No Middle Ground

“….the new fascism which we must defeat”….

The choice is either the survival of Europe and its many unique ethnicities and cultures, or its complete destruction as these unique groups become minorities within their own ancient, native homelands. As Chandan says, the goal is to ‘take back everything they took from us, and more on top.” The choice is yours. Europe or Replacement. You watch, you decide.

In other news:

Migrants lay children across railway tracks demanding ‘racist’ Europe re-opens borders

DESPERATE migrant families laid their own children across railway tracks in an attempt to force European leaders to open their borders.

By ZOIE O’BRIEN/ Express

Read the comments, people are not buying the preposterous claims of these ‘migrants’ …..

Children lay on tracks in IdomeniYouTube/ AFP

Migrants have stopped trains running in Greece by laying their children on the tracks

The refugees are looking to escape the Idomeni migrant camp in Greece, which is four times the size of the Calais jungle.

As they demanded Macedonia re-open they borders so they can continue their way through the main bloc, they lay toddlers across the tracks.

One of the children held a piece of cardboard that read “Open the border.” Other protesters were clapping and chanting.

Families lay on the train tracksYouTube/ RT

Adults and children would not let trains pass as they called for the opening of borders

Children placed on train tracksYouTube/ RT

Toddlers and young children are among the refugees blocking train tracks


I’m child and might not know much, but I believe treating people disrespectful for being born on the other side of the planet is called: ‘RACISM’ 

Migrant child

The demonstration addressed the Macedonian authorities, which completely sealed the border for asylum seekers on Wednesday, trapping some 12,000 migrants and refugees in Greece. Dimitris Vitsas, the Greek minister responsible for coordinating the refugee flow, expressed his hope on Saturday that the Idomeni issue will be “resolved within a week”.

The minister is not keen to se forceful measures as has been seen with riot police in France.

As of next week 50,000 spots at migrant centres across Greece will open.

Migrant families have called Europe 'racist'YouTube/ RT

Migrants have called Europe racist

Borders have shut across Europe’s main bloc in recent months in a bid to stem the flow of over 1m migrants coming form Africa and war torn Syria.

The EU is expected to agree plans with Turkey within weeks which would see the country take more Syrian refugees, in return for six billion euros and inclusion in the Schengen Zone.

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    (PART ONE)


    We are living in remarkable, if not disturbing, if not frightening, times.

    Personally, I have read about the collapse of civilizations and never thought for a moment I would witness the same firsthand.

    We are witnessing the destruction of Western Civilization.

    We are witnessing the cancerous destruction, across the West, of civilized, secular, progressive, enlightened, democratic and capitalist societies.

    We are witnessing the destruction of these societies and the collapse of the West as, weakened through cowardice, ignorance and slothful, selfish indifference, facing weapons of stealth in the form of their own humanity and generosity turned against them, they succumb to the internal and external assaults of an alliance, overt and otherwise, comprised of the Marxists, the Muslims and the globalist financiers.

    The intent is clear and visible at every level; to destabilize all western countries, to create internal conflict, to destroy all impediments to communism such as national identity, morality, family and faith and to start large scale domestic conflict and international wars that result in mass casualties, economic collapse, eradication of host culture and pave the way for totalitarian global governance.

    To facilitate this we are witnessing the unabashed emergence of a class of politician who, criminal and treasonous, not only makes no attempt to hide their criminality and treason but proudly, openly forges alliances with those groups and persons sworn to the utter destruction of the West.

    Look no further than Angela Merkel, an ex-Stasi (East German secret police) operative, who in 2010 publicly stated that multiculturalism was a total failure and now, in a complete about-face, has purposely bathed her entire country in millions of humanity’s lowest common denominator as the Middle East and Africa flush their emigration toilets. Incredibly, opening the sewer-gates to these self entitled animals from the third-world wasn’t enough for Merkel as she then not only empowered them with ignorance of their crimes and ignorance of their sedition and treason but publicly vilified, coerced and punished those in law enforcement who sought to arrest and punish these criminals. Witness now Merkel’s intention to earmark a remaining surplus of 32 billion dollars to fund the every whim and fancy of Germany’s new migratory opportunists. (Give no thought to the 32 billion dollars and how many roads, towns, hospitals and universities that the same would build for ethnic Germans)

    Look no further as Angela Merkel’s actions are mirrored by virtually every European leader as they use weaponized mass migration to collapse their countries internally, both economically and culturally. Those leaders that refuse to follow the edicts of Merkel and her Brussels henchmen, leaders like Viktor Orban of Hungary, are openly threatened with economic isolation from the EU, with the resulting implosion of Hungary’s economy.

    Look no further than Barack Obama. Here is Marxism and treason defined. Here is a man, sired and raised by rabid communists, who has clearly stated his hatred for not only the United States of America but for the capitalism which has made America the stunning success it is. Here is a man who has no qualifications for the political office he holds save that of a wealth of empty rhetoric. Here is a man with a clearly stated love of communism. Here is a man who has clearly stated his allegiance to Islam and his intention to, in any event, side with the Muslims. Here is a man who has lined not only his own White House administration but every American federal office and agency with the Muslim and the same who in many cases are openly and directly connected to the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood. Here is a man who has used executive privilege to suppress not only his own crimes but those of many of his staff including Eric Holder, the former US Attorney General. Here is a man who publicly and proudly counts his friends amongst convicted US domestic terrorists like Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. Here is a man who, like communist leaders around the world, building his voter base, has opened the sewer-gates to the third-world and drenched the United States in a class of illegal alien best described as violent, criminal, parasitic, unqualified, self-entitled and predatory. Here is a man who bathed the White House in the rainbow colors of a flag borne by violent, militant, predatory, mentally defective sexual deviants, and in so doing, spat in the face of every normal, well adjusted man and woman in America, yet another crippling blow to the very foundation of the United States of America.


