pussy-footing around now that we actually need soldiers to do their only legitimate job – defend our borders – suddenly everyone is Albert Schweitzer. The case is so plain, even 16 year-old German girls with no previous interest in ‘politics’ are getting it.

Anyone who suggests taking effective action is labelled ‘far-right’ by the liberal media which panders to those whose intellects are bypassed by means of emotional trigger-words such as ‘compassion’.

But the motif of the ship is a fair one. When a ship goes down there are never enough lifeboats. Sailors are trained to beat off with violence those still in the sea once the lifeboat is full. If they do not – everyone dies. This is real compassion.

If there is a silver lining in this tale of corruption and perfidy it is this: the liberal’s catch-all justification for his crimes against his own people – that of pleading ‘compassion’ – is no longer beyond criticism. People have had enough. Wanting your family and your culture to survive does not make you evil.

This is not a game; it is deadly serious. And if the helm cannot be wrest from those bent on taking the ship down, it’s time for those with the wit and the means to make a quiet move for the exits.

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    And now I warn you once again.

    You must arm yourselves and do it now.

    You must understand that you have been abandoned by those agencies and persons who are charged with, appointed or elected to provide you and your families and your communities with safety and protection. I will say it again………



    The time has come to wake up, to arm yourselves and to understand that many police officers, bureaucrats and members of the judiciary are now allied with the Marxists and Muslims and pose a deadly threat to your safety.

    Now it is starting to emerge in Europe, listen to senior military commanders advising their fellow citizens to arm themselves.

    Watch the video below and understand that very soon, in order to protect your loved ones and yourselves, in order to protect your culture and your country, you may very well have to start killing those persons, those treasonous Marxists, those murderous Muslims, those murderous “migrants” and those treasonous judges, politicians and bureaucrats, all who seek to harm you.


    Organize, arm yourselves, engage in basic weapons training, locate and identify with as much particularity as possible the Marxist and the Muslim and get ready to defend yourselves.

    Now watch the video below of a family threatened with death by the Marxists and they resort to a shotgun.

    WAKE UP!!!!!

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

    1. Too bad he didn’t pull a minigun.

      Women, stay the f’ck out of the way! That sort of stupid “protective” behavior will only get your husband AND you killed.



    “A WORD TO THE WISE”……….


    I have warned you time and time and time again.

    Credible websites, bloggers, scholars, essayists, historians, patriots, citizens, academics and a wide variety of “coffee-shop revolutionaries” and “pickle barrel philosophers” have warned you time and time and time again.

    Now you see the mass rapes unfolding across Europe and you see the reaction of the verminous Mayor of Cologne Germany, Henriett Reker, blaming the helpless German women for “provoking” Muslim filth and causing their own rapes and sexual assaults. It’s utter madness.

    All across Europe, decent, educated, civilized, rational and patriotic military leaders and senior military commanders are greatly concerned with the Muslim invasion of their countries and the utter devastation that is taking place. They know that they may be unable to fully protect their fellow citizens and are advising that their fellow citizens arm themselves.

    As such, for acts of patriotism and self preservation, I strongly recommend that readers consider the immediate acquisition of firearms.

    In buying weapons buy those with common ammunition like:

    7.62 x 39 Soviet
    7.62 x 54 NATO
    .223 cal / 5.56mm NATO
    .308 Winchester /NATO
    .300 Winchester Magnum
    12 Gauge (weapon chambered in 2-3/4 ” and 3″ magnum)
    .22 cal
    9mm (handgun, preferred by law enforcement)

    Additional ammunition in the above common calibres can be purchased. Ammunition like the devastating APDS shotgun slugs (Armour Piecing Discarding Sabot) and the Kevlar, bullet-proof vest, defeating Black Talon ammunition.

