Islam’s Deceptive Use of Western Terminology

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Islamic supremacists use language deceptively to carry out their civilization jihad. For an excellent discussion on this see the following 4 part video series”Prescribed by Sharia” by Clare Lopez and Stephen Coughlin.

Common rhetorical devices used by Muslims, what they really mean and how to counter them:

The Jihad of Words

Islam-Speak, By: Henry Kadoch 

download (4) | Tuesday, December 09, 2008

It has become very clear that in the West, we have a fundamental misunderstanding of Islam. Its history, guiding principles, and more importantly, what it means to a Muslim when he uses certain terms.

In order to understand what Muslims mean when they use a certain word, we must remember that in their minds and cultures, certain words do not mean anything like the accepted meaning we have for them in the West.

For Muslims, the meaning of any word is very closely related to the traditional meaning of that word in the Koran and their other holy texts. Unlike most of us with the Bible, for a Muslim the Koran is not just a prayer book, it is the complete guide to his life, and the absolute guiding principle for the world, and all who reside in it, religious and political.

Because of this, we in the West are often dumbfounded by their words vs. their actions, because for us the words mean one thing, and for them they mean something entirely different. They are thus able to manipulate the uneducated listener into believing they agree, when in fact for the most part, they do not agree.

Here then, is a short guide to real meaning of certain key words, when used by a Muslim.

An Islam-speak glossary:

Peace – The state of cessation of all resistance to Islam. Peace only exists when Islam rules politically and religiously, and all Islamic principles are established as the law of the land.

Freedom – Freedom exists when Islam and its principles attain complete dominance and constitute the entirety of religious belief and political rule.

Justice – The state when Sharia law is the law of the land, and all judicial decisions are based on it and it alone. Justice exists when non-Muslims have no standing before a court, and when the testimony of two Muslim women is equal to that of one Muslim man.

Equality – Equality is achieved when Muslims are the only leaders of society, and are given their rightful place as the best of men, leading all institutions, political and religious. This does not extend to non-Muslims or apostates.

Tolerance – The state when non-Muslims are properly subdued and subservient to Muslim rule, agree to their second-class Dhimmi status, and duly pay the Jizya to their Muslim overlords.

Truth – Truth is the accepted Islamic version of events, as laid out in the Koran and the Sunna. Anything beyond that is merely hearsay, and in many cases blasphemy. (see Lies).

Democracy – The state when Islam is the absolute law and religion, and all peoples conform to Islamic law and customs. (see Freedom).

Freedom of Speech – Freedom of speech is achieved when Muslims, and only Muslims, are free to espouse their beliefs, and non-Muslims are prohibited from commenting on or criticizing anything Islamic.

Just Society – A society ruled by Muslims under Islamic law.

Koran – Allah’s final word, perfect and un-altered, superseding all others and the true and only guide for mankind in religion, law and politics.

Oppression – The rule of a state by non-Islamic law; actions of resistance to implementation of Islamic law and Muslim rule.

Racism – The state where anything Islamic or any Muslim is criticized or rejected.

Infidel – Any and all non-Muslims. Subject only to conversion, subjugation, or death under Islamic law.

Slavery – The rightful and lawful status of any infidel captured in battle against Islam.

Treaty – A non-binding and temporary agreement between Muslims and non-Muslims, valid only until such time as the Muslims have the power to achieve by force or other means what they have momentarily failed to achieve.

Lies – The act of hiding the truth, permissible by Islamic law for a Muslim when in fear for his safety or when it advances the cause of Islam.

With these definitions in mind, we will be better prepared to answer or debate a Muslim statement.


FromThe 4Freedoms Library: Islamic Language Glossary

By Alan Lake on October 17:

Fascist Enablers use our words with different meanings, commonly because it allows them to equivocate around pejorative terms or difficult issues.  Therefore, before you join any media discussion or public debate, you must get agreement on which definitions are being used.

