“Refugee” MEN now “students” in Canadian school, “hitting on 14-15 year old girls”

AfterEzra Levant’s  investigation into reports that migrant children in Nova Scotia were bullying other students, TheRebel.media set up a tip line — tips@therebel.media — for parents whose children were also being bullied.

Now a parent in New Brunswick says there are migrant “children” at her child’s school as old as 22. These adult males “with full beards” are “hitting on the 14-15 year old girls.”

TheRebel.media filed an Access to Information request to get to the bottom of this — and over 2000 documents came in, with more on the way

Emails between teachers reveal what’s going on in their classrooms.

What they talk about will shock you:

Bullying, anti-semitism, sexual harassment, jokes about homemade bombs — and refugee girls telling teachers they live in fear of their brothers and fathers.

On Thursday, Ezra will present his FULL REPORT on his show, but throughout the week, we’ll post more previews like this one.

Stay tuned, and please share these videos far and wide.

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