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If you are are an enemy of the state, you will rise in the Obama administration.–Pamela Geller

According to the Qu’ran, the unbelievers are dumb, deaf and blind. Those who cannot see what the community organiser is up to are indeed missing the forest for the trees….

Muslim former FBI agent who refused to wiretap fellow Muslims now Homeland Security Adviser |…
Back in 2002, Gamal Abdel-Hafiz was in the FBI, and refused to conduct a secret recording of a Muslim suspect. He said: “a Muslim doesn’t record another Muslim.”…

Pamela Geller:

DHS’ Islamic Advisor: Orlando Jihad Was Not Islamic

The jihadi’s first words to the 911 operator were the bismillah. He was a devout Muslim who declared he was waging jihad in the cause of Allah.

What’s it going to take? How many have to die?

You can deny jihad, but you cannot avoid the consequences of denying  jihad.

“DHS’ Islamic Advisor: Orlando Jihad Was Not Islamic,” Breitbart, June 21, 2016:

Last week’s terror attack by an Islamic jihadist on the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando was not actually Islamic terrorism, says a Muslim activist invited to serve on President Barack Obama’s homeland security advisory council.

The message from activist and advisor Laila Alawa came via a retweet of a tweet from the her business deputy.

This Laila Alawa is a nasty peace of work. Read it all….

AG Lynch Admits the FBI Has Lost Track of Omar Mateen’s Wife
‘I believe she was going to travel but I do not know exactly her location now’—-NEWS.GRABIEN.COM

Pamela Geller: Hamas-Tied CAIR’s ‘Islamophobia’ Jihad

CAIR: Jihadi’s Motive Unclear

CAIR: cynical, deceptive, subversive, and insidious – with numerous lapdogs in the media eager to retail their lies not a week after scores of Americans were murdered in cold blood in the cause of Islam.

On the day that the Justice Department and the FBI released first a sharia-compliant redacted version of the Orlando jihadi’s declaration of allegiance to the Islamic State — and then, after a torrent of criticism, finally released the unredacted version — the U.S. front group for the jihad terror group Hamas, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), released a new hate report laughingly labeled “Islamophobia.”

At a press conference announcing the report, Hamas-CAIR’s Ibrahim Hooper kicked off with the bismillah, the same prayer the Orlando jihad mass murderer Omar Mateen recited as he slaughtered scores of nightclub revelers in Florida on June 12. Devout Muslims recite the bismillah right before they behead their next victim(s).

In the wake of every jihad attack comes the second attack: first comes the violence, then the public shaming of anyone who opposes jihad terror. The myth of “Islamophobia” is the second attack when jihadis kill. It’s not merely a deflection and distraction to avoid discussion of Islamic texts and teachings that call for slaughter; “Islamophobia” propaganda cripples law enforcement efforts and shuts down counter terror programs. The FBI dropped an investigation of Mateen because he said his coworkers (who reported him) were “Islamophobic.”(More)

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    The Chobani Yogurt Plant in Twin Falls, Idaho is Muslim owned.

    The Chobani plant has applied considerable pressure on local government and police agencies to facilitate their multitude of Muslim friendly/Islamification requests immediately, and in some cases, completely circumventing city and county approval inspection/licencing/permitting processes. This preferential treatment supplies Chobani Food Services not only with cheap labour, but with the ignorance of a growing number of crimes committed by Muslims and the “refugees”.

    In many ways this corruption and criminality is a mirror image of the corruption displayed by the police officers, judges, bureaucrats and politicians of Rotherham, England who ignored the pleas for help of over 1400 young girls as they, over a span of 10 years, were raped, sodomized, tortured and enslaved by Pakistani Muslim men.

    Many of the politicians and bureaucrats in Twin Falls, Idaho are directly connected through business and financial dealings with the Chobani Food Service plant. It is corruption and criminality that is serving the furtherance of the Islamification of North America.