    Buy ammunition in large bulk amounts, a minimum of 2000 rounds center-fire and 500 rounds shotgun per person and if you have a special calibre like the .338 Lapua, then buy reloading equipment and learn to reload. (Learning to reload is an excellent idea as ammunition may become in short supply)

    Ex-military, ex-police and experienced citizen patriots have their own weapon preferences and are most certainly well equipped and well stocked, but for the average entry-level citizen and patriot I suggest the purchase of rifles like the following:

    M1 Garand, calibre 30:06, semi auto, uses small reloading clips to feed an internal magazine. Excellent WW2 weapon, effective in the hands of an inexperienced user, absolutely deadly in the hands of a marksman. Very inexpensive. Buy 2 or 3 if available for a friend, fellow patriot and or spare parts.

    M14 Springfield, calibre .308/7.62 x 54 mm , semi auto, uses 20/30 round magazines. Excellent Vietnam era weapon, deadly, reliable, if well maintained and cared for, shoots forever. Priced at 300.00 to 1400.00. Buy 2 or 3 if available. Many countries like China manufacture these weapons now. Norinco are good, the Russian and Eastern Bloc models are good as well.

    SKS, calibre 7.62 x 39 Soviet cartridge. (do not confuse with the NATO 7.62 x 54). This is a latter WW2 and Cold War Russian weapon. Much like the AK, it is reliable, accurate and deadly if you train with it for a while. It has an internal magazine of about 8 rounds but is easily fitted with external magazines with capacities of up to 40 rounds and 200 round drum magazines. Very inexpensive, buy as many as possible. Many countries like China manufacture these weapons now. Norinco are good, the Russian and Eastern Bloc models are good as well.

    Remington Police 12 Gauge shotgun. (Mossberg combat models as a second choice) Uses 12 gauge ammunition. Buy the model with the 7/8 round magazine and the one chambered for 2 ¾ to 3 inch magnum ammunition. Buy the Police model as it has much stronger internal components. Shotguns are excellent weapons in the hands of less skilled users like women and those who may be frightened and unable to properly aim and fire. Shotguns are also virtually impossible to trace from a perspective of ballistic analysis of bullets (shot).

    Be careful of using what is known as DS ammunition, (Discarding Sabot), DS ammunition is a type of shotgun ammunition that uses a plastic stabilizer as a guide for a 500 grain shotgun slug. This guide gives the slug greater stability and accuracy as it leaves the barrel of the shotgun. The drawback is that the plastic DS guides can pick up identifying marks from the shotgun barrel. Discarding sabot ammunition technology in shotguns relates closely to heavy armoured vehicle main battle tank ammunition such as APFSDS (armour piercing fin stabilizing discarding sabot). On the bright side!!!…it is common knowledge that DS shotgun ammunition can easily penetrate a car engine block. I know, been there, done that.

    Remington Model 700, bolt action, heavy barrel. This weapon comes in a wide range of calibers. I recommend the .308 /7.62 x 54 NATO calibre as ammunition is readily available. Alternative calibre is the .300 WinMag. Avoid the “Ultra Mag”. This rifle and this action are tried and true through many conflicts as far back as Vietnam (see Carlos “Whitefeather” Hathcock)It is an excellent and very reliable weapon. Buy this weapon with “iron sights” that can be used if your scope fails.

    Handguns are a personal choice and are harder to acquire. Colt Model 1911, Glocks and Sig Sauer are excellent. Most police officers are carrying Glocks and Sig Sauer. Always stay with a common handgun calibre like 9mm. If size is an issue, many people have just sawed off the barrel of a double-barrelled shotgun. A sawed-off shotgun is illegal by the way……oh mea culpa!

    In considering the purchase of a weapon buy one that parts and ammunition are readily available for. If you have a specialized weapon make sure you have spare bolts, firing pins etc etc.

    Buy a decent spotting scope and or pair of binoculars.


    When you buy weapons keep your big mouth shut!!!!


  3. “A WORD TO THE WISE”……….


    A few pointers. (in no particular order) Most of the following is easily learned and with a little determination you can become above average. The prerequisites to acquiring and polishing these skills are love of family, love of your country, love of your culture and a desire to honour and preserve the sacred gifts given you by your ancestors.

