How much longer can we allow traitors to represent us?


UK: Muslim, 66 yr old man, stabs four women in supermarket parking lot.

Why would a “pensioner, 66,” suddenly go on a stabbing spree and try to murder four women?
Maybe Ethem Aydin Orhon is mentally ill; we will certainly be told that he is, whether he is or not!!! But there is also the possibility — one which neither authorities nor the mainstream media are likely to pursue — that this Turkish Muslim had a different motivation.

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Muselman charged over car park stabbings
A man has been charged with four counts of attempted murder after four women were stabbed in a supermarket car park. Ethem Aydin Orhon, 66, of Deacons Walk, …DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
And did you know he was actually ‘Bailed’ by police only hours before the attack for assaulting a police officer and carrying a knife?

This horrific story is ignored because the knifeman was Muslim. Worse, every single media outlet (including the one at the Weekly Standard that posted this video of eyewitness accounts) scrubbed the lede — that the jihadi was screaming Lee Rigby’s name. May 22nd was day day Lee Rigby’s , a young British soldier, was beheaded by devout Muslims on a London street in broad daylight. Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale ran him down with a car, then used knives and a cleaver to stab and hack him to death

So here’s your takeaway. Women being hacked to death in a supermarket parking on the anniversary of beheading of a young British father is of no import. The only thing that matters is protecting Islam.

UK subway stabbing: Muslim taxi driver admits trying to stab commuters

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 11.07.25 PMMuslims with machetes waging knife jihad is everywhere — UCMED in California, Munich railway station, an Ohio eatery, a grocery store parking lot in London. You might think the media would report on it — you’d be wrong. The description of these savage stabbings are gruesome. These pious barbarians are inhuman. “Leytonstone tube stabbing: Taxi […]READ MORE

Yes, we are suckers. But how long can we allow the stupid to represent us?

Erdoğan welcomes world leaders with janissary march

Internet Haber Merkezi  11:03 May 24, 2016  Yeni Şafak

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan hosted a dinner in honor of world leaders attending the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul. The dinner was held at Dolmabahçe Palace in Istanbul. The guests were welcomed by Turkey’s Foreign Minister, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, and his wife, Hülya Çavuşoğlu, with janissary march. Erdoğan and Turkey’s first lady, Emine Erdoğan, entered the salon with the Turkish national anthem.


Tim Blair

An actual headline about something that really happened:


EU Reich Vows to Block Pro-Freedom, Anti-Islamization Parties 
Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, made clear at the weekend that Norbert Hofer would have been frozen out of EU decision-making….

“The EU will isolate and use sanctions against any far-right or populist governments that are swept to power or presidential office on the wave of popular anger against migration.”

This is the modern face of fascism – the “anti-fascists.” —Pamela Geller

Russia Shows What Happens When Terrorists’ Families Are Targeted 
Donald J. Trump was widely condemned when he called for the United States to “take out the families” of terrorists. But Russia has been doing that for years.

2 thoughts on “How much longer can we allow traitors to represent us?”

  1. As long as only the enemy controls the binary tools of behavioural modification – the stick and carrot of fear and greed, the threat of having the politicians’ own families firebombed, beheaded or otherwise jihaded – and the oil-revenue bribes, “our leaders” will continue to ignore our being murdered by muslims.

    In fact, both parties will let it happen anyway, in order to prolong their “crisis” donations, rather than solve themselves out of their jobs.

    These people aren’t just “stupid” – they deliberately let us die, abdicate their oaths of office to defend us by engaging in their routine “political” practices:

    “There’s No Money In Solutions – So Please Give Generoulsy – -AGAIN!”

    These “leaders” are all criminally-negligent parasites and traitors to rationality and civilization… at BEST.

  2. Juncker made clear that Norbert Hofer would have been frozen out of EU decision-making.

    So this how democracy works. If the people elect somebody the Muslim apologists traitors do not approve of, then democracy is declared void. Only accept democracy if it complies with your coward and apologetic attitude, otherwise IT IS REJECTED!
    The UK should have exited that socialist hot bed a long time ago.

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