How long until Arabs and Muslims rule, Britannia?


Those in England who deplore its Islamization are afraid to express their thoughts out loud.

Will Britain, will all Europe, fight to remain Western countries? Or, hoisted on their own petard of political correctness, will they simply become vassal states of Islam?

To be or not to be–that is the question.

England: Shakespeare’s heroic fairy realm; the world of Blake, Milton, Keats, Byron, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Austen, the Brontes, George Eliot, Charles Dickens, and Virginia Woolf.

England: The country of William Wilberforce, who successfully fought to abolish the slave trade; the land of the bravest suffrage movement anywhere; Churchill’s own country–that fair and glorious Kingdom is still there but it is also fraying, fading away.

I’ve just returned from a visit to this storied Isle. I saw the most sublime production of “The Tempest” at The Sam Wanamaker/Globe Theater; a wondrous  production of “As You LIke It” at the National Theater; and a riveting performance of Bellini’s opera about the Druid priestess, “Norma,” at the Coliseum. Every seat was filled by Brits of all ages. High Culture still lives on there–and yet, London is no longer as I first encountered it in 1961 or again, in 1969, or even in 1989.

Now, all London only dares whisper about the Arab and Muslim takeover of their city. Nearly every single luxury hotel is owned by the Sultan of Brunei, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia as is the historic department store Harrods. (Dodi Al-Fayed’s father, an Egyptian, bought it long ago when he envisioned his son marrying Princess Diana, the mother of the future King of England).

The best townhouses on Park Lane, in Hyde Park, Belgravia, Mayfair, and Knightsbridge now belong to Arab Embassies, oil-rich sheiks, and the occasional Russian oligarch.

Nearly every single luxury hotel is owned by the Sultan of Brunei, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia as is the historic department store Harrods…


Londoners who still “take tea” in the lobbies of the grand hotels, tell me in soft, resigned voices that “this is how it is and there is nothing that can be done about it. Speak out and you will fall into immediate disfavor.”

I know several exceptionally gallant, truth-telling thinkers and writers in London who are now blacklisted, censored, their powers curtailed. They dared tell the truth about how biased against America and Israel the British media and professoriate are–and how irrationally they favor both Islam and Islamism.

However, as one life-long Londoner pointed out to me: “Harrods, which is also owned by Arabs, (al-Fayed sold it to Qatar), loses business nine months of the year and only survives because Arabs come on shopping expeditions in the summer to escape the desert heat.” London’s Fortum and Mason’s, the most luxurious store in the world, now has its first stand-alone satellite store in Dubai.

A limousine driver tells me that he routinely picks up exceedingly short fur coats that cost $65,000.00 for Arab women and that “once, a Saudi Prince left 3 million pounds in the boot (trunk) of my car. He completely forgot about it.”

A professor from Oxford comes down to visit me. She tells me about the “Asian (Pakistani) grooming gangs” in Oxford and about how 378 very young Caucasian infidel girls were pimped out by these gangs in Oxford alone.

“Finally, after many years, the pimps were arrested and sentenced and the failure of the police to stop them was excoriated in open court. The English Defense League mounted a brave, civil rights protest right in front of the police station. The police cordoned them off, surrounded them with barking dogs and a line of police officers who let no one near enough to hear what they had to say. And then they loosed the Anti-Fascist League against them who came rushing down the street, hollering “Nazi, fascist scum.”

As Orwell understood, not all speech is equal.

The streets are filled with women in heavy hijab, in Niqab, (face masks), and in black, burqa-like body bags. As I have written many times before: I have no quarrel with head coverings but suggest that the West must draw the line at face masks and sensory deprivation isolation chambers which burqas truly are. These “covered” women are flying the flag of Jihad, of a barbaric version of patriarchy–which is now increasingly ensconced within Britain’s gates.

The West’s dependence on Big Oil together with its own blind commitment to cultural sensitivity, an allegedly anti-racist tolerance for the barbarian “other,” and fearfulness about the consequences of speaking out–have together brought this about.

Some say that just as England once colonized the Middle East, the Indian sub-continent, Central Asia, and the Far East that now, the favor is being returned; the Islamic world is giving the colonizing Mother Country a taste of its own well deserved medicine.

Tragically, this means that infidel women are sexual prey; that their rape, sexual harassment, and sexual slavery is being done quite openly, publicly–just as it is done in the Muslim world.