    Lets begin!!!!

    Learn and read up on some basic battlefield tactics. Learn about covering fire. Learn about killing or wounding your enemy and the tactical difference between the two. Learn about defiles and killing fields. Learn about appearing weak when you are strong and vice versa. Learn about the demoralizing effect of a good sniper.

    Learn to use, to clean, to strip and reassemble your weapons. Learn to do this quickly and under stress and in the dark.

    If you have the extra ammunition you must start sighting in your rifles and becoming a deadly shot. Make every bullet count!!!!

    Avoid full-auto weapons. Remember, you are not John Fucking Wayne!!!!……do not waste precious ammunition, make every shot count.

    Learn basic First-Aid. Purchase a decent quality First-Aid kit with a focus on massive trauma wounds like amputations, gunshot, shrapnel, explosion and stabbings. Supplement that First-Aid kit with a large supply of chemical coagulants, powerful pain killers and wide-spectrum antibiotics. Get used to the sight of blood, bodies and the screams of the wounded and dying.

    Learn the basics of explosives. Learn to make/modify your own expedient ammunition that will defeat and pierce bullet-proof vests as well as cause sympathetic physical injuries. Modified ammunition with a focus on carbide, tungsten, mercury, cyanide and cultured fecal matter.

    Learn how to move undetected through the bush. Learn how to sit in an observation post for a few days. Learn both self-discipline, fire-discipline and the benefit of patience.

    If in an observation post never shit or piss and leave it behind, always pack it out, if you leave it behind your DNA can be traced.

    Avoid people with big mouths and big egos who need validation and approval and will brag about anything to anyone including nosy wives and girlfriends (educate on the dangers of pillow-talk )!!!

    Stay away from the assholes who want to “Kill, Kill, Kill”, or pathetic unstable assholes who wander city streets dressed in military camouflage clothing.

    Avoid weak persons with serious financial problems or a drug/alcohol/sexual perversion dependency as they are weak links who can be easily extorted or bribed. Avoid persons with a love of flashy material wealth like flashy cars, clothing or lifestyles. Avoid trendy hipster types with an addiction to cell-phones, texting, social media or fashion. Be suspicious of new persons, strangers who suddenly appear out of nowhere. Avoid persons who seek information and try to trap you into guilt trips like “ You can tell me…..I thought we were comrades” or “You can tell me, I thought we were friends”.

    Look for calm, cool, collected, soft spoken patriots who are ex military. Research them thoroughly, research them as if your life depends on it……because it does!!!!!!

    Research, exhaustively, all persons seeking entry into or association with your group. Always advise your group leader/members of any new persons you are talking to or who are trying to make contact with your group.

    All new members will be, without exception, credit/financial reported, social media researched, medical type physical performed, fingerprinted, photographed in HD, hair samples, saliva samples, blood sample, teeth examined, boot prints, examined for tattoos, scars and birthmarks, voice recorded, retina scanned and complete copies of all identification taken.

    All new members will be researched exhaustively with respect to their immediate and extended family with records made as to the identity, location and detailed personal information of each family member.

    All meetings will be scheduled for time and location and then the time and location will be randomly changed without notice and often. All persons at the meeting will be subject to full strip and cavity searches. No objections to full strip and cavity searches will be tolerated.

    No new member, ever, is ever, ever, EVER!!!!…ALLOWED TO CIRCUMVENT the vetting process based on a relation to ,or association with, an existing member. EVER.

    Learn the value of disinformation. Learn to leave distracting false clues and evidence behind at an operation/action. Items such as trash items you recovered from the garbage, hair from a barber shop, hair from a stray dog, cigarette butts from a public ashtray, discarded receipts from an ATM or in a garbage can, items of clothing with company logos you bought at a thrift store, covers worn over your boots, false removable bumper stickers, false licence plates, false dealer stickers and so on..

    HEED THIS!!! Avoid making friends on the Internet. If you have to ask why this can be a problem, then you are an idiot and headed for prison.

