Ignore the worldwide terror and the carnage; “Islamophobia” is the real problem….

ABBASI: Attempts by Hillel to combat Islamophobia is self-serving

By Sabah Abbasi

… In light of the current political climate, Islamophobia is becoming a popular issue to address, and with good reason. According to the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, hate crimes against Muslims tripled in just one month in the wake of last year’s Paris attacks. Anti-Muslim sentiments have not been as strong as they are now since they were post-9/11. …

More on allah’s successes in casting terror into the hearts of unbelievers (and its followers then obsessing over the resultant fear) at The Daily Targum thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Webinar: Campus Responses to Islamophobia

Its not the constant mass-murders, the rapes and the venomous hate preachers in the mosques, its  only the resulting resentment that causes the greatest problem of all: “Islamophobia”

Diversity Center

Stories of anti-Muslim bigotry seem to be everywhere. The New York Times recently reported that crimes against Muslim Americans have risen sharply since the terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino. This climate of fear and intolerance is especially acute on college and university campuses, where Muslim students are increasingly shouldering the burdens of Islamophobia, even including outright threats to their safety.

This webinar will discuss practical ways that campuses can take action against anti-Muslim bigotry. Participants will learn how different campuses have effectively responded to incidents of Islamophobia and religious hate and how to proactively build inclusive environments. While this session looks at campus hate incidents primarily through the lens of a recent surge in Islamophobia, the takeaways are applicable to broader concerns of religious intolerance that affect students of various identities.

Conservative Fear-mongering Hurts Muslim Assimilation

There is no fun in Islam, so the  PuffHo Muselprop has to make up for it:

But perhaps the greatest example of the fear mentality right now can be seen in the Islamophobia that has taken root in recent years. …More on allah’s success in casting terror into the hearts of ‘unbelievers’ in its evil religion at Huff Post

Islamic scholar calls to dispel misconception about Islam

Islam is the most misunderstood religion the world has ever known.

No other ideology can compete with Islam as it is based on God-given moral and ethical values and it guides mankind, he said. “The best in you are who learn Quran and teach it,” the Quran says. …More rejection of reality at Nyoooz

Muslim cleric says those who hurt religious values should get death penalty
This is coming to the U.S. We all already know that there are certain lines we must not cross for fear of offending Muslims: drawing Muhammad, etc etc….|BY ROBERT SPENCER
Legal immigration is allowing nonwhite Muslims from the Middle East to rapidly outbreed Australians in Sydney, a new fertility map survey of the most populous…