The future must not belong to those who slaughter in the name of Islam

Muselmaniacs demand swift implementation of hate crime legislation in Ireland

The future must not belong to those who preemptively submit to Mohammedan headchoppers for fear of being called “racist-bigot-Islamophobes”.


Report calls for hate crime legislations as anti-Islamic racism ‘reality’ on our streets

By Noel Baker/ Senior Reporter thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Islam is not a race. Opposing Islam is our birthright and the first step towards self-preservation.  Muslims and their leftist enablers must not be empowered to use our own law to shut us up. 

A report has found that anti-Muslim racism is an “established reality” in Ireland, including on-street physical violence.

No evidence is given for this claim.

According to the report, drawn from focus groups of 66 Muslim men, women and children living in Dublin, some participants were verbally abused or assaulted in public by assailants shouting “Allahu akbar”, making references to Islamic State, or, in one case, asking the question: “Are you Bin Laden’s wife?”

Public spaces including public transport, shops, and restaurants are also referenced in claims of discrimination. According to the report: “There is a distinct security theme emerging in this study in the manner in which Muslim women, predominantly, are pursued in shops and shopping malls, mainly by security guards but also by shop staff.”

Every Muslim is by the law of allah a criminal and should be under close scrutiny at all times. Whining about this should result in turning up the heat.

There is also criticism of the gardaí, including “a specific experience of being singled out for attention by a member of An Garda Síochána while others were ignored” and “a perception among Muslim communities that gardaí will treat ‘their own’ (read as white, Irish, and Catholic) better than those perceived as ‘other’ ”.

The report also reflects the view of participants that Muslims are “homogenised” and that younger Muslims born and bred here can feel excluded even when they strongly identify as being Irish.

No Muslim will ever identity as “Irish”. No rat born in a stable will ever identify as a horse.

The report, entitled ‘Islamophobia in Dublin — Experiences and How to Respond’, was written by James Carr of the Department of Sociology in the University of Limerick.

In the foreword, Brian Killoran, CEO of the Immigrant Council of Ireland, said there was an “urgency” attached to addressing the issues, considering two mosques, as well as private properties were subjected to graffiti and bricks thrown through the windows during the period of the research.

This is standard Muslim vandalism that cannot simply be attributed to infidel Irish without proof. Muslims do this to portray themselves as victims.

The report also found that some participants do not trust the Irish media, particularly with regard to a perceived oversimplification of issues such as the war in Syria, and the idea that Irish and Muslim were mutually exclusive terms.

Muslims have their own media and get their instructions from the mosque. They don’t need to trust the Irish media and in reality, they don’t care.

The report also claims there is a level of discrimination experienced within the school system, either through limited access to education in the first place or regarding the teaching of religious education. In some cases, it is claimed the discrimination is more explicit, referring to allegations of abuse from other students and staff.

Muslims will not stop complaining until the curriculum is Islamic and everyone is (forcibly or not) converted to Islam.  Then they can freely discriminate against the subjugated host population.

As for employment, the report outlines people’s claims of discrimination, including “a number of issues emerged that centre on religious identity, either in the form of religious dress or through the identification of a person as Muslim on the basis of their name”. Access to employment is cited as being difficult, alongside claims of discrimination in the workplace.

Same thing, even more insidious. Special rights to rule over the hated infidel, nothing else will do.

However, the report also shows that many of those interviewed have a strong bond with Ireland and with Dublin as their home city.

A little sugar to sweeten the poison of Islam. Muslims have no “strong bond” with anything unislamic. There is no such bond and this claim is  therefore worthless.

The report, which is to be published today, contains a raft of recommendations, including a call for the swift implementation of hate crime legislation.

5 thoughts on “The future must not belong to those who slaughter in the name of Islam”

  1. Conspiracy hatched to malign Islam

    No shiite.

    “Islam is the religion of peace, fraternity, tolerance, mutual respect and patriotism,” observed a number of speakers at the inauguration of the three-day conference on ‘The Life and Ways of Prophet Muhammad’.

    “Government knows that Islam has no connection with terrorism whether it is ISIS or any terror organisation. Islam and Muslims have no relation with terrorism,” he said.

    Of course not. And Muhammad split the moon in two; the earth is flat and the sun sinks in a murky pond. Say it ain’t true and we kill you, MF!

  2. Islam is not a race.


    Islam is not a race.

    What school did Noel Baker go to and how did he become a Senior Reporter?

    Is a survey from 66 people worth writing about?

    He must know the difference between race and religion?

  3. It may be possible to integrate aliens from Mars, as they may have open minds. But Muslims- never.

    The politicians forcing Islam on Europe, which our ancestors fought against and sacrificed their lives, thus making Western civilization possible, are guilty of war crimes of a magnitude that has no parallel in history.

  4. “Islam is

    the religion of peace – of the grave

    fraternity – only for a particular set of Muslims

    tolerance – same as above

    mutual respect – same as above.

    patriotism – to the caliphate and umma.

    The kaffir can expect nothing but servitude and contempt. As for idolators such as Hindus and Buddhists- only the sword.

  5. Sociologists.!!!
    Love the photos re taking a refugee home with you.
    It is possible to change people’s minds but it is a very slow process, then again , one more wide awake person can waken others..So many are so soundly asleep.
    We all face what the Europeans are facing. It is only a matter of time. The young travelling Germans have a fair bit to say.

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