    Learn security of operational/action information and learn the value of distributing that information on a “need to know basis” only.

    Learn the ways to trap informers. Test persons with false “big shipments” that are coming in or show them wooden cases with military markings on the sides, small bags of fertilizer or packages of white or beige putty wrapped in shrink-wrap and tell the person where the items are stored. Then wait for “company” to arrive and you have found your leak. A perfect example can be found in a conversation I had with a reporter close to the White House who said that multiple copies of an internal memorandum will be released with spelling or punctuation mistakes purposely made unique to each copy circulated. Once the document was “leaked” one only had to trace it back to the original owner with its correlating unique spelling/punctuation mistakes to locate the leak. Once the leak was identified, the leak was then eliminated.

    Understand that all informers and traitors must be removed from your midst in a manner that speaks of an unmistakeable sense of permanence and finality. Do not ever be sentimental or squeamish about this. Give no advance warning, once the leak has been identified and properly vetted it becomes just a simple case of “here today, gone tomorrow”.

    Become “self aware” or “situationally aware”. This means learn to become aware, at all times, of what and who is around you. Learn to recognize patterns, sounds and unusual events or persons. Sit quietly in a restaurant or other public place, scan the area, and then mentally file all the unique identifiers of those persons and objects around you. This way, being followed, being ambushed, will be much harder, this way looking for what may seem ordinary but is deadly or potentially deadly, becomes second nature.

    Do a few push-ups and lose a few pounds. Learn the basics of self defence. Learn basic anatomy and the location of the carotid and femoral artery and the jugular vein. Carry a weapon of some type, at all times, and know how to and be prepared to use that weapon efficiently. Learn the value and benefits of basic daily meditation. Lay off the booze or drugs, they make you weak and a liability. Be in a good mood. Get lots of sleep and eat well. Take long walks in the evening or as the sun rises. Learn the value of self sufficiency. Learn the value and joy of solitude and self reliance. Be glad that you are actually making history not just reading about it!!!!

    Use commonsense !!!!!

    If you are ever involved in an action/operation that attracts a lot of attention you must get rid of all material related to that action/operation. I am quite serious about this.

    The prisons are full of idiots who retained a knife, gun, jacket or even a pair of running shoes that were unique and had unique identifiers that could be linked to a crime or incident. Imagine sitting in a prison for 35 years because of a gun you kept that had a sentimental value, or a watch you kept that you stupidly failed to take off your wrist prior to the operation and was it picked up on a video camera.

    All operational equipment to be destroyed must be permanently destroyed. Metal with a welding torch. Clothing, plastic and paper with burning and then saturating with bleach, acid or scattered in segments.


    Become ridiculously attentive to detail. Such as understanding that empty shell casings carry identifiers like unique microscopic marks on the primer from a firing pin, or on the rim of the casing from an extractor. Or fingerprints from an idiot who failed to wear thin gloves while loading magazines. Or fingerprints on weapons that get dropped or left behind during an intense action/operation. Become attentive to always leaving a clean area behind and, if possible, policing up all empty brass and casings.

    Learn the dangers of GSR (Gun Shot Residue). This is a residue of burned and unburned gun powder and chemicals that attach to an area, to a vehicle, or face, hands and clothing of a person firing a weapon. Learn how to prepare for and get rid of GSR.

    A hint; in facing Marxist crowds or on special operations/actions shotguns are great tools as they rarely have marks (aside from primer/firing pin or extractor) that can be traced through ballistic analysis relating to the lands and grooves in a rifled barrel. Just be very careful to clean all shotgun ammunition of prints and writing relating to lot numbers or manufacture dates. Note that firing pins and extractors can be altered with a file or emery cloth to a slight degree that will remove all outstanding unique identifiers.

    Storage of all weapons and operational supplies should be in an area that you can get to without being identified. Unless you have weapons legally with permits or otherwise, do not store your weapons and ammunition in your home, business, vacation home or storage facility. These are easily traced and targeted by police. Instead store them in an area you can get to quickly that will be secure and remain undisturbed for years. Learn how to prepare weapons and ammunition for long term storage using waterproof containers with bags of rice or desiccant to prevent rust and corrosion caused by moisture.