See also here:…

  • ALLAHU AKBAR: Literally means (our) “God is greater”, but is most often found used to celebrate killing or victory over, a non-Muslim, thus rendering the sense “Die, inferior scum!”
  • BIGOT (religious): This term can only be applied to non-Muslims, because, as Muslims follow the one true religion, they are entitled to treat other religions with contempt
  • CHARITY: The giving of alms to other Muslims (only)
  • CIVILIAN: a non-combatant, as long as he is also INNOCENT
  • COMPASSION: The concept of Al Wala’ Wal Bara’ (love and hate for Allahs sake) means that compassion can only be extended to those within the Ummah. (Qur’an 48.29)
  • CONSENT: also conveyed by SILENCE
  • DEFAMATION (of Religion): Defamation of Islam (only)
  • EQUALITY: The equal treatment of Muslims, apart from the special privileges and exemptions granted to them by their HUMAN RIGHTS
  • GOOD: The concept of ‘good’ as applied in Mohammed’s time, not the modern meaning.
  • HOLY: Respected or sanctioned by Islam, no matter how criminal or violent. Also acts as a warning sign to non-Muslims, that they must show respect to it.
  • HUMAN RIGHTS:  The apartheid privileges and dispensations given to Muslims in the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights (as opposed to those assigned to everyone in the UDHR of the UN)
  • HYPOCRISY: Means “pretending to be a rule-following muslim, but (secretly) breaking some of the rules”.  But for a muslim to pretend to care for non-muslims is not hypocrisy, it is a form of Jihad.
  • INNOCENT: Islam prohibits the killing of innocent people, except for those who reject Muhammad’s message after it has been clearly explained. So any non-Muslim is not ‘innocent’
  • INTEGRATION: The mandatory accommodation of Islamic requirements by the host society
  • INTERFAITH DIALOGUE: a conversation agreeing to the superiority of Islam and promising to respect all religions and the sensibilities of all believers, particularly Muslims
  • ISLAMOPHOBIA: Any statement by a non-Muslim which breaks Islamic law on SLANDER & TALEBEARING
  • JIHAD: 99% of the time means violence used in the furtherance of the political ideology of Islam
  • JUSTICE: The result of the full application and enforcement of Sharia Law
  • MARRIAGE: Note that Islamic ‘marriage’ includes polygyny and excludes polyandry
  • Offence: Offence occurs when a non-Muslim breaks the Islamic law on slander.
  • OIC: Organisation of Islamic Cooperation – the largest UN voting block (56 states, 1.4B people)
  • OPPRESSION (of Muslims): if you do not grant preferential treatment to Muslims, as required by Sharia Law, then you are ‘oppressing’ them.
  • PEACE:  The situation that exists in a region/world, once all non-Islamic forces have been subjugated
  • PERSECUTION: The state Muslims are in if they suffer OPPRESSION
  • QSHUT: A 4F acronym for the 5 canonical, defining, texts used by 80% or more, of Muslims
  • Racist: A non-Muslim person who criticises Islam or Muslims
  • RAPE: Is not defined simply in terms of coercive intercourse, because in many situation the man is permitted to force himself on his wife, or other captive women
  • RELIGIOUS HARMONY: A society in SOCIAL HARMONY, with no disputes between the religions, as the Infidel ones have accepted, and defer to, the superiority of Islam
  • SELF DEFENCE: Muslims can kill you in self defence if you’ve rejected an invitation to join.
  • SILENCE: Indicates consent, if you want it to, as in the case of marrying off 9 year old girls
  • SLANDER: truth that Muslims don’t want to hear
  • SOCIAL HARMONY: A society in which there are no more ‘days of rage’, because OFFENCE is no longer caused to Islam by non-Muslims, as they have learned to respect and fear it
  • TALEBEARING: Making or revealing any statement which is not of benefit to Muslims
  • TERRORISM: The killing of a Muslim without right
  • TOLERANCE:  The cessation of violence to Infidels, once they have accepted the rule of Sharia
  • TRUCE: A temporary cessation of fighting while Muslim forces re-group and re-arm. The Muslim side is permitted to break the truce at any time
  • TRUE: A factual lie by a Muslim is not considered to be a lie by them, if it falls into one of the many QSHUT exemptions permitted in order to promote Islam in the land of the Kafir.
  • UNIVERSAL (religion): Is used to mean ‘mandatory’, as opposed to ‘generally accepted’.
  • UNJUST: Technically, any failure to apply JUSTICE. More generally, any situation in which a Muslim group is not given the privileges and concessions it demands
  • WOMEN’S RIGHTS: Those rights permitted to women by men, in exchange for obedience


