Merkel MUST GO!

Merkel MUST GO! Chants and boos

Thanks to Vlad Tepes

While official state polls show Merkel “rising in popularity” due to her “humanitarian no-limit policy on immigration”, once again the reality on the street looks very different. As Angela Merkel gets out of her bulletproof car in Stralsund to discuss the postponing of the relief of economic sanctions against Russia on wednesday, hundreds of people on the street shout “Merkel must go” and boo her, only held back in their anger by heavy security.

Just 2 days ago while interviewed on German State Television Merkel again reinforced her belief in an “open borders” policy and stated that she will refuse to put any limit on illegal immigration whatsoever as long as she is in office. When asked what she wishes for the future, she answered “as many [foreign] people in Germany as possible”.
Angela Merkel has no children and served in the Communist Youth in the GDR. Her party lost over 10% of its voter-base within months as she believes Germany should abolish its borders and advertise with propaganda (sic!) for young African and Arab males to come to the country to fix the declining German population. (Source:…)

(If state media shows her popularity growing, then Germany is not just Totalitarian in its control of truth about Islam on social media but also deceiving the people with disinformation about popular sentiment on her policies)

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  1. Unfortunately Germans cannot say too much – under these socialists you speak at the risk of your personnel safety. Incidentally decades of left wing neglect have left the police unable to protect German citizens. To those left wing scum reading I have yet to hear ONE of you even put forward an intelligent argument as to why the uncontrolled invasion of 2 million plus rabid muslims is a good thing – you scum have no answers and you cannot supply any – your goal is simply the destruction of what has been built so that you retards can re-engineer society in your very flawed image. There is very little difference between Pol Pot and the socialists of Europe.

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