It means that the luxury hotels all offer a “halal” option; that certain British government offices are run as Sharia enterprises.

The British nationalists and the Islamists agree on one thing and one thing only: That the Jews are the greatest oppressors and conspirators in the world; that “Palestine” is the most oppressed (non-) country in the whole wide world; and that this must be screamed out loud in the mosques, on the streets, in the media, and in the universities. Please read Carol Gould and Melanie Phillips for starters if you have not already done so.

Recently, I wrote about a British documentary made possible by the hard work of a Turkish-born nun, Sister Hatune Dogan. She opened every door for the British filmmakers, gentled the sex slaves whom she and her networks had rescued from ISIS and translated their words for the filmmaker.

Despite all promises to the contrary, Sister Hatune and her foundation were completely dropped from the film. When I finally got the producer on the phone, she admitted to me that “the film could not afford to be associated with such a racist Islamophobe, that it would ruin their chances for recognition and prizes”–and when I questioned her further, she quickly began yelling, then screaming after which she hung up on me in breathtaking fashion.

Yes, there is some “fight back.” Britain has the power to return Muslim girls whose families have kidnapped them to Pakistan for forced marriages–that’s if they can find them. Just as I was leaving, I read that a couple were arrested at Heathrow Airport for having taken their eight year old girl back to Somalia to have her genitals mutilated; doing so, is against the law.

Will Britain, will all Europe, fight to remain Western countries? Or, hoisted on their own petard of political correctness, will they simply become vassal states of Islam?

To be or not to be–that is the question.

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  1. kaw,
    When it did happen the description given seemed to be an Islander. They cause a lot of trouble around NSW and in Victoria.

    Them and the bloody Sundanese are bastard pests, they should be packed up and pissed off.

  2. Creation of Fakistan (PORKISTAN) was perhaps one of the biggest political blunders of Imperial Britain after its departure from the Indian Subcontinent.

    If Britain, Europe, America and the rest of the civilised world managed to overcome the scrooge of Nazism, I have no doubt that the West and the civilised world can overcome the scrooge of a bunch of filthy diaper heads in Darth Vader like costumes.

    Not so long as delusional and naive leaders claim “Global Warming” is responsible for the rise of terrorism.

    Only when the West has leaders like Theodore Roosevelt or a Sir Winston Churchill, this filth will be defeated, destroyed, and eradicated from this planet.

    1. The actual idea of Partition was not of British Origin. The demand for partition was only conceded so as to prevent the widespread communal riots that had taken place in 1946 and were spiraling into an outright Civil War.

      1. The communal riots continued and still continue, usually started by Muslims who are always not happy with something and not prepared to live in peace.(the story everywhere)

        There was also suppose to be a population transfer of Muslims to Pakistan and Hindus to India but most Muslims stayed in India.

        1. That’s right. Most Muslims stayed in India, where they multiplied. Then there is Bangladesh, and Bhutan as well as Assam are next. The Hindus, even this nationalist gov’t, cannot muster what it takes to contain or reverse the threat. In the meantime, the Muslims have wiped out just about all minorities in the areas they control. The usual modus operandi.

      2. As has been done for centuries, the Muslims concentrated around the edges of historical India, snapping off pieces of India. The same thing is being done in the southern Philippines today. The govt. a couple of years ago gave them control. Of course, that was only the start, and now the jihadist colonizers are again eating away a bigger piece of the Philippines

  3. I call baalshiite on leftards – if racist whites had truly “colonized” Africa and the Middle East the way they seem to want done to us now, Africa and the Middle East would be full of white people.

    1. Gotta remember the Middle East was still in the basic wheel age and was almost totally illiterate. The ‘colonizers’ brought railroads, city planning, sewage, govt. infrastructure, medical literacy, hygiene. Colonization was the best thing that ever happened to the Middle East. It was the worse thing to ever happened to infidels, of course. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Just think. The US sacrificed thousands of lives to save Germany and Europe from Hitler, and Merkel, in one year, changed all that. What was the point?

      1. Good post Jon!
        Typo alert: “sewage”. Rather, the colonisers (colonizers) brought sewerage.


    Here is an excellent conversation with Douglas Murray and Brendan O’Neil.

    Some excellent historical perspective to be had here.

    Don Laird

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