Muslim Rapists Prefer Blondes

Clementine says it isn’t so, I say go ask profit Moe:

Clementine Ford’s Friday piece on Cologne’s recent cultural interactivity evening no longer appears on Fairfax’s main Lady Pages menu, possibly because of lines like these:

No evidence has emerged yet which suggests this heinous, frightening activity was coordinated solely by new arrivals in Germany. Even if it were, over one million people entered Germany last year – a portion of 1000 of them accounts for 0.1 per cent of that number.

Just 1000 or so lone wolves or bad eggs or future Facebook friends or whatever blame-diverting leftists want to call them this week. No problem there.–Tim Blair rips her a new one.


Why muslim rapists prefer blondes – a history.

The Muslim penchant to target “white” women for sexual exploitation—an epidemic currently plaguing Europe, especially Britain and Scandinavia—is as old as Islam itself, and even traces back to Muhammad.

Robert Spencer on Fox News on Philadelphia jihad shooting and Cologne Muslim sex assaults

Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer appeared on Fox’s America’s HQ with Uma Pemmaraju on January 9, 2016 to discuss the jihad shooting of a Philadelphia policeman, the mass sex assaults by Muslims in Cologne, Germany and other cities on New Year’s Eve, and the authorities’ denial of the jihad motive.

“Multicultural Europe Not Feasible”

The incidents in Cologne on New Year’s Eve have also influenced the refugee debate. Slovakian Prime Minister Fico now has declared that he will not let any more Muslims into his country. He sees the European Welcome Culture as an utter failure.

7 thoughts on “Muslim Rapists Prefer Blondes”

  1. Thanks for for demonstrating why western liberal feminist are vile Clementine Ford.

    She can courageously battle western 15 year old boys. Now show the rest of us how we can be a fearless woman, just like you. Show us how your words can be just so powerful against male gangs when you stand up to Muslim savages.

    Come on Clems, put your raised voices and courage where your mouth is. Get out of your safe, white liberal ivory tower and see how much fun you can have in Europe during the Carnivale (can anyone say round 2) season. Or how much fun the muzzies can have with you when they seek to share their culture identity with you. I am sure, just by you giving them a good telling off will shut them down.

    Just asked the arrogant Lara Logan how western expectations translated in savageland fared for her?

    Arrogant, sanctimonious cow.

  2. 1 million people?

    Discount all the woman and children from that dodgy math you fucking moron.

    Spare us your math. Because ultimately we know numbers do not really matter (see Swedish RAPE numbers and the thousand RAPEs of Rotherham’s white little girls.) to the left. Who cares, it not their family members? Ultimately in a generation or too it will be all good, because now you can go to the hookah shop down the road or get a shwarma and declare to your equally pathetic mates just how cool an diverse you are.

    Finally, whats a few naught per cent of a number of woman and girls who get to be sacrificed on the alter of leftist aspirations?

  3. All Western Governments with the exception of Iceland and a couple former East Block countries should resign.
    This is a breach that will not and can not heal. Things might halfass carry on but Justice must be served on traitors.

  4. Sheik, it’s rarely mentioned but even in the Qur’an and ahadith, THERE ARE NO DARK WOMEN IN MOE’S ISLAMIC PARADISE!




    Ultimately, even the infidel women have more rights in allah’s world than even the most devout muslimas, because it implies the most common breed of swarthy muslimas will have NONE at all!

  5. Hi Sheikh. Did you happen to see the recent online report in about an 18 year old ‘Pakistan national’ male, who has been charged with assaulting (at least) eight women, aged between 15 and 24, while they were swimming at a Gold Coast beach. This little miscreant (for want of a more robust description) is described as a ‘Geelong teenager’ and a ‘trainee mechanic’, so he is clearly an Australian resident. His defence is that it all occurred by accident, and that ‘heavy wind and surf caused him to collide with his alleged victims.’ It looks as though infidel females can’t even go for a swim in the surf in safety now.

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