Their children. Not our children.

These savages can do with their brood whatever they like. They are not our responsibility.

Bavaria: Using Babies as Shields, Refugee Mob Tries to Kill Aid Worker, Demands New Apartments

12 Nigerian woman attacked a worker at the refugee camp in Bavaria. They cornered him and demanded an apartment. They than put a scarf around his neck and tried to suffocate him.
He said that he didn’t fight back because they held up their babies as shields, and said they would drop them if they wouldn’t get to move into apartments.Capture

 (Pamela Geller)

‘If we want Germans to accept Arabs, Arabs must also learn to accept them’
After the shock of the New Year’s Eve assaults, and the subsequent backlash, some migrants are trying to teach refugees about the challenges of life in Germany and about mutual tolerance
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Skinny-dipping, gay relationships and parenting all form part of Magdi Gohary’s crash-course introduction to a strange new home, Learn to Understand Germany, given at a huge refugee camp on the outskirts of Munich.

Many of those who join his seminars headed to the country in search of security and gave little thought to what else awaited them there, says the 74-year-old, a retired chemist who left his native Egypt for Munich half a century ago.

“We talk about homosexuality, which a lot of my course members tend to see as criminal. I go on to explain to them that Germans don’t see it that way and that they will have to accept that if they want to live here,” he says.

They are warned that their children will have more independence if they grow up German than they might have expected in the Arab world.

“Arabs are often shocked here when they see the Bavarians go swimming naked in the River Isar. But I tell them that if they want the Germans to accept Arab women wearing headscarves then they must accept Germans sunbathing and swimming naked in public parks and rivers.”

In the wake of mass assaults on women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve – which police believe were largely carried out by men of Arab and North African backgrounds, including several asylum seekers – Germany is being pushed into a public debate about the challenges of integration.

The conversation is a delicate one. Refugees, those who work with them and the millions of Germans who support chancellor Angela Merkel’s policy of welcoming new arrivals are all very wary of giving more ammunition to far-right groups who have already made political capital from the attacks. But many are also frustrated by assumptions that it would take little more than a change of clothes and passports for new arrivals to settle in, and say the conversation is a very necessary one for Germans and refugees alike.

“Both Germans and refugees have expectations which the other side can’t really fulfill,” said Thomas Bönig, who runs intercultural city tours in Cologne. “There was a big hype two months ago, when it was seen to be cool and trendy to go to a refugee centre and donate old clothes, but this hysteria of joy is now turning into a hysteria of frustration. Just giving a refugee a donated jumper will not turn them into a German citizen. That needs time and both sides must approach each other with flexibility.”

Anas Alhamsho, a 36-year-old pharmacist from Damascus who has organised a petition condemning the attacks, readily admits that it has taken him time to adjust to his new home. “There is so much to learn about everyday life. Often it is little things such as respecting red traffic lights and not talking too loud in public. Just live by the rules like the Germans,” he says, more than a year after arriving.

Those challenges do not explain what happened in Cologne though, said Alhamsho, who has spent days travelling around refugee camps in the Ruhr valley to collect signatures for the open letter in English, Arabic and German that he hopes to deliver to Merkel this week.

“We abhor the sexual assaults and incidents of theft putatively perpetrated by migrants and refugees,” says the letter he drafted along with two other Syrians and a Pakistani. “We commit ourselves to do our part, within our means, to ensure that such crimes as were committed in Cologne will neither be repeated nor the hospitality of the Germans be abused.”

Refugees from Syria in Germany carry signs saying ‘Syrian refugees against sexual harassment’
FacebookTwitterPinterest Refugees from Syria in Germany carry signs saying ‘Syrian refugees against sexual harassment’ to distance themselves from the New Year’s Eve attacks in Cologne. Photograph: Oliver Berg/EPA

There have been other spontaneous examples of public atonement, including campaigns to hand out leaflets and white roses with notes of apology, by refugees worried that the acts of a small group of men will be twisted to smear hundreds of thousands, and harden government policy on new arrivals.

“What happened was deplorable and unacceptable,” said Ghreeb Baccko, a 29-year-old Syrian who has recently arrived in the country. “I am afraid that these assaults could affect the way German society looks at migrants, especially as they could be used as an argument by opponents of the refugee welcome policy. Every day I read news about tightening residency measures.”

Many refugees are as keen as Merkel’s most hardline allies to see harsh penalties handed down to the attackers. Punishment of the perpetrators would protect both German women and the reputation of most refugees, they argue, at a time of steadily rising tensions.

Refugees have already been attacked by newly formed vigilante groups which have sprung up in recent weeks with names like Altstadt-Spaziergang (“Stroll through the Old Town”) and Block 4.

