Lord Monckton Agenda 21s Globalist Death Plan for Humanity

The UN along with the EUSSR have to be put out of business.

Lord Christopher Monckton of Brenchley gives a timely warning in September 2014 at the Irish Club in Brisbane, Australia about the possible loss of our hard-won freedoms and democracies to un-elected bureaucrats at the UN in the upcoming Paris COP21 meeting.

He outlines the only two real obstacles to the treaty, Stephen Harper of Canada and Tony Abbott of Australia and warns how the left might try to ‘get rid’ of these two stand-outs before the December, 2015 meeting.

3 thoughts on “Lord Monckton Agenda 21s Globalist Death Plan for Humanity”

  1. Well, well, well……

    33 years and counting, time flies when you’re having fun….

    A great song by a great band…..

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

  2. Now both Australia and Canada have “Useful Idiots” for Prime Ministers. And I say “Useful” with all the contempt due!

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