“They’re all ISIL!”

SPECIAL REPORT: Yazidi refugees in Germany STILL threatened by Muslims

Ezra Levant of TheRebel.media reports: In Warburg, Germany we met a Turkish-born Christian nun called Sister Hatune Dogan. Under her care were many Yazidi refugees, including Yazidi women taken by ISIS as rape slaves. Sister Hatune told me of the horrors those girls had faced at the hands of the Islamic State. MORE thanks to Vlad Tepes:

One thought on ““They’re all ISIL!””

  1. Cowardly Stephen Harper might nave won the last Canadian federal election if he’d had the balls to counter the claims of the liberal weenies that Canada wasn’t taking in enough refugees from Syria, by declaring he’d take in ALL the Christians and Yezidis who wanted to come here. But in stead he remained silent.

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