These people are vile


They claim to be against evil things such as racism. But these protestors – with their ready recourse to violence – seem to represent the evil and hatred they denounce:

Masked members of a splinter anti-fascism group have set Australian flags on fire and scuffled with police and media in the latest Melbourne rally between rival protest groups. However, police managed to keep the opposing groups separate at the protests today.

About two dozen people dressed in black and wearing masks still managed to interrupt an anti-Islam rally, setting flags alight and scuffling with news photographers.

In other news:

Widespread rorting ‘undermining Australia’s immigration programs’

Australian workers kidnapped in Nigeria released: Macmahon

(I wonder how much ransom was paid to get them released.)

2 thoughts on “These people are vile”

  1. These so-called “anti-fascists” are found all over the world now.
    This weekend 300 of them were in Sacramento stabbing people they don’t agree with. I’d like to interview some of them to try to find out how they got that way.

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