Sydney: Muslim Brotherhood to bring in “12 great speakers from 4 continents”

First, a news update from “homegrown” head chopper Khaled Sharrouf, who’s brood lies in waiting to return to the fleshpots of Australian welfare:

Islamic State freak Khaled Sharrouf was reported to have been killed last year in a drone strike, but has evidently returned to life following news that his Sydney house might be seized by the NSW Crime Commission.


Sydney folk are obsessed with property ownership. This is widely known. Yet who suspected that our obsession even extends to former Sydney residents now busily murdering their enemies in Syria?

Islamic State freak Khaled Sharrouf was reported to have been killed last year in a drone strike, but has evidently returned to life following news that his Sydney house might be seized by the NSW Crime Commission.

You’d think he’d have different priorities, given his present jihad situation, but Sharrouf is said to have contacted various people and expressed his fury over the planned seizure.

Perhaps there’s a way to soothe Sharrouf’s hurt feelings. He’s a deeply religious fellow, so maybe he wouldn’t mind if his house was converted into a place of worship – a suburban oasis for prayer and reflection.

After all, you can never have too many synagogues:Tim Blair


An Islamic anti-west fest is scheduled to be held at Sydney’s Olympic Park in May:

We are excited to announce that the 2016 UMA Conference – Quest for Success – will focus on the journey of seeking success in this life and the hereafter. The event will feature inspirational international and local guest speakers to share their vast range of insights, experiences and advice on how this goal can be attained by developing a blueprint for Muslims individually, within the family environment and the wider community.


Don’t miss this amazing event. Don’t forget to book your tickets now to receive your early bird discount price.

The early bird gets the virgins, as they say in Syria. Let’s check out some of the “12 great speakers from 4 continents” who’ll appear:

• Brother Hamza Tzortzis

It’s Hamza time! Former Hizbie Hamza believes beheading is painless, apostates deserve to die and freedom of speech is wrong:

If someone’s going to fight against the community [Muslims] they should be killed … the punishment is beheading … you don’t feel any pain with it.

We as Muslims reject the idea of freedom of speech, and even the idea of freedom.

Those who claim that making homosexuality a criminal act is wrong are totally inconsistent.

Hamza later recanted his opinion on the painlessness of beheading, claiming that his statement was made “while under pressure on an on-line video blog show.” Who knows what he’ll say under the gigantic pressure of a live Sydney performance. Next up:

• Sheikh Zahir Mahmood

The Sheikh thinks Hamas child-killers are the good guys:

Hamas are not terrorists. They’re freedom fighters, they’re defending their country …

What the Palestinians are going through is far greater than what the blacks went through in South Africa but because Israel is an ally we will turn a blind eye to these atrocities.

Classy guy. Also on the list:

• Imam Suhaib Webb

US-raised Webb comes across as relatively moderate and also massively brainwashed. And now:

• Dr Zachariah Matthews

He wants some changes to Australia’s legal system:

Elements of Islamic law – the sharia – should be legally recognised in Australia so that Muslims can live according their faith, a prominent Muslim leader says …

‘’I wasn’t talking about sharia law in its entirety – we are not calling for the introduction of the penal system which calls for cutting off hands,’’ he said.

Great! We’ll only lose some fingers. Of course, every conference needs a comedian, which brings us to:

• Sheikh Alaa Elsayed

Sheikh Elsayed’s comedic stylings include:

If you have one wife, she fights with you! If you have two wives, they will fight for you!

HA HA HA! He’s hilarious. The Project will book this guy for a whole week. Further from the Canadian caliphate comic:

I’m all for sharing house chores. My wife cooks, I eat, it’s all good.

HA HA HAAAAA! I’m buying my ticket right now.

(Via Waxing Gibberish, who emails: “So this can happen but Geert Wilders or climate sceptics can barely find a venue to speak at.”)

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  1. 12 pieces of shiite who’s hate speech will no doubt resonate with all the airheads that attend. Who in the federal, state or local governments will block these parasites from entering the country? NOT ONE BLOODY ONE OF THE USELESS PRICKS! as they are beholden to the Islamic vote to keep them on their tax funded gravy train. But if somebody who does not express hate speech but only the TRUTH like Gert Weilders tries to come for a speaking tour, the conga line of political appeasers will stretch for miles.

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