‘Nothing can explain’– really?

Phillip Couillard is a treasonous politician, the Premier of Quebec in Canada and he can’t explain how the Muslims in Burkina Faso could have killed all those people.


‘Nothing can explain’: Couillard honours Quebecers killed in Jakarta, Burkina Faso

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard honoured seven Quebecers who died in international attacks this week, remembering them as generous humanitarians who loved their families.

In a speech in Quebec City on Monday, Couillard honoured Tahar Amer-Ouali, who was killed in a bombing in Jakarta on Thursday, and remembered the six other Quebecers who died in an attack in Burkina Faso on Friday night.

Couillard described Amer-Ouali, the Jakarta victim, as a dedicated hearing specialist and a family man. (CTV News)

“Amer-Ouali was the father of five and a grandfather,” the premier said in French. “He liked to travel and help those in need.”

According to his son, Amer-Ouali travelled the world to help people with hearing disabilities, splitting his time between Laval and Indonesia.

Amer-Ouali was in central Jakarta when suicide bombers and gunmen stormed a Starbucks and traffic police post in an attack that left at least seven dead.

Six more Quebec residents were killed this week when militants attacked a hotel in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, on Friday. At least 28 people from 18 different countries died in that attack.

Yves Carrier, a retired teacher, his wife Gladys Chamberland, their son Charlelie and his half-sister Maude were in Burkina Faso for a month-long humanitarian mission, along with teacher Louis Chabot and Suzanne Bernier.

In his speech on Monday, Couillard praised the six victims for their “commitment to the less fortunate, their compassion (and) their generosity.”

The group in Burkina Faso was in the country to repair a dormitory and set up a school sports field, and were helping build a congregation, Couillard said.

“It was a beautiful project.”

Speaking from Quebec City, Couillard said that, in the past, violence and terrorism have sometimes seemed far away. But, he said, the recent deaths brought the tragedy home.

“The fact of living in a society that open, democratic, has more solidary does now isolate us,” Couillard said. “(It) does not protect us.”

The premier called the deaths inexplicable and unjustifiable, and vowed that Quebec would never “bow before those terrorists,” or compromise its values.

“Nothing can explain how (the attackers could have killed) people who have such devotion to a better world,” Couillard said. “This attack against them is also an attack against all of us.”

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    This Couillard is a frightening combination of grovelling capitulation to Muslim demands and a love of the Marxist eradication of all civil rights.

    This bastard is the sponsor of Bill 59 in Quebec Canada that will criminalize all criticism of Islam and Muslims regardless of the truth of the comment.

    So, if a Muslim like slaughters his wife and daughters because of his offended “honour” as did Mohammed Shafia in Canada, and you call the barbaric savage a barbaric savage, you will be arrested , fined and possibly imprisoned.

    Think I’m kidding?……..Google “Quebec Free Speech Bill 59” and read up on what these Marxist proponents of mass murder and totalitarian madness have been up to.

    This crap is a page right out of Uncle Joe and Uncle Mao’s little Red Book’s…..

    James Matamoros
    Cordoba, Spain

    1. James Matamoros, we have visited Cordoba last year in March. What a pleasure it would have been if we could have met you there!

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