Its not all about Islam, its about cultural Marxism!

Because communism is back with a vengeance. While the “right wingers” have been asleep at the wheel,  ridiculed and vilified by the left, Stalinists have taken control of education, the media and large parts of politics.

David Frangiosa (‪#‎Conservative‬ ‪#‎Blogger‬)


Cultural Marxism is a branch of western Marxism, different from the Marxism-Leninism of the old Soviet Union. It is commonly known as “multiculturalism” or, less formally, Political Correctness.
“Communism is destroying Australia”

‪#‎Australia‬ has no option but to seriously confront the fact that it now needs to immediately address its ‪#‎communism‬ problem. It is no longer a minority of ideological fringe dwellers aimlessly pottering around campus’s. Even our very own national media broadcaster the ‪#‎ABC‬ network, is now an open and full blown advocate promoting a strict communist and ‪#‎socialist‬agenda. Australians can no longer refer to the euphemism “Look at what we are becoming”. It now needs to be replaced with, “Look at what we’ve become”. The Australian public has been blind sided by communism. What is now casually referred to as “political correctness”, is in fact traditional communist censorship. And young Australian adults and the commercial media have become our self appointed regulators. Dictating to us all, what is acceptable or unacceptable to think or say. Just as frighteningly, as events unfold in real time over social media in places like the middle east, our home grown communists liaise with others around the world to quickly bombard us with dis-information. And if we disagree. Guess what. We are ‪#‎racists‬, we are ignorant, we are elitists, archaic minds soon to be relegated to the annals of ‪#‎history‬. We are “politically incorrect”.

“Young Australian adults embarassingly clueless”

‪#‎Australia‬ needs to stop apologising for and amending its own culture to accommodate others. Particularly for ‪#‎islamic‬ and ‪#‎African‬ ‪#‎cultures‬. A new generation of naive young Australian adults have a serious identity crisis. They enjoy all of the spoils and freedoms that come with ‪#‎democracy‬ in a nation built on the foundations of ‪#‎Christian‬‪#‎Judeo‬ values, yet they spew ‪#‎socialist‬ hatred and propaganda. It is no longer a rebellious teenage ‪#‎ideological‬ phase, but a destructive mentality they now carry into adulthood. It is a catastrophic mind set for this generation who believe “western culture is the great ‪#‎satan‬”. They have not received adequate enough education in schools to understand even the fundamentals of ‪#‎geopolitics‬. They understand nothing of middle eastern tribal factions and african genocides which have been at play for thousands of years. They naively and embarrassingly believe that they can be the generation to solve all of the worlds problems with their recycled hippie rhetoric. They also ignorantly imagine that their charm is enough, when dealing with refugees who have only known bloodshed and war for thousands of years. Their own savage cultures are as progressively refined in their art of war and killing, as our own are with ‪#‎science‬, and ‪#‎medicine‬.

David Frangiosa (‪#‎Conservative‬ ‪#‎Blogger‬)

Liberalism is a virus which is designed to weaken and destroy European traditional values and culture by undermining our ancestors achievements and to try to make our people feel guilty of our own proud heritage. Australia needs to promote it’s European heritage and roots because it’s the people of European and particularly British descent who built and developed this great country.


“The Australian government needs to release Muslim-Australian crime statistics”

The ‪#‎Australian‬ ‪#‎government‬ need to release ‪#‎crime‬ figures and statistics linked to ‪#‎muslim‬-Australian offenders. We need transparency and to demonstrate to the Australian public, the disproportionate volume of criminal activity that exists in the muslim-Australian demographic compared with other cultures. I imagine these concerns are never raised publicly, as it would conflict with the government spin currently promoting Australia as a peaceful and harmonious multi-cultural society. This is definitely the case for the most part, except where the muslim community is involved. Both sides of federal government instead need to immediately stop doing the public a disservice by operating as the de-facto PR and damage control departments for the muslim community.

David Aldo Frangiosa

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“All non-muslim Australians should be allowed to apply for concealed firearm license”

All ‪#‎Australian‬ non-‪#‎muslims‬ should be granted the right to apply for a license to bear concealed ‪#‎firearms‬. If we are to learn anything from the unfolding developments in ‪#‎Europe‬, it is that this riotous behaviour by muslims would quickly be contained in the more conservative American cities. And would not have been likely at all under the leadership of ‪#‎Gaddafi‬ or ‪#‎Saddam‬. So I believe it is an imperative step, that we look to allow all responsible police checked, non-Muslim Australian citizens the right to arm themselves. We have large and vulnerable ‪#‎Christian‬ and ‪#‎Jewish‬ communities in Australia. Armed ‪#‎police‬ themselves have already been targeted, so it demonstrates quite clearly the obvious danger posed to un-armed civilian’s. We need to accept that this is not the same world as ten years ago, let alone a year ago. My own father was staunchly opposed to firearms, but I find it difficult to imagine his views would not be different in todays version of Australia if he were still alive.

3 thoughts on “Its not all about Islam, its about cultural Marxism!”

  1. Children are born dependent on adults for survival, and they quickly learn to test their limits and to be manipulative rivals of each other.

    So it’s easy to “teach” them (abuse them with the notion) that they should always be entitled to have somebody else pay for their stuff!

    See here:

    ALL criminals think like children – who are used to someone else (their parents) paying for everything all the time, so those who refuse to grow up teach them the same things in college, and they end up voting for the same. It’s a vicious cycle of jealousy and dependency.

    The education system and enemedia declare that all white racists must pay!

    And criminals insist their potential victims’ highest virtue should be suicidal masochism, and their only offense should be hurting the criminals’ feelings by accusing them of their crimes! So it’s no surprise people act and do as they’re told!

    Each new, ever-larger generation of voters is a feral puke kid who’s likely in college indoctrination to be a new socialist.


    What’s ironic – at least to the sheeple – is that it’s always “liberal” nannystate governments who try to enslave them.

    But I mostly see that as a complete failure of the education system.

    Even when it was in the hands of conservatives or at least non-globalist/criminals, like 100 years ago or so, before “Fast Eddy” Bernais wrote Propaganda, it was still incredibly short on principles and theory, and only really amounted to rote learning of historical facts, i.e: of how we almost accidentally arrived at civilization from savagery.

  2. “Political Correctness” = Factual INcorrectness (aka “lying”)!

    And lying is the most basic form of theft: it’s the – at least, attempted – theft of the Truth. Since all crimes are forms of theft, lying (aka FRAUD and slander) is a crime. And even “only” attempted crimes, are still crimes!

    PC is also extortion – the criminal notion that one somehow must always “GO ALONG” (with criminal lies) “TO GET ALONG” (with lying criminals)!

    To ban free speech is to ban democracy itself.

    That leaves the citizens only one option.

    “When tyranny Becomes Law, Rebellion Becomes Duty.”

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