The Mohammedan Love of Hatred

The Love of Hatred
In that sense, Mohammedanism is truly unique.
Muslims Outbreeding Whites in Sydney

That’s the idea. But it is not the greatest concern that they are not white. The problem is that they are Muslims who don’t tolerate us.

Legal immigration is allowing nonwhite Muslims from the Middle East to rapidly outbreed whites in the Australian city of Sydney, the state capital of New South… – The New Observer
“Australians need to immediately boycott channel 10”

Australian media networks need a clear message delivered to them that it is not acceptable to have an ‪#‎islamic‬ apologist as a panel member, let alone the host of any program. This Waleed ‪#‎Ali‬ Character needs to be fired. He is a charmless and hypocritical PR tool poisoning younger viewers with his consistent negative scrutiny agitprop against of western values and culture. Deluded marketing and programming executives at channel ten wrongly imagine that this ‪#‎Waleed‬ is the new face of “multicultural ‪#‎Australia‬“. Or they possibly know exactly what they are doing in using him as an islamic sideshow to instigate debate subversion and fuel ratings. It is clear that this character has no commercial appeal in any sense of the word and seems to be the scripted puppet of the Australian islamic society. He and others like him need to be boycotted by all commercial media outlets. 

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“Refugees on TV shout death to us, and a week later are living amongst us”
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 In #‎Palestine‬ Arabia the moment a child is born they are taught and raised to hate and to kill ‪#‎Jews‬. Why Jews? Because they are geographically the closest placed “‪#‎infidels‬” to them. If Australia or the U.K happened to unfortunately be a land sharing neighbour with Palestine they would also be targets of murderous hatred. In ‪#‎Syria‬, islamic children are also raised to hate and murder Jews ….
The murder of Ilan HalimiThe Israel Project's photo.

The Israel Project

Ilan Halimi, a French Jew, was viciously tortured and brutally murdered by a gang of (mostly) Muslim thugs in Paris 10 years ago. He was tortured for close to a month in a Muslim apartment complex, where his screams of agony could by heard by the residents there – but not one of them reported it to the police. This is what happens when Muslims reach “critical mass” in a host country.

God bless his soul, and may he rest in peace. Amen….See More

West is to blame, as always:

Existing enemy is to be eliminated.

The misconceptions of the West on the East, especially on Islam and Muslims, is rather based on the imperialist notion. … There is no tangible consideration given to Eastern values, which are based on religion (Islam, which must dominate and not be dominated).

A New World Order?
Last Saturday during a security conference in Munich, Germany, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev made a thought-provoking statement that the world was in a new Cold War and that the West was to blame. He had pointed out the way West…

Paki psychobabble hits fever pitch:

“….xenophobic politicians have sought to build their political fortunes by spreading fear and deliberate mischaracterization of people of other faiths or culture”. ..


Deprivation main cause of violent extremism

Moronic single minded swine, all of them:

The YouTube clip entitled “Makbool Javaid at the Rally Against Oppression”, appears to have resurfaced due to Javid’s connection to mayoral hopeful Sadiq Khan. The former chairman of the Society of Muslim Lawyers was married to the Labour Party candidate’s sister Farhat Khan until 2011.

Simons, Muirhead & Burton partner embarrassed as ‘kufr’ video surfaces on YouTube
Footage from 1997 shows City lawyer speaking at extremist group rally in Trafalgar Square – Legal Cheek

Everything contradicts the Koran, not only Darwin. A believing Mohammedan is a potential psycho killer.

The article, written by Seyfi Sahin, a journalist who supports the ruling Islamist AKP party and claims to be a physician, argues that Jews “terrorize the world of science” and, as a Jew, Darwin concocted his theory of evolution in order to turn Muslims away from their religion.

Turkish Islamist: Darwin Was a Jew Who Targeted Muslims; Gorillas Are Mutated Jews
A column in the radical Islamist Turkish daily Vahdet claimed that the evolutionary theory of “the Jew” Darwin contradicts Allah’s word in the Koran – Breitbart