The Killers Among Us

They are among us, you can’t tell who they are and you wouldn’t know what they have in store for our infidel society if it wasn’t for sites like this, Jihad Watch, Vlad Tepes blog and the Religion of Peace:

British jihadi ‘back from fighting on the front line’ in Syria
Leaked files exposing the terror group’s network of recruits reveal that Muslim convert Gianluca Tomaselli, 27, allegedly travelled to Syria in 2013 to become a fighter.
Their ‘kids” will murder your kids:
VIDEO: Teenage Islamic State savages SMILE as they volunteer to brutally kill apostates
A new propaganda video by ISIS shows teenagers smiling like freaks as they line up to kill captured prisoners in front of a crowd of captive locals in Iraq.–THEREBEL.MEDIA
Horrifying footage shows moment Jewish bakery was set ABLAZE days before grand reopening
THIS terrifying CCTV footage shows the moment a newly refurbished Jewish deli and bakery is set ablaze by a mob of Muslim arsonists.

… when a Muslim structure burns, its “Islamophobic” even though the facts are, a significant amount of the time this happens, it was Muslims who did it, either out of anger, from a competing sect, or to blame the indigenous people of the area in order to get government money to build a larger better newer facility.

When a specific Jewish business is burned not once but twice, its a gang of “Asians”.

Have the people of the Western world bred themselves into a state of suicidal docility? –EXPRESS.CO.UK|BY JACK FENWICK

Rotherham Panel Will Allow Muslims To Control Policing Ahead Of PEGIDA Walk
Fox guarding chicken coop: the 1400 sex slaves of Muslim “grooming gangs” must surely be getting the message now, that Muslims are in charge and will be for the foreseeable future:
Rotherham council has announced a new “diverse” panel to “advise” police on how to deal with “extremist” marches in South Yorkshire.
More from the Religion of Peace:

2 thoughts on “The Killers Among Us”

  1. While only the enemy controls the fear-and-greed, stick and carrot binary of behavioural conditioning, via the constant threats of having “our leaders” own families be firebombed or beheaded by the jihad, and bribed by endless oil-money, this sort of treason will be rewarded and nothing will counter it.

    We will have to act, not merely continue to defer our own rights and responsibilities to think and act for our selves TO THEM.

  2. Purge the ‘shadow islam appeasers‘ globally
    (ie our ‘elected politicians” masters).
    These masters of our ‘elected politicians’ are the ones who command our cowardly ‘elected politicians’ to import and retain the deceitful and the murderous (ie ALL) islams into our civilised societies.

    Purge ‘islam appeasers‘ globally
    (ie our ‘elected’ politicians and Others).
    ‘Others’ being the suicidal non-islams assisting the islam invaders

    Purge islam & islams globally.
    (The emulators and admirers of their dead ‘Muhammad’ … the most perfect criminal)

    Purge in any order or together
    purgeislamglobaly links reveal the usual criminal islam horrors.

    Purge islam globally …
    and then Predictably …
    we then live in this beautiful world made even more beautiful.

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