    END PART TWO…………

    1. “A WORD TO THE WISE”……….

      PART THREE………


      Do not be concerned if you don’t have weapons laying around. Ask yourself “where could I get a gun in a moments notice”?

      The answer can be found on many blogs ; law enforcement and the military.

      Police officers are walking armouries.

      Both they and their vehicles carry handguns, shotguns, long-range rifles, semi and full-auto carbines and a good supply of ammunition. This is in addition to their walkie-talkies tuned to their commonly used frequencies as well as tear-gas, gas masks, riot gear, tazers and bullet proof vests. Like I said, police, police vehicles and police stations are living, breathing armouries.

      Soldiers and military bases are by their very nature, well supplied armouries.

      With the exception of highly trained special forces/elite unit members like the SAS, SEALS, JTF2 or Foreign Legion types, most soldiers are simply not prepared for nor are they expecting to be ambushed in their own countries. In the case of the military they carry an excellent, well maintained supply of light to heavy weaponry as well as light munitions like grenades, light anti-tank weapons and small anti-personnel mines. In addition, just one of their armoured vehicles may carry several automatic “area” weapons and at least 5,000 to 10,000 rounds of belted ammunition in forms that include armour piercing and trace.

      Learn to recognize the colour codes on the tips of ammunition. Red is usually trace and black is usually armour piercing. In addition there may be portable radios and documentation in the vehicles that could include encryption codes and keys to encrypted frequencies. If you are ever given this opportunity always look inside the vehicles for the weapons maintenance kits that contain spare parts, spare firing pins and unique tools and calibration devices such as “head spacing and timing gauges” which are crucial to efficient operation of the weapon. They are usually in a rolled up canvas case or close to the weapon itself.

      In reality there is no need to purchase a weapon, just wait until you need a good well maintained, sighted in, fully loaded weapon and a ready supply of ammunition and you know exactly where to go.

      Don’t waste your time with ridiculous permitting systems, they are only an aid to government when they decide that your ability to defend yourself, your loved ones, your culture or your country has become an inconvenient truth. Evidence of the treason of government and their criminal use of “gun registry data” can be found in the outrageous actions of the treacherous Royal Canadian Mounted Police as they used gun registry data that they were ordered by the federal government to destroy. The RCMP used this data to illegally locate, ransack and loot the homes of over 4000 gun owners homes in High River, Alberta, Canada during a flood in 2013. The RCMP walked away scot-free for their crimes in High River. The RCMP are still to be held to account for their criminality.

      Start to develop good habits prior to, in preparation for and during all operations/actions!!!!

      Never travel with a cell-phone on or with the battery in it. Never use credit/debit or shopper loyalty cards. Get off all social media. Never use your home or personal computer to research items or locations relating to operations/actions. Start using email accounts for no more than 14 days. Learn to use basic encryption programs. Lock down your cell-phone and computer with passwords. Start wearing hats and sun glasses. Learn to purposely walk with a false limp or speak with an phony accent while on operation/action. Remove all unique identifiers from your vehicle such as nicks, dents, rust, fancy tire rims, dealer stickers and bumper stickers. Remove a unique identifiers from your person such as brand name footwear, clothing or jewellery. Wear fake tattoos while on operation/action. Watch for video cameras, they are everywhere and YOU ARE BEING RECORDED!!!!


      Make sure all your operational equipment is in good repair. Use your head!!! Gas tanks full, batteries fresh, cash instead of credit cards, equipment clean and functional, spare tires full complete with tire jacks and wrenches, spare contact lenses, take a lunch or eat before the OP, ID left at home, purchase required equipment weeks or months ahead, spare medication you may need. Etc etc.

      Prepare to be arrested. If you are arrested KEEP YOUR BIG MOUTH SHUT!!!

