One in 10 Australians ’highly Islamophobic’ and have a fear of Muslims

Really. And what is going to be done with those who obviously know too much about Islam and reject it? Will they be taken to the gulag, into reeducation camps, to reprogram them from impure thoughts?


One in 10 Australians are “highly Islamophobic” and have a fear or dread of Muslims, a University of South Australia study has found.

Riaz Hassan said the survey was the first “pulse” taken of Australians’ perceptions.

The University’s International Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding has surveyed 1000 Australians, finding 10 per cent of people had negative or ­hostile attitudes towards Muslims, with the elderly, less educated and those with a poor attitude towards migrants more likely to hold such views.

More  Islamo prop from Riaz Hassan:

The level of worry about terrorism in Australia had a strong influence on their views, the report, provided to The Australian, said.

Riaz Hassan said the survey was the first “pulse” taken of ­Australians’ perceptions towards one of the country’s most diverse religious communities and he hoped more research would be done to gauge shifts in attitudes.

The findings indicated most Australians were not Islamophobic, with 70 per cent surveyed ­comfortable having a Muslim as a family member or close friend, ­although more felt social distance from Muslims than from other ­religious groups, Professor Hassan said. A further 20 per cent were ­undecided on the issue.

The centre’s work examines the basis of tensions between the Muslim and non-Muslim worlds and the role governments, local communities and the media play within a social and cultural rather than purely religious context.

“There are pockets of prejudice and anxiety directed towards Muslims, for example among the aged and those facing financial ­insecurity, but the great majority of Australians in all states and ­regions are comfortable to live alongside Australian Muslims,’’ the report, based on a survey taken in September, said.

About 60 per cent of the 500,000 Muslims living here came from 183 countries, making them the most ethnically and nationally heterogeneous religious communities, the report said.

By 2050, Muslims would grow from 2.2 per cent to 5 per cent of the Australian population, making Islam the second largest religion.

Professor Hassan said Australians’ tolerance towards immigrants strongly influenced their Islamophobia score while higher proportions of older Australians, aged 65 to 74, people who had not completed Year 12, and those not in the labour force showed higher rates of negative views.

The report authors said it was surprising that political affiliations had a strong correlation with ­Islamophobia.

Australians aligned with the Liberal and Nationals parties have significantly higher levels of ­Islamophobia than those aligned with the Labor Party while Greens voters tended to have the lowest Islamophobia score, the ­report said.

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  1. This Ozzie hates islam, that’s simple. Why are my taxes being wasted on this shite. Pathetic.

  2. Pfft. From what I know of Australians this does not sound like Ozzies; they are actually quite fearless.

    The more interesting aspect of this survey is to actually see the survey question. I would like to see them online.

    1. Report available as a PDF (link probably breaks comment filter)

      4.2 How Islamophobic are Australians?

      To investigate the relative prevalence of Islamophobic feelings in Australia a slightly modifid version of the
      Islamophobia scale developed by Lee et al (2013) was used. The scale consisted of the following seven items/
      A. Just to be safe, it is important to stay away from places where Muslims could be.
      B. I would feel very comfortable speaking with a Muslim.
      C. I would support any policy that would stop the building of new mosques.
      D. If I could, I would avoid contact with Muslims.
      E. I would live in a place where there are Muslims.
      F. Muslims should be allowed to work in places where many Australian gather, such as airports.
      G. If possible, I would avoid going to places where Muslims would be.
      The above Islamophobia scale was included in a telephone survey of a randomly selected sample of 1000
      Australians. The respondents were asked if they: strongly agree, agree, undecided, disagree, and strongly disagree,
      with each of the scale’s seven items. The following analysis is based on the data collected in this survey conducted
      in September–October 2015 by the Social Research Centre at the Australian National University.
      Table 1 gives an overview of the responses for each scale item

        1. The good professor is nothing but a Mohammedan da’awa gigolo. He makes a good living from it. He also declares those who reject Islam “uneducated” and praises Red-Green, because these enlightened progressives are willing to submit.

  3. If you scapegoat muslims, you are doing exactly what Islamic State wants you to do, according to our resident expert:

    The Islamic State wants you to scapegoat Muslims, warns Australian prime minister

  4. “..University’s International Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding ..”

    WTF? What sort of uni is this?

    Other Australian unis have centres for Advanced Superconductor Research,
    Centre for Advanced Materials Technology,
    Centre for Advanced Imaging,
    Centre for Advanced Nanomaterials,
    Centre for Advanced Electronics and Sensors ,
    Centre for Advanced Materials and Industrial Chemistry, Centre for Advanced Macromolecular Design,
    Centre for Advanced Microscopy
    Centre for Advanced Particle Processing and Transport
    etc etc
    yet the Uni of SA manages to come up with the absurd
    “International Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding “

    Serious questions need to be answered here
    Who created it?
    Which Saudi Prince funds it?
    Who is on the payroll?
    How much do Australian taxpayers fund it?
    What is the miserable Dr Tim Soutphommasane, the ‘race discrimination’ doing about the fact that there is no :

    ‘International Centre for Buddhist and non-Buddhist Understanding’,
    no ‘International Centre for Pagan and non-Pagan Understanding’,
    no ‘International Centre for German National Socialists and non-German National Socialists Understanding’ ,
    no ‘International Centre for Russian and non-Russian Understanding’,
    no ‘International Centre for Hindu and non-Hindu Understanding’,
    no ‘International Centre for Hindu and non-Hindu Understanding’,
    etc etc ????