    Don Laird



    Look no further than the newly elected leader of Canada, Justin Trudeau. Forgive me for the salacious but I point out the obvious similarities between these two communists, Trudeau and Obama, and start with lineage. Both are wrought from the wombs of whores. Barack Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, a Marxist white-guilt ridden whore, enjoyed public displays of group sex, enjoyed being mounted by every available communist African buck, and gave birth to little Barack Hussein Obama as little more than an inconvenient afterthought.

    Justin Trudeau the product of a union between a mentally defective, dithering slut and a vain and dictatorial communist with a hatred for morality and capitalism. Celebrating liberal values, the very pride of Canada, Margaret Trudeau could be found scampering about New York, sans panties, whacked out on hallucinogens and acting as a human bicycle for every b-grade actor and rock star who needed a warm moist place to spend themselves. Still idolized by Canadian Liberal elite, Margaret Trudeau has taken a backstage to junior and can now be found in orbit around Saturn aboard the USS Prozac, in search of her sanity, and her panties. Witness little Justin Trudeau, as unqualified as Obama, little more than a failure at life, little more than a life long student, little more than a spoiled, arrogant, trust-fund baby who, with memories of mummy dearest, married his own little mentally defective woman who, when not running to the toilet after dinner and sticking her fingers down her throat, smears the office of the Prime Minister with self indulgence and publicly serenades fawning Liberals with her own little version of Karaoke Kanada.

    Effluential parentage aside, witness Justin Trudeau, flanked by his inept and bumbling sidekick, immigration minister John “Mumbles” McCallum, taking a page from the handbook of Obama, Merkel et al, as he now floods Canada with 50,000 Syrian migratory opportunists. Unvetted, clearly a threat to Canada’s national security and sovereignty, these 50,000 orthodox Muslims, the tip of the Islamic iceberg, add to Trudeau’s voter base and potentially secure the future of the Canada-hating communist Liberals for decades to come. Not content with kicking Canada in the teeth, witness Justin Trudeau who now threatens to increase the volume of migratory parasites to Canada by 50% in 2017. Here is a man, like Obama, who counts his closest friends amongst the orthodox Muslims, Muslims who actively seek Canada’s annihilation. Here is a man who bristles and mocks those who condemn the practice of Muslim genital mutilation as being barbaric and savage. Here is a man who repeals Canadian law that criminalizes the Muslim victimization of women and children. Here is a man, incredibly, who openly and with great pomposity, rewards, with continued Canadian citizenship, those Muslims who have planned, and very nearly committed acts, of mass murder in Canada.

    I could go on a while but these are some of the players and this, Europe, the United Kingdom, North America, Australia et al, is the stage.

    Witness the flooding of Europe and the civilized world with the mass migration of weaponized human garbage. Witness the persecution of those who object to this treasonous criminality as they are harassed, vilified and arrested. Witness the emergence of totalitarianism in social media as Facebook and Youtube engage in overt censorship, propaganda and the smothering of discontent and objection to Muslim acts of terrorism and genocide. Witness the collaboration of social media giants with treasonous governments, bureaucrats, law enforcement and intelligence as they identify “dissenters”. Witness the Marxist Mass Media as they too act, in every way, and at every opportunity, to suppress the truth, to twist fact and reality and to manufacture consent to the murder of Western Civilization. It seems the fix is in.

    However, all may not be lost. There are cracks appearing daily and lately the Marxist/Muslim/Globalist alliance is getting a little frantic trying to patch these cracks and put out the fires of discontent as they burst into flame everywhere.

    Witness the manifestation of voter rage as, in recent elections, the German voters have turned against Merkel and her treason.

    Witness the closing of borders across Europe and the marshaling of large numbers of troops to those same borders.

    Witness the torching of mosques and migrant centers as citizens resort to providing a solution to the criminal infestation of their countries by the Marxists and Muslims.

    Witness the solemn warnings of patriotic senior military officers and commanders across Europe as they have warned their soldiers and fellow citizens to arm themselves and prepare for the civil war that now threatens the entirety of Europe.

    Witness the anger of Britain as its citizens assemble to vote on leaving the communist EU. Witness the panicked Barack Obama as he is to visit Britain, clearly interfering in the affairs of a sovereign nation, and pleading for their continued participation in the EU. Clearly, an act of desperation in the face of the Marxist/Muslim/Globalist alliance’s plan unraveling.

    Witness the emergence and wild success of Donald Trump as he reaps the bountiful crop of discontent sown by the Marxist Mass Media and communists in the United States. The rage and the anger of decent Americans who have been trod on and betrayed for decades by Washington, who have been trod on and injured for two terms by the communist and criminal Barack Obama and his entire administration, and are now rising and will not be denied.

    Witness the desperation of the American Democrats, the American establishment Republicans and the American media as they, having tried everything in their power to stop Donald Trump and having failed miserably, only making him more powerful, now resort to open violence, riots and intimidation. (Note that in the midst of the last riot in Chicago, can be found convicted domestic terrorist and close friend of Barack Obama, Bill Ayers.)

    Much more can be said but would be variations on the same theme. More will unfold in the coming months as spring turns to summer across Europe and North America. I can hardly wait.

    In closing, and once again, we are living in remarkable, if not disturbing, if not frightening, times. I strongly suggest persons reading this avail themselves of further reading material like the links to Matthew Bracken’s excellent essays’

    I also suggest arming yourselves. Now.

    Food for thought.

    Don Laird

  3. “His loyalty lies with SE Asia.” ….and yet, he does not actually want to live there.

    His honesty should not be doubted.

    Same with the Mexicans. They’re loyalty lies with Mexico, but nor do they want to live there.

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