      If you are ever arrested never, ever speak to the police, ever. Speak to cellmates on a limited basis, tell them what you are arrested for and nothing else. Ask to speak to a lawyer and keep repeating that request. Beware of “new cellmates” who are overly chatty or inquisitive. Regardless of what the police say they have as evidence, what they show you on paper or video, or what they say someone else said about you, DO NOT BE GOADED!!!!…….SHUT YOUR BIG FAT MOUTH!!!!!!!!

      Then, do it now, start recording the detailed location, place of employment and residence of all Muslims, mosques, Muslim businesses, Marxists and Muslim sympathizers (in any form including judiciary) in your area. I guarantee you will need this information in the coming weeks and months. The reason I say begin the immediate identification of the traitors amongst you is that when massive confrontation with government and the Muslim begins for their treason and crimes they will disappear and disavow any statements made previously or any previous support of each other.

      As an example, when you encounter a hijabed/niqabed Muslim woman or a bearded/non bearded Muslim male, videotape them or photograph them. Then take their vehicle licence plate number with make, model of the vehicle they are driving. Note all persons they were speaking to. Note the business or office they were in. Follow them home from a distance and record their residential address. If you are an employee in a bank or any other business, look to their passports or birth certificates for places of birth in a Muslim country, then record their drivers licences, credit card numbers or any other personal information. If you are in government do the same. Compile all that information in a folder for each person. Wait for a request for that information. The request will be coming soon.

      Start photographing all police and law enforcement officials in your area, you will need this information in the future. You may want to walk into a police station with a video camera on and record faces. The reasons are simple. Many of these police officers will be used in actions such as fifth columnists and infiltrators into your protests and groups. You need to be able to track and identify them as they are a deadly threat to you and your loved ones. If you don’t believe what I am saying about police look at the violent ravaging and harassment of patriots like Tommy Robinson and his family and many other decent law abiding men and women across Europe and the UK have been subjected to and all at the hands of the police.


      (Of interest to some, I have worked for some years now, on Project Identify. We now have detailed information on the identity, personal information, residential, professional and business location of over 16,900 Muslims, Muslim leaders, Mosques, treasonous police officers, treasonous judges, treasonous lawyers, treasonous politicians, bureaucrats, academics and media luminaries. This information is now in the hands of over a dozen persons and the volume of the information grows daily)

      I have warned you that your leaders, your bureaucrats, your law enforcement officials, your judges, your academics and your Marxist Mass Media are all, virtually all, guilty of treason and sedition.

      I will say what I have said for several years……..

      WAKE UP NOW!!!!









      Defend your culture.

      Defend your country.

      Defend your family, loved ones and countrymen.

      Rid your nations of Marxism, of every single Muslim and every last vestige of Islam, to do anything less is suicide.

      Islam started this war, we will finish it, once and for all.

      Food for thought, catalyst for action.

      Don Laird
      Alberta, Canada

      1. One last thought………

        Listen to this…..its magnificent……..

        Don Laird
        Alberta, Canada

  4. I dont know about all this Don, but I prefer the Gilligan Island music.

    Come to think of it, the approach is good as well; just find an island and a few actresses or wanna bees and get shipwrecked. It’s a lot easier, a lot more fun, not as stressful, and the chances of survival are higher.

    You get to keep most of your sanity as well.

    1. @The Professor,

      Ginger is a Hollywood Elite Self Loathing Marxist White Guilt Junkie who works tirelessly for the introduction of 14.5 million Muslims to the Island Paradise owing to its current state of intolerance and racism. Ginger defines herself as “gang rape curious” and purposely frequents the shadier parts of the Island.

      Skipper is a fat, lazy, historically incoherent slob whose time is almost up and could care less what happens to the Island Paradise just as long as he get a few more shots of Ginger’s crack while she’s collecting coconuts.

      The Millionaire is a globalist who needs cultural diversity to boost his profit margins and pay for his Viagra, Lovey’s face-lifts and her Boxtox addiction.

