7 thoughts on “Elmo is stirring the pot”

  1. Sheik, with great respect, to say that this creature is ‘stirring the pot’ is to mis-characterize what is happening. ‘Stirring the pot’ implies that he is playing a bit of a game with us, trying to be provocative, so as to get a reaction. The teenage radical, having a bit of fun with his reactionary elders. This man isn’t ‘stirring the pot’ at all. He is telling Australians exactly what Muslims intend to do in this country, and we Australians are too stupid to grasp the elemental fact that aforesaid creature is telling us the literal truth. Muslims intend to take over this country, and impose Sharia law on everyone. Believe it! It is happening now.

  2. You are right I’m sure and Malcolm and Bill are busy fighting each other when they should be united in fighting the planned adoption of Sharia in this country.

  3. Just goes to show that ‘moderate’ Egypt never fails to produce some fantastically disturbed individuals.

  4. The fanatic Muslims, which I suspect represent the lion’s share of the total Muslim population, should thank the leftists for the future Caliphate that Australia will become. The ironic thing is that the leftists will hate it when that happens, but are moronic enough not to realise it.

    Thank the Christian God that I will have most likely exited by the time this happens.

  5. The day is coming soon when all moslem maggots such as these will either be deported or dead or both.

  6. Actually muslims are heading for a BIG fall – and this idiot halal dealer is too stupid to realize it. Our big problem is not the muslims idiots, but the left winger. Let El Mouthy blather on – but be ready to shut down any of his adventures, or thise of his slime bucket communitiy, as soon as they appear.

  7. This comment you’ve posted isn’t from ElMouelhy. It’s from a copycat Facebook page which only has a few page likes. Go back to the page you found it on and check. 🙂

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