The age of the kumbaya clowns

On the Labor candidate who thought Hizb ut Tahrir wasn’t “extremist”

Andrew Bolt

A small set-back in the mainstreaming of hard-line Islam:

A FEDERAL Labor candidate has been revealed to have close ties with Islamic extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir.

Christian Kunde, Labor’s candidate for the NSW seat of Farrer, … last night resigned after The Daily Telegraph made inquiries into his background.

Labor candidate Christian Kunde quits over links to radical Islamic group
Christian Kunde declared himself a friend of the group’s controversial spokesman…Share

Labor leader Bill Shorten was reported to be furious that Mr Kunde’s links to the firebrand senior spokesman of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Australia, Uthman Badar, had not been disclosed during the preselection process…

Mr Badar was banned in 2014 from delivering a lecture at the Opera House entitled “Honour Killings Are Morally Justified” after widespread outrage.

Mr Kunde attended several events with Mr Badar and vigorously defended attacks against him and claims that he supported terrorism.

“He has been variously branded a ‘supporter of terrorism’ as well as an ‘extremist’ and a ‘fundamentalist’,” Mr Kunde posted in support in 2014 after attending a rally with Mr Badar.

“Disappointingly, there have been few calls — if any, aside from this one — to support Uthman against this barrage of modern ad hominem.”…


The resignation is less than a week after Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was embarrassed after it was revealed homophobic cleric Sheik Shady Alsuleiman was allowed to attend a dinner he hosted.

Under Islamic law, homosexuals must be put to death. This is not the view of one “homophobic cleric”, that is Islam 101. (SY)

Labor must have thought Kunde’s views were fine, given the taxpayer-funded ABC published them gladly two years ago:

Uthman… has been variously branded a “supporter of terrorism,” as well as an “extremist” and a “fundamentalist.” Disappointingly, there have been few calls – if any, aside from this one – to support Uthman against this barrage of modern ad hominem….

At this point, I should say that I know Uthman Badar personally. He is a brilliant economics graduate, who won the Premier’s Award for all round achievement in his Higher School Certificate. Moreover, he is a husband, father, trusted friend and cricket enthusiast. I would trust him with the guardianship of my own child. He is also deeply religious Muslim.

Uthman Badar, the Hizb ut Tahrir spokesman, is neither an “extremist” or “fundamentalist”?

In fact, Badar is spokesman for a group whose Australian head, Sheik Wahwah, has preached Jew hatred:

THE top Australian cleric of extremist Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir has ramped up his hate speech in a rant referring to Jews as who have “corrupted the world” and will “pay for blood with blood”….

In Mr al-Wahwah’s latest video speech, he says “refraining from fighting (Jews) constitutes widespread evil”.

“Jews are the most evil creature of Allah. Moral corruption is linked to the Jews, prostitution in the world began with the Israelites. Usury and gambling began with the Israelites, killing began with the Israelites.”

Again, this is not the view of one solitary muslim or that “tiny minority of excremists” we are hearing about, this is Islam 101.

Wahwah also calls for action against the West – the “enemies” of Islam:

Do not trust the oppressors. Do not trust America, Europe or NATO. They are all enemies. Their hearts are black. They hate you, your religion, your Muhammad, and your Koran… Start dealing with them before they start dealing with you. Cut off their hands before they sow corruption upon the land… [Jews and Freemasons] killed our mother, abolished our Caliphate. 

Badar’s Hizb ut Tahrir colleague Wassim Doureihi, another spokesman, said this:

Even if a thousand bombs went off in this country, all that it will prove is that the Muslims are angry and they have every reason to be angry. 

Badar’s Hizb ut Tahrir says terrorists such as the Islamic State are merely “relatively powerless groups” which are “forced to react” to “tyranny” and the “oppression” and “greater terrorists” of the West, and their slaughter of civilians is “blown out of all proportion”:

Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia emphasises the following points:…

If ‘terrorism’ is the use of violence for ideological or political ends, the world has seen no greater terrorists than western states who have laid entire nations to waste through decade-long invasions and war. Yet they are presented as the philanthropic saviors of humanity whilst the actions of relatively powerless groups reacting to oppressive conditions are blown out of all proportion. At the same time, Muslims in the west who make the sacrifice of going abroad to fight tyranny and assist the oppressed are characteristed as ‘extremists’ and ‘terrorists’…

These views are shared by just about all Muslims. There is indeed nothing “extreme” about it.

We should respond to these lies with the truth: the truth that the real problem, the root problem, is western violence, which eclipses the violence of any individual or group many times over and is in fact the cause of the oppression to which people are forced to react.

Yet a Labor candidate claims Badar is no extremist? No fundamentalist?