      The Professor is a typical Leftist Academic who, owing to his love of pedophilia, welcomes Islamic cultural diversity and can hardly wait to try his hand at Bacha Bazi.

      In other words….your Island Paradise, a reflection of our decadent West, is about to be overrun.

      There are a few other things I could do with this, but I am a little tired……

      Don Laird
      Alberta, Canada

      1. Ok Don,

        I’m going to have to watch “Gilligan’s Island” with a new angle on things.

  5. Amazing, Don, just amazing. I’m worn out just from reading your comments. Good information, however.

    I might add, start training in martial arts, preferably a style that also teaches ancient weapons … six foot staff, four foot staff, tonfa, nunchaku, sai, three sectioned staff, chain, sword, knife, spear, kama, etc. I say this not so much to think that you would carry such a weapon with you necessarily, but that training in same also trains you to utilize whatever is at hand, you learn the physics of handling objects. It’s why the Chinese say that everything is kung fu.

    Also, martial arts will make one a much better gun fighter.

    Start today, now.

    1. HUMAN GARBAGE………..

      The cradle of civilization now plumbs the depths of the latrine known as the African continent for “new citizens”.

      Meet the newest citizen, a real peach.

      No skills.

      No education.

      Low level of intelligence.

      A cave dwellers culture, barbaric and savage.

      A womb in overdrive with a vagina the size of the Holland Tunnel to drop another batch of third world parasitic spawn after she is enthusiastically mounted by every African within 50 miles of her “new home”.

      Never seen toilets, ovens or refrigerators before.

      Quickly well schooled in her ability to demand anything and get anything from the Marxist White Guilt Junkies simply by screaming “racism”.

      A globalist elites’ dream as the “new workers of the global village” (read: slave)

      Will make no contribution to the local community or the country save that of using herself and her spawn to drain State welfare coffers all at the expense of the filthy oppressive White Man.

      Given palatial lodging that will resemble her former mud hut in a matter of weeks with toilets plugged, drains plugged, rotting meat hanging from ceilings and balconies, walls destroyed with scrawl and holes, garbage piling up, all while her spawn run screaming and yelling up and down once quiet hallways with the older spawn dealing drugs and gang raping the filthy, oppressive White teenage school girls who must be raped beaten and sodomized to teach them their place in the “New Africa”

      Absolutely sickening!!!!

      Don Laird
      Alberta, Canada

        1. I have far too much time on my hands………reworked it a little.

          I’ll repost it above.



          The cradle of civilization now plumbs the depths of the latrine cultural diversity known as the African continent for “new citizens”.

          Meet the newest citizen, a real peach, meet the African Queen, one of millions coming to Europe.

          Lets review this African royalty’s qualifications for life and participation in a civilized western democracy.

          No skills.

          No education.

          Low level of intelligence.

          Barbaric and savage, loves the culture of the “cave dweller”. Her mud hut was featured in MHM (Mud Huts Monthly) for her cutting edge design in dung-fire cooking technology.

          A womb in overdrive with a vagina the size of the Holland Tunnel to drop another batch of third world parasitic spawn after she is enthusiastically mounted by every African within 50 miles of her “new home”.

          Pleased but troubled with her new palace as much of the palace seems to be the work of evil under-world dwellers and their black magic. Doesn’t worry, has her village witch-doctor on speed-dial for just these occasions.

          Never seen toilets before. Now she’s an African Queen and lives in a magic palace with a magic water well in her palace (toilet) and thousands of really really stupid White servants at her beck and call. Craps on balcony.

          Never seen refrigerators before. Immediately calls home and speaks to Mugwaa-Booty-Bling, her village witch-doctor, and tells him about her new kingdom and her palace with a magic “cold box”. Mugwaa-Booty-Bling is immediately concerned warns African Queen that the “cold box” is the work of the evil Papa Legba, tells her to kill 10 chickens and paint the “palace” walls with the chicken blood to ward off evil. Tells her his fee is 25 coconuts and the matrimonial hand of the cute retarded goat the African Queen left behind in her village.

