Not our country, says Turncoat

Is this Goldman-Sachs rep even dumber than KRudd, G-Lard and Shorty?

Turnbull: whites “invaded” this land. This “always will be Aboriginal land”

Andrew Bolt

I have warned conservatives about what Malcolm Turnbull would be like once elected.

You don’t actually need to wait that long after today’s presser:


Do you agree that the colonisation of Australia can fairly be described as an invasion?


Well I think it can be fairly described as that and I’ve got no doubt – and obviously our first Australians, Aboriginal Australians describe it as an invasion. 

And never may people with no Aboriginal ancestors feel an equal right to call this home:

So this was and is and always will be Aboriginal land.

And so the racial division of this country proceeds, encouraged by the party many would have expected to resist.