Baby Jihad Meets Western Naiveté and Dogooderism

This is a picture of  a human sacrifice. Cynically staged to rally the bleeding hearts. And they will use this image till the cows come home to tear down any sensible resistance to the Mohammedan invasion.  It was exploited by the present PM of Canada (and not only by him) to great effect.

The father of this boy is a people smuggler. He organised the boat and sent his child out into the night. All because he wanted a new set of teeth from the hated kafirs.


Aylan Kurdi’s father on trial for role in son’s death

Ezra Levant of reports that Abdullah Kurdi, whose son’s drowning death launched the international campaign to help Syrian refugees, is now on trial in absentia for his role in his family’s death. MORE on a story you won’t see on CBC:

And now, the case of Australia’s “Baby Asha”


Media reports suggested the mother may have deliberately injured her child to get to Australia.

Baby Asha discharged from hospital into community detentionThe Guardian –

Baby Asha: History will judge youBrisbane Times

Australia Will Deport Asylum Seeker ‘Baby Asha’ to Nauru When She Fully Recovers


Muselmaniacs will do anything, ANYTHING to settle behind enemy lines, that is their sacred purpose in life. They kill and die for it. And what are you prepared to do for what you believe?

A message from the Australian Liberty Alliance:

While the nation stops to follow the latest from baby Aisha and her activist-doctors, we wish to remind friends that the same doctors are releasing Australian children into the care of squalid condition and abusive parents every day. The protest of the GetUp! crowd about this sorry tale is a deafening silence.

Minister Dutton (LNP) has now made special arrangements to release Aisha and her mother into “community detention”. Whether the asylum seekers will be returned to offshore detention, as the Minister vows, is yet to be seen. Once in the ‘care’ of an activist group, this is not likely to be resolved in the interest of the wider Australian community. 

The signal the Turnbull government has sent to the world this morning is clear: “Injure your child and fly to Australia. Some activists will take care of the rest.”

Stopping the boats was the right and necessary decision. However, it means little when the LNP opens our front door wide for ever more airplanes, while removing the padlock from the back door.

ALA position is to support real refugees closer to their homeland. A more sustainable approach to immigration and refugee intake is one of our core policies. Read more here:…/values-and-core-p……/peter-dutton-vows-baby-asha-will-be…

Peter Dutton vows Baby Asha will be returned to Nauru
Asylum seeker baby Asha and her family will be returned to Nauru once medical and legal processes are complete, the Turnbull government has vowed.

real good dealo

3 thoughts on “Baby Jihad Meets Western Naiveté and Dogooderism”

  1. Interestingly, our mainstream media doesn’t seem to be getting particularly worked up about the fate of the many, many, many non-Mohammedan children, especially girl-children, who are being horribly victimised by Muslims, *everywhere*. Where are the heart-rending interviews with displaced Iraqi and Syrian **Christian** families who don’t even dare enter a UN-run ‘refugee camp’ because the Muslims dominate, hog the resources, and bully, threaten and attack non-Muslim refugees? *They* – the Assyrian Christians, Orthodox, Nestorian and Catholic, the last remnant – along with the few Yazidis – of the pre-Islamic people and culture of Mesopotamia and Assyria – are being subjected to wholesale genocide, exactly like the genocide of the Armenian Christians 1915-1916… yet the moment one suggests that *they* – a group of people culturally compatible with our own society – indeed, the book of Acts states that the followers of Jesus were first called ‘Christians’ in Antioch – and capable of being integrated via the churches – should be given priority in our humanitarian/ refugee intake, people *screech* that it would be ‘discriminatory’. Where are the pictures on our TV screens of *Assyrian Christian* mothers holding their babies and telling their stories of escape from Islamic State… or of the abuse perpetrated not just by Islamic State jihadis but by mohammed’s willing executioners, a very high proportion of the bog-standard Muslims among which said Christians previously lived a precarious existence?

    1. Well Christ did prophesy the persecution those who followed him. If you read the NT carefully with Islam in mind you will find many warnings about Islam and it’s prophet.
      The hypocrisies of fasting and worship fit Islam to the “T”. The “bad tree that bears bad fruit” another indication of Islam’s brute force causing death, destruction, mayhem and chaos in the name of a superior religion all over the world.
      Paul’s warning of not being fooled by any other gospel even it were delivered by an angel, is ironically how Mohammed’s Koran exactly was.

      It is unfortunate that the left – the instrument of Islam’s promotion to glory on the world stage, is devoid of any intellect or integrity.

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