Here is another one from John GuandoloExtremism in Islam is exceeding one’s authority or ability. For instance, a few years ago when Islamic jurists contemplated labeling Osama bin Laden an “extremist” our government got giddy assuming THOSE particular Islamic jurists must be “moderates.”  In fact, Osama bin Laden’s forces were losing a lot. Since Allah never loses a jihad, the jurist argued bin Laden had exceeded his ability to succeed and was thus putting the Muslim ummah (community) at greater risk, making him an “extremist.”


download (3)Another good resource is 500+ Islamic Words You Should Know by Dorrie O’Brien:

“A layman’s desk reference, dictionary, and mini-encyclopedia for anyone trying to translate English words, terms, and phrases to their Islamic counterpart (primarily Arabic, but also some Farsi, Urdo, Pashto, etc.) in order to understand how Islam works. The Islamic world’s use of English words such as Truth, Justice, Peace, Treaty, Blasphemy, Slander and many more, sound like we re talking the same language, but these words, in Islamic understanding, have a different meaning and are in fact inimical to Western life, and Westerners can easily be (and consistently are) fooled by that. All kuffar (non-Muslims: people of un-belief in Allah) need to be aware and wary of this. The book explains core doctrines and documents in the ideology, such as the Qur an, Al-Fatiha (opening surah of the Qur an), Fitna (oppression), Al-Nasihk wal-Mansuhk (abrogation), Jihad, Sharia law, Mosques, Auliya (friends), and Jenseyyah, (nationality). This critical work also delves into the history of Islam up to its present status (in its Third Jihad); the Muslim Brotherhood and its presence in the U.S. as well as internationally; the Iranian NIAC, and fits it all together in a simple form by translating its language to provide a greater understanding of how it impacts the world we live in today.”


Stephen Coughlin explains in depth how important it is to understand the meaning of Islamic terminology in dealing with the OIC’s attempts to criminalize criticism of Islam internationally:

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    This video clip below is an actual segment from a debate at Harvard University.

    This debate team from West Georgia is advocating white genocide, and nothing is done by Harvard faculty and administrators.

    Think about that for a moment.

    Ross Strent
    Washington, USA

  2. Albert Schweitzer’s last statement about blacks, –

    …….”I have given my life to try to alleviate the sufferings of Africa. There is something that all White men who have lived here like I must learn and know: that these individuals are a sub-race. They have neither the intellectual, mental or emotional abilities to equate or to share equally with White men in any function of our civilization. I have given my life to try to bring them the advantages which our civilization must offer, but I have become well aware that we must retain this status: the superior and they the inferior. For whenever a white man seeks to live among them as their equals they will either destroy him or devour him. And they will destroy all of his work. Let White men from anywhere in the world, who come to Africa remember that you must continually retain that status: you the master and they the inferior like children that you help or teach. Never fraternize with them as equals. Never accept them as your social equals or they will devour you. They will destroy you.”………

    Now, think about this statement in the context of the Aborigines, the North American Indians, the Africans, Zimbabwe, South Africa and many areas of South America, and with a few exceptions, these races and cultures are miserable, barbaric, savage failures.

    Even when they have been exposed to Western cultures, technologies and values they still wallow in squalor and barbarism.

    And Whites, are made to feel responsible for their miserable failures.

    Ross Strent
    Washington, USA


    Watch the stomach turning video below.

    Think about it, how many deserving white children from across North America or Europe need a home? But this liberal, self loathing, white-guilt junkie needs a couple of black kids from the Congo, to match her Gucci shoes, Prada handbag and thereby make her application to the local White Self Loathers Golf and Country Club a slam dunk.

    Its trendy ain’t it?… I’m just like Madonna she’ll say……oooooooooo look at me!!!!……alright Shaquan and Trayvon, lets head down to the Black Panther rally and you can call me your white whore!!!

    Ross Strent
    Washington, USA

  4. Re: Arrest of one of Muslim terrorists responsible for the Paris massacre.

    The BBC had two experts on the news, by coincidence Muslims, to inform us all, that terrorism had nothing to do with religion, but due to socio-economic factors. So closing mosques etc was the wrong thing to do.

  5. The piece of muslim shit who organized, or assisted in the murder of 150 odd people in Paris was caught this evening in Brussels. Three of his fellow islamic shitheads were also apprehended.

    However it would be nice if people supporting the aims of this blog (ie all folks living together in peace) lobbied news sources to force them NOT to print any details of how the war against these islamic scum is being prosecuted. These criminals can read and we do not need to give them any possible advantages.

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