In Europe, Islamic Mass-murderers travel freely….

A recent Syrian migrant claiming refugee status in Sweden is facing criminal charges, after footage of him murdering prisoners of war in a cold blooded “mass killing” emerged.

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HT Australia added 30 new photos to the album: MASS PROTESTS LED BY HIZB-UT-TAHRIR IN SYRIA | Friday 18th March.

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Muslims across Aleppo and Idlib marched with Hizb ut-Tahrir as it called for protests under the banner “The blood of the martyrs curses those who betray it” on Friday the 18th March.

Thousands took part in the mass demonstrations, which affirmed the Islamic call of the revolution, in wanting to establish Islamic rule / the Khilafah in Syria, and in rejecting the negotiations with the Assad regime, and considering those who partake in such negotiations as betrayals of the revolution and its objectives and martyrs.

The alleged mass murdering asylum seeker, named Haisam Omar Sakhanh, has been in Sweden since 2013. He was arrested this Friday in the town of Karlskoga, Sweden, where he has been charged him with a crime against international law.

Fingerprints and a mugshot appear to shown that Mr. Sakhan initially fled to Italy in 2012, where he was arrested for occupying the Syrian embassy and investigated for allegedly attacking other Syrian migrants.

Just like the Paris attackers, the killer was able to travel freely between warzones in the Middle East and the European mainland thanks to the chaos created by the migrant crisis and German-backed resistance to closing off borders.

After less than a year in Italy he retuned to Syria to fight under a notorious commander known ominously as ‘the Uncle’, before traveling back to the generous welfare state of Sweden, which is so favoured by migrants.

Gruesome footage of the atrocity, shot later in 2012, shows rebel forces reciting a sectarian chant. Troops of the Assad regime lay face down in the dirt before them, hands bound behind their backs, before being shot in the back of their heads by emotionless executioners.

‘The Uncle’ stands on the far right and takes the first shot. Mr. Sakhanh is on far left, in a brown jacket – the same brown jacket worn in his police mug shot in Italy.

He is seen smiling and joking before taking the lethal shot.

The New York Time exposed the film last year, when a rebel soldier, horrified by the barbarity within his ranks, decided to hand the footage to western journalists.

Detective Inspector Sven-Ake Blombergsson, of the war crimes unit of the Swedish Police Authority’s national operations department, told the paper the suspect had now been fingerprinted and questioned.

Mr. Sakhanh was found to have withheld details about time he had spent in Italy, including an arrest in 2012, Inspector Blombergsson said. The ensuing investigation linked Mr. Sakhanh to the video of the killings.

Fingerprints from his Swedish immigration application matched those from his criminal file in Italy, and investigators found another video of the prisoners before the killing with Mr. Sakhanh and other rebels posing behind them.

Italian officials said they were also investigating Mr. Sakhanh’s shady past. They revealed he had been investigated by prosecutors in Milan in connection with several attacks on pro-Assad Syrians in Lombardy, near Milan, in 2012.

The suspect faces life imprisonment in Sweden if convicted, Inspector Blombergsson said.

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  1. In court this mass murderer will state that he no longer believes ISIS ideology. He will state that ISiS has corrupted the noble koran.

    That is what the establishment want to hear, and they will let him out in a few years. In Sweden it could be a few months.

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