After Die Welt published the names and phone numbers of Alhamsho and the other coordinators of the letter, they received threatening phone calls. And in Bornheim, around 30km south of Cologne, the city government has banned all male refugees from using the swimming pools after reports of “verbal molestations”.

Germans who back Merkel’s policy and refugees themselves are fighting back, from lawyers tackling the swimming pool ban to others monitoring vigilantes. But with thousands of people still registering daily for asylum in a country only starting to explore difficult questions of integration, even some of Merkel’s supporters suggest Germany may struggle to cope if it does not halt or slow the pace of new arrivals.

Mr Hilmi, a 44-year-old engineer from Morocco who did not want to give his first name, has lived in Germany for decades. He volunteers to support refugees, but says the country cannot keep welcoming them at the rate of recent months. “Merkel’s ‘Willkommenskultur’ [welcoming culture] was right up to a point, but the government has long lost control. She should adjust her course to limit the inflow of migrants,” he said.

“The atmosphere has recently turned, especially here in Cologne.”

Already, he says, some Germans seem more afraid of people they think might be foreigners, and as a result he is making “small changes” to his life. He will be skipping the city’s carnival this year, normally a favourite celebration, because of worries about exposing his two young children to violence and racism.

“I would be concerned that the situation this year might be more tense than in the past. And I don’t want any trouble with drunk people who might say something offensive when they see someone foreign-looking.”

Gohary, the Egyptian who teaches cultural classes, worries that the Germans who welcomed them so enthusiastically also paid too little heed to the challenges of adapting to a very different country, while refugees expect more than an overwhelmed German state can provide. “Unrealistic expectations must be reconciled on both sides,” he says, but he sees hope in the fact that most refugees are eager to embrace their new home, and learn about even its most unexpected features.

“After the seminars the participants always come and ask when we could hold another such course,” said Gohary. “It is one of my goals now to recruit more people who could hold similar seminars because the curiosity of all these young refugees just shows what a huge need there is for that.”

If wishes were horses…..

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14 thoughts on “Their children. Not our children.”

  1. “I am afraid that these assaults could affect the way German society looks at migrants, especially as they could be used as an argument by opponents of the refugee welcome policy. Every day I read news about tightening residency measures.”

    Oh n, we can’t have that. That would mean stemming the flow of more moslems and making the establishment of the caliphate just that much harder.

  2. “I’ll drop my baby if you don’t give me more free stuff!”
    What kind of mother would threaten to harm her child like this?
    A mother that does not care about her children, and does not belong in a civilized country. If they tried to pull this stunt in their home country, they would get nothing. They are counting on the West’s softness.

  3. And actually, they should have been arrested for threatening to harm their own children. Thrown in jail and then deported. And since we don’t want to break up families, send the kids back also. Not a single one of them will ever contribute anything. Living off of the work of others does not a contribution make. Just makes you a leech.

    1. Too bloody right, totally agree these rock apes will never integrate or achieve anything worthwhile.

  4. A TOILET……..

    Talking about, dealing with, writing about, standing next to, the Muslim is like being locked in an outhouse on a hot summer day…..

    Lets step outside the outhouse of Islam for a breath of fresh air………..

    Enjoy the video…….

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada


    This is the classic gut wrenching example of Marxist propaganda and politically correct stupidity that has us rolling headlong into the Islamic abyss.

    Phillip Couillard is a treasonous politician, the Premier of Quebec in Canada and he can’t explain how the Muslims in Burkina Faso could have killed all those people.

    Here is his quote…..its the last sentence in the link above.

    “Nothing can explain how (the attackers could have killed) people who have such devotion to a better world,” Couillard said. “This attack against them is also an attack against all of us.”

    Incredible, absolutely incredible!!!!!

    James Matamoros
    Cordoba, Spain

  6. The presstitutes’ “narrative craftings” are criminal fraud conspiracies, and treason: For instance, their preferred use of their latest neologism, “MIGRANTS” presupposes that the government has no right to establish borders to protect its own constituent Citizens. The enemedia are thus complicit in globalist treason, and the evidence exists in the form of the Directives their publishers issue to command their minions as to which words to use, and which to avoid, when describing situations as to how to lie to and deceive the Public to subvert the governments of all nations.

    “MIGRANTS” is a treasonous globalist word being pimped by the presstitutes because it ignores both origin and destination – it’s neither “immigrant” (legal or not) nor “emigrant,” but merely implies a traveler, as if everyone has a right to travel and trespass to wherever they want and whenever they want, and it would be rude and racist to even think to question them about it.

    This accords with their “open borders” (= NO COUNTRIES) globalization narrative or propaganda.