    Below is the contact information of some of the Twin Falls, Idaho, politicians, bureaucrats, and law enforcement/court officials who are in full support of the Islamification of Twin Falls. These are officials who routinely ignore the crimes of the “refugees’ and Muslims. Home addresses and additional personal information/relations/in-laws to be released shortly.

    Shawn Barigar (Islamification/Jihad Supporter/Promoter)
    (Husband of Camille Barigar)
    Mayor, Twin Falls, Idaho, USA
    Email: sbarigar (at)
    PH – 1-208-735-7287
    President, Twin Falls Chamber of Commerce
    Email: shawn (at)
    PH- 1-208-733-3974

    Camille Barigar (Islamification/Jihad Supporter/Promoter)
    (Wife, Twin Falls Mayor, Shawn Barigar)
    Occuption, Fine Arts Special Events Coord
    College of Southern Idaho, Idaho
    (This college hosts the “refugee” center)
    Office: Fine Arts 78
    Phone: 1-208-732-6288
    Email: cbarigar (at)

    Suzanne Hawkins (Islamification/Jihad Supporter/Promoter)
    Vice-Mayor, Twin Falls, Idaho
    PH- 1-208-734-7742
    Email: shawkins (at)
    Owner, Computer Connection (Computer Repairs)
    1180 Blue Lakes Boulevard North
    Twin Falls, ID 83301-3305
    PH- 1-208-734-7742
    Email: support (at)

    Nikki Boyd (Islamification/Jihad Supporter/Promoter)
    Councilwoman, Twin Falls, Idaho
    PH- 1-208-735-7287
    Email: nboyd (at)
    Owner, Twin Falls Real Estate Co, Inc
    Twin Falls Id 83301
    PH- 1-208-308-1429
    Email: nikki (at)
    Member, Association of Idaho Cities

    Greg Lanting (Islamification/Jihad Supporter/Promoter)
    Councilman, Twin Falls, Idaho
    PH- 1-208-735-7287
    Email: glanting (at)
    Greg Lanting, a devout Marxist, was, for over 20 years, a social studies teacher and principal at the Filer Middle School in Twin Falls, Idaho.
    Greg Lanting is now the president of the Association of Idaho Cities.
    Association of Idaho Cities
    PH: 1-208-344-8594
    Email: glanting (at)


    (This is the center that is actively engaged in the flooding of the Twin Falls, Idaho area with what amounts to savage human-garbage from Africa and the Middle East.

    Director, Zeze Rawasama
    Email: zrwasama (at)
    Ph: 1-208-736-2166 (ex 119)

    CSI Refugee Center
    1526 Highland Ave. E.
    Twin Falls, Idaho 83301
    Phone: 1-208-736-2166
    Fax: 1-208-736-4711


    This is a community college located in Twin Falls, Idaho USA. This college and its faculty and staff are hardened Marxists. All of the usual suspects can be found here from the SJW’s, to the OWS, La Raza, New Black Panther and BLM movements. This college fully supports the dismantling of America’s immigrations system, the releasing of all terrorist/activists from US prisons and the eradication of all of the American borders. This college is particularly sympathetic to all Muslim political activity and views Islamic terrorism, domestically and internationally, as the justified reward of all non-Muslims. This college and its senior faculty are the driving force behind the flooding of Twin Falls Idaho with the very worst and criminal elements from the Middle East and Africa.

    The president of the College of Southern Idaho, Dr. Jeff Fox, is a devout supporter of global Jihad and is on record as welcoming mass immigration, without checks, to the USA from the Middle East and Africa.

    In short, the senior faculty and administration of the College of Sothern Idaho can be considered a clear and lethal threat to non-Muslims and the national security and sovereignty of the United States of America.

    All groups and individuals concerned about the United States of America and the preservation of its constitution, culture and freedoms should consider this college and its staff as extremely dangerous, seditious and treasonous.

