Ebay Blocks ‘Draw Mohammed’ Winning Cartoon from Auction

Here we go again: preemptive fear and dhimmitude in the face of an implacable enemy. The sharia rules:

eBay has blocked the auction of Bosch Fawstin’s cartoon that won the first annual Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest organized by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer for the American Freedom Defense Initiative.

Fawstin announced the blocking of the auction on his Twitter account:

ATTENTION: MY EBAY LISTING’S BEEN REMOVED. Those who bid $ on my winning Mohammad cartoon, I’ll try to re-list ASAP. pic.twitter.com/LYUfcWiap2

— Bosch Fawstin (@BoschFawstin) May 4, 2016

eBay Removed my winning Mohammad cartoon listing, citing a “technicality”. They’ve confirmed it’s Fishy, effectively blocked its re-listing.

— Bosch Fawstin (@BoschFawstin) May 4, 2016

The art depicts an artist drawing Mohammed with the dialogue, “‘You can’t draw me.’ ‘That’s why I draw you.’” After Breitbart News did a story on the auction, the bidding jumped above $10,000.

Fawstin’s picture won the first annual Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest organized by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer for the American Freedom Defense Initiative. The First Amendment-themed event was attacked by terrorists with AK-47s, although the terrorists were shot dead by an alert officer before they could attack the event.

Fawstin is looking for other ways to put the cartoon up for sale:

As per my last tweet, if anyone has suggestion 4 alternative way to auction my Mohammad cartoon, let me know. May host my own silent auction

— Bosch Fawstin (@BoschFawstin) May 4, 2016


Fawstin sent this follow-up message to Breitbart News:

Before eBay removed my listing on a “technicality”, the current highest bid for it was $10,000 in only three days. To the bidders (I had 37 bids) and the 108 “watchers” on eBay who are interested in my Mohammad cartoon: eBay removed the listing on a “technicality”, and after an attempt to correct it and re-list, they erected a couple of new obstacles to doing so, effectively barring it from eBay. Contact me to be notified of my next step.

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  1. We wait on the true military leader of the West – the President of the USA, POTUS for short, to lead the West out of the mess that America led Europe into. Multicultism is an America idea that was forced on Europe, to prevent another war in Europe. Now that idea is leading to war.

    As America got us into this mess, it will have to be America to lead us out. Only America has the global power to force all Europeans to jump when told to. Only the US has the power to force Turkey to accept all refugees. Only the US can force all countries, such as Pakistan, Afghanistan etc, to accept their people.

    Lets hope Trump does not disappoint.

    1. Multiculturalism was a French idea forced on Europe so the Frogs could regain the power and prestige they lost to others.
      As usual, Frogs sacrifice everyone else to their own hurt feelings.
      There is a sort of irremovable cowardly traitor gene in the French.

  2. Only America, along with Russia can stabilise Syria. Only America can stabilise Iraq.

    America can be blamed for much of the present crisis in the ME and Europe. But like it or not, America is the only one that can get us all out of the mess. There is no other nation that has that kind of overwhelming power that America has.

      1. 100% correct – but Merkel and her stasi friends also share considerable responsibilitiy as does obama and the demoncrat (NOT a speling mistake) morons in the states. Bloody moronic socialists – naive stupid cretins who contribute nothing of value but destroy all they cannot understand.

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