    Who needs the ‘understanding’? What is there to be confused about ? Moslem is as moslem does.

    Why is it even necessary – and what other social group requires a university research centre for it to be understood??

    And what does ‘Understanding’ mean? At what level of propaganda saturation is it achieved?

    1. Sorry you beat me to this thought and you were more intensive.

      You missed out on WHY was it created? Whose idea was it?

      Tim is not getting involved because Islam or Muslims are not a race.

  5. Am I Islamophobic? Only to the point where they state they want to enforce sharia on me, and I have obtained a concealed carry permit for a very large hand gun. Other than that, no. Because Islamophobia is a fear of islam. I have no fear of islam. islam should have a fear of me.

  6. Until the international Muslim community completely and utterly rejects the concept of so-called ‘apostasy’ as a punishable crime, intelligent people will always have a legitimate concern about Islam.

  7. A twenty year old woman was thrown in front of a train to her death by a twenty-eight male in Berlin yesterday evening – from the press reports it is highly likely that the perp was a muslim – that is why people want nothing to do with muslims – their behavior!!! Very politely our dear reading muslims can uninvite themselves from this planet.

    Why are we paying for this BS institute – International Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding ..”

  8. Where is the University of South Australia’s International Centre for Buddhists and and non-Buddhists Understanding?

    1. Where is the University of South Australia’s International Centre for Mafiosi and and non-Mafiosi Understanding?

      Where is the University of South Australia’s International Centre for Tongs & Triads and and non-Tongs & Triads Understanding?

      Where is the University of South Australia’s International Centre for Klansmen and and non-Klansmen Understanding?

      Where is the University of South Australia’s International Centre for Hell’s Angels and and non-Hell’s Angels Understanding?


      The lack simply proves all Ozzies are (you guessed it!


  9. only 10% of Aussies are afraid of Muslims? That means they arnt doing their job of “thru terror I have been victorious “. Now watch them jig up the terror.


    This is the cancer that lives and breathes in our colleges and universities and has been twisting and destroying the minds of our children for 5 decades.

    Now, I ask you, obviously this woman, so filled with self-hatred, will not dispose of herself, and as such, considering the threat she poses to our children would it be a crime to assassinate her?

    Or would it be a mark of our tolerance and diversity to allow her continue her campaign of criminal lunacy?

    Make sure you click the link on the page for 10 ways to check your child’s books for “racism and sexism”

    James Matamoros
    Cordoba, Spain

  11. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist or our dumb arsed prime minister to figure this one out!

  12. How could it possibly be the “less educated” who notice islam is a dangerous crime-gang? Less official indoctrination, maybe!?

    And WHY IS IT STILL ONLY 10%?!




  13. One in ten? I would say more like nine out of ten.

    But what of Muslims. Even though they know that they are not wanted, they will force their way in. They have no shame or honour staying in a country that does not want them.

  14. Ah Yes. This is their “honor”, whereby they kill rape victims, gays, adulterers, etc. But it is always committed by a large group against an individual. This is not honor, this is cowardice. The majority of muslims are cowards who will only act in a group. islam is not a religion, it is a culture based on the group acting upon the individual who does not fit in. With murderous results. This basically goes back to stone age tribalism. muslims should be left in muslim countries, where they fit in, instead of being allowed into civilized countries, where they will never fit in until they reject their primitive beliefs.

  15. Only one in ten fear Muslims? Sounds like a bullshit survey. Either that or we need more terrorist attacks on Australian soil to wake the other 90% up who appear to be asleep at the wheel.


    There are few politicians that I admire, but among that few is Trey Gowdy.

    Please look him up on YouTube and watch him crucify treasonous and seditious bureaucrats.

    Its poetry in motion!!!!

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

  17. Like others I am astounded the result was only one in ten. You would have to be from another planet not to have a dread or fear of muslims given their daily headlines. Perhaps it was due to the ‘personal’ nature of a phone call and/or fear of being traced with politically incorrect answers.

    1. Yeah, too true:

      Each and every respondent must have been thinking:

      “Why are you calling me, where and how did you get my phone number, and since you have my name do you already know where I live!?” And therefore also: “Of course I support islam!”

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    Don Laird
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  20. What are the results i wonder of such surveys conducted in Muslim countries in regards to non Muslims?

    Got to be careful in regards to so called surveys, the results and questions can be easily skewered to suit the agenda.

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