    When was the last time you picked up a newspaper and were able to simply read the “news” – information about world events, as opposed to being fed a line of collectivist victimology propaganda?!

    1. They are illegal EU entrants – just like anyone is who turns up crosses an EU border without an EU passport.

  7. PS: This “migrant” meme is the exact same treason as Obama’s “amnesty!”

    Exact same causes, (globalist treason) same effects (no country)!

    Obama’s “immigration” plans as usual ignore principle in favour of the reversed-onus of the brazen rule of criminal chaos, where all is allowed unless and until very specifically disallowed: Since nobody ever specifically said a country is only for its taxpaying Citizens and constituents, he feels perfectly free to offer it to the citizens of other countries, too.

    Liberals always ignore the obvious cultural indoctrination differences and desperately cling to their “we are all equally human!” meme – out of racism!

    The only people more concerned about “hurt feelings” and “giving offense” than the truth and honesty – are lying criminals.

    In reality, when honest people get slandered, they try to defend themselves, and eventually get angry, not “hurt!”

    Idolatrous liars pretend that fear is more painful than pain itself (or at least an equally-painful imposition on them) such that to them it’s better to ignore fear than it is to learn from mistakes to solve problems. Pretending to be victims is criminal slander.

  8. Bottom line: When you’re busy making up excuses all the time, you also aren’t trying to actually solve any real problems!

    The first step in gaining control over others, is to make them doubt their own ability to manage their own lives.

    Since criminals don’t believe in any ultimate universal objective success, they really only want to strive to make all others fail, too!

    And criminals mostly don’t want to lose, so their jealousy is focused on doing anything to stop other people – even other criminals – from ‘winning.’

    They would rather everyone lose than have someone else win where they themselves didn’t even bother to try to win.

    And, since it’s also almost impossible to make some people admit a fact if and when they think their livelihood (and lives!) depends on their not-seeing it …. well, islam is mostly made up of swarthy people. It’s also very obviously dangerous. So, to avoid angering it, they can most easily simply dismiss those who want help to oppose it too as “racists!”

  9. This treason is exactly what California Gov Brown is doing!

    Illegal Immigrants are now Electing Your Rulers!

    Illegal immigrants (criminal TRESPASSERS) are NOT REFUGEES, but remain citizens of foreign governments and nations. They can go home any time and even vote in absentia!

    This “amnesty” nonsense only dilutes and invalidates the real citizen constituents’ votes!

    This is, of course, no more or less than allowing citizens of other countries to out-vote his own citizens!

    This is NOT defending their Democracy’s integrity – it’s a betrayal of his entire State!

    Illegal immigrants – immigrants of convenience – are not refugees, NOT perpetual VICTIMS, no matter how much the corrupt and criminal leftist worldview prefers to pretend everyone is! Nobody forced them to come!

    He is deliberately diluting, voiding, disenfranchising and disempowering his own people in favor of foreign invaders and criminal trespassers!

    And so is Obama!

    This ‘amnesty’ nonsense is at the very least an act of gross and willful criminal negligence and a total abdication of their responsibilities to their oaths of office to defend their own constituents – and so it’s also a total abdication of their rights to govern and hold office!

    Obama is deliberately literally paying armies of people to destabilize and destroy the sovereign nation-state of Syria, and then bringing the displaced families of the people he has used to ruin it here as if they were helpless victims of the Syrian government!

    His actions are on par with those of any common criminal who burns down his neighbor’s house while claiming he did it to give their children a better home in his, while simultaneously forcing his own children to give away all their own possessions to his other victims – thus destroying both houses at once!

    But an even more accurate analogy is – since the government isn’t the head of the family, but a public servant more like a butler one hires to maintain one’s property – where one finds said butler has turned around and sold one’s house, unasked, to his own friends, thus putting the owners and their children out on the cold streets!


  10. PPS: Other traitor-words they have left evidence to their deliberate conspiracy to use are “EXTREMISM” (and

    ‘extremist’ – as if extremely loving Christians can be conflated with extremely hateful muslims) and

    “RADICAL” islam (as if the word ‘radical’ didn’t mean “going to the heart of”) and as if there were

    any other kind; also “Moderate” (muslims, islam) as if such ever even existed in the world!

    I know there are clearly worded Directives from publishers ordering their employees to use these and to NOT use “muslim” and “islamic” in reference to “terrorism!”


  11. Oh Don. Besides your hilarious review of your favorite Scotch Whiskey, where your comments referred to your inflamed genitals, and raping your little French maid, You instigate others to confront and kill politicians, judges, and police. If that is such a great idea, why have you not done it yet?

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