    College of Southern Idaho
    315 Falls Avenue
    Twin Falls, ID, USA, 83301-3389
    PH: 1-208-732-6221

    Dr. Jeff Fox, President
    Email: jfox (at)
    PH: 1-208-732-6220

    Dr. Todd Schwarz
    Executive Vice President/Chief Academic Officer
    Email: tschwarz (at)
    PH: 1-208-732-6325

    Jeff Harmon
    Vice President of Administration
    Email: jharmon (at)
    PH: 1-208-732-6210

    Curtis H. Eaton
    Special Assistant to the President
    Email: ceaton (at)
    PH: 1-208-732-6242

    Dr. Michelle Schutt
    Associate Vice President of Student Services
    Email: mschutt (at)
    PH: 1-208-732-6863

    Dr. Cindy Bond
    Instructional Dean
    Email: cbond (at)
    PH: 1-208-732-6454

    ( others can be found at: w w )


    This is the Marxist lawyer, elected as the Twin Falls, Idaho Prosecuting Attorney, who excuses and mitigates the crimes of the Muslim/Refugee filth (Sudanese) that savagely sexually assaulted a 5 year old child. Grant Loeb is a full supporter of Islamic cultural jihad and dismisses the rape of the 5 year old girl as “cultural diversity”. Grant Loeb has dragged his feet and refused to prosecute the 3 Muslims responsible for raping, assaulting and urinating on a 5 year old girl. Grant Loeb refers to those persons who object to Muslim acts of violence and murder as “extremists” and “ a disgruntled few”

    Grant P. Loebs, Prosecuting Attorney
    425 Shoshone St. North, 3rd Floor
    P. O. Box 126
    Twin Falls, ID 83303-0126
    Email: gloebs (at)
    PH-Criminal 1-208-736-4020
    PH-Civil 1-208-736-4190
    FAX- 1- 208-736-4120


    This police chief and his police officers, much like those in Dearbornistan, Michigan, are openly sympathetic to and in full support of the Obama Administration and of the flooding of the city of Twin Falls and greater Idaho area with jihadists and Islamic “refugees” from Africa and the Middle East. These police officers and their chief purposely dragged their feet and refused to properly investigate the Muslim rape of the 5 year old girl in Twin Falls, Idaho. Police Chief Craig Kingsbury and many of his senior police officers/detectives have direct links to the Muslim owned Chobani yoghurt manufacturing plant in Twin Falls and are indebted to its owners and management.

    Chief of Police, Craig Kingsbury
    Mailing Address: PO Box 3027
    Twin Falls, Idaho 83303
    Physical Address: 356 3rd Ave East
    Twin Falls, Idaho 83301
    PH: 1-208-735-7242
    PH: 1-208-735-7243
    Email: ckingsbury (at)
    Email: abarnhart (at)
    Email: bmittelstadt (at)
    Email: cstotts (at)
    Email: creynolds (at)
    Email: dlewin (at)

    Other addresses: w w


    These sheriffs, like the Twin Falls police department, are openly sympathetic to and in full support of the Obama Administration and of the flooding of the city of Twin Falls and greater Idaho area with jihadists and Islamic “refugees” from Africa and the Middle East. This sheriffs office purposely dragged their feet and refused to properly investigate the Muslim rape of the 5 year old girl in Twin Falls, Idaho. Sheriff Tom Carter has direct links to the Muslim owned Chobani yoghurt manufacturing plant in Twin Falls.

    Sheriff Tom Carter
    Deputy Sheriff
    PH- 1-208-736-4177
    Email: twinfallscoso (at)
    Email: mcase (at)
    Email: tcarter (at)
    Email: dbrown (at)


    Alex Riggins has written several stories on the Muslim/Sudanese rape of the 5 year old girl in Twin Falls, Idaho

    Perhaps you can contact Mr. Riggins and point out the differences between unbiased journalism and propaganda.

    Alex Riggins,
    Crime Reporter
    Email: ariggins (at)

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