6 thoughts on “Paul Weston Montreal Q&A1”

  1. Great idea.

    Now as in Germany Pegida is close to AfD, we need a political
    party that will reflect the huge concern that people have about Islam.

  2. Geez, this must’ve been kept top secret.

    I had no idea Paul was in Montreal the other day; if I had, I might have gone to Montreal and asked him some actually intelligent questions – unlike those I heard being posed in the video LOL!

    1. This is what we are confronted every time we have a public meeting. There is always at least one or two who see nothing but Hitler helmets and jackboots. You have to be extremely careful not to blow your top, its as we’re right back in 1939. This phantasy is it real or is it the stock in trade of agent provocateurs? Sometimes I think its the latter.

  3. Time start a PEGIDA movement in the Americas as well…. With Justin Traitor and the helm of Canada and most likely Hl-Liar-y soon to become the POTUS, we need a voice of the people to stand up against the rapid growth of the hate ideology of Islam here.

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