Kunde’s idiotic defence of Badar simply confirms what blogger Arthur Chrenkoff said about Malcolm Turnbull’s excuses for his radical dinner guest, Sheik Shady:

Mr Turnbull …  subsequently told the media: “I do regret his invitation… If I had been aware he had made those remarks about homosexuals and gay people, he would not have been invited.” But also: “It is also wrong to seek to define the views of all 500,000 Muslims because of the opinions expressed by one person, by one cleric.”…

So we are faced with this dilemma: if Sheikh Al-Suleiman’s Sharia beliefs are not representative of, and are at odds with, those of Australian Imams and the Australian Islamic community in general, why is he the president of the national peak body of religious preachers? If, however, his Sharia beliefs are representative of, and are consistent with, those of Australian Imams (though not necessarily “all 500,000 [Australian] Muslims”) then I would venture to argue that we have a much bigger problem in this country than we would like to admit.

Which is why the ABC’s Insiders’ panel was yesterday advocating submission.


Note that Kunde’s astonishing defence of Uthman Badar was published by the ABC’s Religion and Ethics section, led by Scott Stephens, a former Uniting Church minister who has been one of the ABC’s most aggressive promoters of Muslim apologists, notably Waleed Aly.

Scott Stephens can only be described as a lunatic in the camp of the Gosford Goose, as you can see here. These people seem to be competing for the Moonbat hearts and minds:

Gosford 3



But if you really wanna see a cringing, vomit inducing dhimmi trying to endear himself to a babbling hijabbee, (Yassmin Abdel-Magied) check out Darling Point Dr Michael Jensen


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    Last week, immediately after the Orlando massacre, the Prime Minister of Australia hosted a dinner in Kirribilli House for an Islamic festival. He ignored the Christian celebration of Pentecost and the Jewish feast of Shavout and instead invited a known hate-preacher into his residence. How on earth can he, his staff or government be trusted when it comes to vetting potential immigrants in this country! It was an offensive statement and disgraceful display of arrogance on his part.

    Today the Daily Telegraph revealed that the Labor party pre-selected and endorsed a candidate with known links to Hizb ut Tahrir! A radical Islamic group that holds very extreme views. Our major parties are extremely out-of-touch with everyday Australians and they are not ensuring the safety or security of our nation, but instead bow down to the dangerous beast of political correctness.

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  2. Except for recent reactive parties like ALA necessary for survival, let’s have a look at “politics” and “politicians” motivations in general:

    Politicians will never acknowledge or name problems correctly – NEVER. Because their motto is: “There’s No Money In Solutions, so Please Give Generously – AGAIN!” They are all deliberately, willfully, intentionally criminally negligent.

    It’s practically their (at-least-subconsciously-understood) job description!

    “Criminal negligence” is a form of extortive FRAUD.

    At the very least, it’s where one’s negligence endangering others is brought to one’s attention, and one deliberately chooses to ignore it anyway. (One deliberately ignores one’s responsibilities).

    At worst, it’s also where one signs a contract and agrees to accept payment to solve a problem, but then refuses to solve it, by pretending to be stupid.

    Thus one is using the fraudulent pretense of ignorance to extort funds.

    Deliberately ignoring one’s responsibility to not attack first is at the heart of all criminality.

    All criminals are negligent. Choosing to do nothing is a choice. Failing to plan is planning to fail. All criminals are hypocrites, and politicians are top scum of the hypocrisy crop.

    All criminals want to have “extra” rights by offloading their responsibilities onto their victims. Politician epitomize this meme; they live it and breathe it and can be counted on to embrace it every single time, even – or worse, most especially – in times of eternal life-and-death situations like ongoing murderous global terrorism.

    This is why in ancient times and other places, the temporary positions of shogun and voivode were created, so the military could do its job to defend us when the elected political scum – who are power-traders by nature and definition – can’t and won’t.

    It’s why Vlad Putin can cripple ISIS in days while Obama said he’ll need decades.

    Bottom line?

    Politicians are inherently corrupt by nature and design. Politics has been best defined as “power-trading.” Blurring and erasing well-defined legal boundaries between levels of government in order to increase their own power paychecks perks and pensions while diluting their responsibilities to their citizen constituencies seems to be the reason why they exist. The other definition of politics is to ignore a problem until it has become irrelevant on its own. Basically, they get to decide what to do with our money, allegedly on our behalf. But since our tax money is theirs by systemic right, it’s no longer ‘legally’ ours at all, by definition: it’s now really only theirs to spend, and they all know it. Finding creative new ways to spend our money on them selves to literally increase their own power at our direct expense is their real job, not to save it or invest it. And parasites kill their hosts.

    Democracy is almost deliberately designed – and so also, destined – to fail.

    See more, here:

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