Patriots blast the Muslim call to prayer in Meissen, Germany

From the Fortress Europe Facebook page on this event.

Minister of Internal Affairs of Federal Republic of Germany Thomas De Maizière doesn’t see any problem with Muezzin in Germany. 60 decibels, 3 minutes, all conform to the immission law. We played the music in front of his regional office in Saxony – still no problem, Mr. De Maizière?

The signs read: “WE DEMAND that the 60 Db. 3 minute call to prayer STOP

Too bad the sheik missed this important event, he had a wonderful time with these patriots in Dresden over the weekend!

Thanks to Vlad Tepes who has more on this here.

One thought on “Patriots blast the Muslim call to prayer in Meissen, Germany”

  1. There is no crime or perversion a criminally negligent masochist won’t immediately submit to or try to compromise with!

    The permanent form of fear isn’t “terror” – it’s masochism. One becomes habituated and acclimatized to being terrorized – even rats being electrified in cages settle down and give up. Islam exemplifies this “Submission” to being extorted. And permanent extortion is called slavery.

    In defending islam, these liberal racists demonstrate their preference for “safe” slavery over “risky” freedom of choice.

    While not ALL criminal negligence is masochism, all masochism IS criminal negligence.


    Like all criminals, leftists are defeatist masochists at heart, having no faith in being able to trust even them selves, and so in stead choosing to slander everyone else as being equally untrustworthy.

    Like Muhammad, their defeatism leads to self-fulfilling prophecies, where they attack everyone else, first, then blame their victims for having “made” them attack. Their alibis to excuse their criminal choices are that there is no free will and there were no choices to be made; they pretend to be victims at the mercy of inevitable, “predetermined/predestined” force: victims of society/mere products of their environments, and of course slaves of “allah.”

    Masochists pretend to “control” their fears (in stead of trying to learn to recognize and fix mistakes and solve problems by paying attention to their fears) BY causing the same, worst-case scenario, pain-causing problems they fear the most.

    (Hence libertine “liberalism,” where they pretend that it’s noble to pretend that fear doesn’t exist, and so always want to “progress” to “freedom” from the fearful pain of self-restraint).

    In this way, they hope to avoid the fear of pain, by pre-emptively inflicting that pain on themselves (thus cancelling the auxiliary pain caused by the fear)! See?

    But while not ALL criminal negligence is masochism, all masochism IS criminal negligence.

    And of course, such criminals are also always all about the subjective double-standards:

    What they advocate for in public may be only an attempt to sway everyone ELSE to SUBMIT!

    Being selfish, they embrace hypocritical double standards, wanting rights without responsibilities, to never be offended by having their feelings hurt by the painful truth of being accused of their crimes.

    And others are expected to have only responsibilities to them – to embrace suicidal masochism as their highest virtue – “TO GO ALONG” (with their criminal lies) “TO GET ALONG” (with the lying criminals)!

    “Be a sport! Gimme a pass! We’re all only victims, right?”

    In that way alone, (by posing as a “victim”) the Devil pretends he doesn’t exist.

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