“Diversity is Humanities Destiny”

“Diversity”, the new god of social engineers and genocidal lunatics.

“Monocultural States Will Be Erased”— Vice President of the EU Commission Timmermans

This is horrific. It is breathtaking that these genocidal monsters are now coming out of the closet without having to fear being hanged on the next lamp post.

Here’s a comment from TT:

Frans Timmermans, a Dutch political Leftist hack was not elected to his post, is not accountable to the people of the EU, and shows just how much he holds the cultures of the individual nation states with contempt. He’s a freaking marxist intent on re-engineering society to his world view, he cares nothing for the individual views of the average person, they’re to be bended and molded into his vision of what society should be, a utopian built, top down iron fisted legislative tyranny. The SOB creates the very problems he blames the civil society for, and he and like ilk of masterminds and geniuses are supposed to be the ones to organize (reorganize) society to fit their utopian designs.


Now have a look what Sarkozy had to say, quite a few years ago:

French President Nicolas Sarkozy orders white-race French people
to racially interbreed with blacks or face state sanctions.

5 thoughts on ““Diversity is Humanities Destiny””

  1. And he thinks it’s going to remain “Europe” with “diversity”?
    Just another EU leftist mental masturbator.

  2. The good news is that maggots like him will be slaughtered in the coming carnage.

  3. The ironic thing about this is that Islam will never be a “diverse” society.

  4. He has had a few wives. Non of them were black, yellow or brindle! Should practice what he preaches.

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