          Never seen an oven before. In panic African Queen dials Mugwaa-Booty-Bling again, tells the witch-doctor about the magic “hot-box” in her new palace. Mugwaa-Booty-Bling says, OMG, OMG,OMG!!!!! See, I told you!!!! It’s a portal to Hell!!!, tells her Papa Legba is working overtime and to increase her chicken sacrifice to 20 chickens and throw in an elephant for good measure. African Queen calls stupid White People and orders more chickens and an elephant. Stupid White People say “right away”!!!!

          Thinks palace heat thermostat is more black magic. Calls Mugwaa-Booty-Bling but he’s unavailable due to wedding nuptials with retarded goat. African Queen breaks down Ikea furniture and builds cooking fire in living-room instead. Thinks fire engines and ambulances are pretty.

          Stupid White People stop by African Queen’s new palace weekly for several hours of grovelling and ass-kissing. African Queen is very happy as her ass has never been so incredibly clean.

          White People leave African Queen with handsomely embossed set of flash-cards to be used in her travels through her new kingdom. White People tell African Queen Magic Cards will open many doors and get loads and loads of free treasures and wonderments, all African Queen must do is scream at the top of her lungs the words written on the Magic Cards……the words are “racism”, “Islamophobia”, “intolerance”, “xenophobe” “right-wing hater”, “hate-crime”, “honkey oppressor”, “white privilege demon”

          The African Queen’s dream is our nightmare.

          African Queen unaware she is globalist elites’ dream as the “new workers of the global village” (read: slave)

          Will make no contribution to the local community or the country save that of using herself and her spawn to drain State welfare coffers all at the expense of the filthy oppressive White Man.

          Given palatial lodging that will resemble her former mud hut in a matter of weeks with toilets plugged, drains plugged, rotting meat hanging from ceilings and balconies, walls destroyed with scrawl and holes, garbage piling up, all while her spawn run screaming and yelling up and down once quiet hallways with the older spawn dealing drugs and gang raping the filthy, oppressive White teenage school girls who must be raped beaten and sodomized to teach them their place in the “New Africa”

          Here…….watch this…….its the witch-doctor, Mugwaa-Booty-Bling, he’s making a long distance call to Sweden to confirm his reservation at the Hyatt Regency………line is busy due to high volume of calls from millions of other “qualified” African Queens and their witch-doctors.

          Don Laird
          Alberta, Canada

  6. At this point, I have to agree with Don Laird. Besides your firearms, get some training with swords, pikes, daggers etc.
    and a set of chain mail armor will be of great benefit. Or get a 12 gauge and a high power hand gun.

  7. Avoid people with big mouths and big egos who need validation and approval and will brag about anything to anyone including nosy wives and girlfriends (educate on the dangers of pillow-talk )!!!

    Stay away from the assholes who want to “Kill, Kill, Kill”, or pathetic unstable assholes who wander city streets dressed in military camouflage clothing.
    Avoid people with big mouths and big egos who need validation and approval and will brag about anything to anyone including nosy wives and girlfriends (educate on the dangers of pillow-talk )!!!

    Stay away from the assholes who want to “Kill, Kill, Kill”, or pathetic unstable assholes who wander city streets dressed in military camouflage clothing.

  8. Don, Don’t you constantly incite people to kill their local politicians, police, etc. > But you have never done it? Pussy much?

  9. Or, if you have committed an act that that got you tossed from the Canadian Army. Oh, sorry. you already did that. 🙂 You like to sound like a bad ass. You just a loser. Anything about your credit card fraud? 🙂

  10. Or if anybody wants to look back for Don’s review of his favorite Scotch whiskey. “It inflames his genitals to the point where he rapes his housemaid with his huge member,( doubt that one, mate.) and she ends up loving it. He has incited others to kill police and politicians, but he will not do it himself. cut and paste coward. Banned from Gates of Vienna. A Bully and a Blowhard.
    You can look him up. Do so.

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