Bosnia struggles to rein in Muslim “radicals”

This is a red herring. To suggest that there are only “a few radicals” and that there is some kind of “moderate Islam” is a falsehood. They all read the same Koran, they all adhere to the same supremacist ideology and the only difference among them is the strategy by which they pursue their goals.

Bosnia’s inter-ethnic war in the 1990s was a magnet for Arab and Afghan fighters who brought with them a strict Salafist branch of Islam. Many of the today’s Bosnian Salafist communities refuse to comply with the country’s official Muslim leaders and stand accused of nurturing terrorism. Now the country is exporting foreign fighters, with hundreds leaving Bosnia to wage Jihad in the Middle East.

In other news:

In Kaduna, Nigeria, Muslim youths attacked Christian man over failure to fast
From Nigerian media organisation The News Governor Nasir el Rufai of Kaduna has vowed to ensure prosecution of a gang of Muslims youths who stabbed one Francis Emmanuel, a Christian for not observing the Ramadan fast in the Kakuri area of the state on Tuesday. Emmanuel, a carpenter told journalists …Read More…
Sweden: Hand-shaking row over Muslim border inspector
A different attitude to that in Switzerland – the Swedes are much less confident about their own cultural standards. From the Swedish edition of The Local Swedish police have come out in defence of a Muslim border checks passport inspector, who stirred debate after he refused to shake his female …Read More…
Israel’s Deputy Defence Minister States What So Many Others Refuse to Know About Ramadan, “Month of Terror”
Of course, he could have done even better with his commonsensical statement of the bleeding and flaming obvious, had he used the phrase “month of Jihad” rather than “month of terror”.  But he has still done better than o many other free-world politicians who have been spouting syrupy nonsense as the …Read More…
One Ohio Mosque Has Been at the Center of SIX Terror Cases
This mosque came up in an investigation by Richard Engel on NBC News. The imam looks like a convert. Patrick Poole dos the deep dive at PJ Media. The website for Masjid Omar Ibn El Khattab, just a mile from the Ohio State University campus, proclaims itself “the Muslim Heart of Columbus.” And yet …Read More…
Two More Articles That Tell Us Pretty Much All We Need to Know About Mohammad Hassan Whose Dangerous Driving Killed Two Hapless Infidel Women in Melbourne
First, the Herald-Sun, Shannon Deery reporting.
 “Two Mothers Die in Horror Crash, But Accused “Caught laughing” Afterwards, …Read More…
Düsseldorf terror plotters ‘linked to refugee sleeper cell’
From the German edition of The Local The Syrian men arrested last week for allegedly plotting to attack Düsseldorf for Isis may be linked to a sleeper cell of 20 terrorists. The Netherlands is investigating media reports that a sleeper cell of the Isis jihadist group has been hiding among people …Read More…

2 thoughts on “Bosnia struggles to rein in Muslim “radicals””


    German citizens defend themselves from the onslaught of Muslim filth, filth given licence to do as they please, where they please and to whom they please by treasonous politicians, bureaucrats and judiciary.

    Then, these same citizens are targeted by the police and judiciary.

    Who would blame the citizens if they shot the police officers, judges and bureaucrats to death for their crimes of treason?

    Blair Sinclair


    At 03:12 of the video there is a lawyer who whimpers about the treatment the filthy Muslim got.

    Here is that lawyers contact information

    Use it wisely, but at least use it.

    Marcen Gherhardt
    Dresden, Germany

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