Demand a Halt to Muslim Immigration, In the Interests of Safety First For Aussies!


Sonia Kruger, on Aussie TV, Demands a Halt to Muslim Immigration, In the Interests of Safety First For Aussie Infidels

Sonia Kruger – ⇑ incidence of terror attacks correlates to ⇑ % Muslim population – supports ban on Muslim immigration

The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.

As reported by (also in the Herald-Sun) and by the reliably-Islamophile Sydney Morning Herald. (Full article below the fold)

After Nice Jihad Attack Two Aussie Journalists State the Flaming Obvious in Public: Got Muslims? Got Jihad

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And of course, predictably, all the bien-pensants are having conniptions.

Nevertheless: what has been said, and therefore thought, cannot be unsaid nor unthought, by all those many, many minds that have read Mr Bolt’s op ed and heard one Sonia Kruger – both pretty and possessed of basic commonsense – being very, very blunt – on a show on what one might call Tabloid TV, one of our commercial channels – about her agreement with that op ed, and her reasons, to wit – a/ the real possibility of meeting the same fate as the victims of jihad mass murder in Nice, France, and b/ the suppression of free speech.

To begin with, here – as it appeared in the Herald-Sun; it also appeared in Sydney’s “Telegraph” – is the Andrew Bolt op ed that prompted the indignation meeting on TV at which Ms Kruger so thoroughly shocked her co-panelists.  

“Muslim Migration in France Opens Door to Terror”.

That is: it has opened the door to Jihad, or, to be even more exact, that migration is itself a form of Jihad, the Muslim struggle or striving to force all of humanity into subjection to Muslims, and the sharia of Islam. – CM

‘Why have jihadist terrorists made France Europe’s bloodiest battlefield?

‘Simple answer: Because France let in the most Muslims.

Or, if one doesn’t want to get into arguments about absolute numbers and percentages, one might say, “because France admitted a great many Muslims”. – CM

‘This link between immigration policies and terrorism (that is: between Muslim mass-migration and Jihad – CM) largely explains why the French are the greatest victims of Europe’s jihadists.

‘It also explains why we are fools not to change our own immigration policies to protect lurselves.

‘No European Union country has a higher proportion of Muslims than France – up to ten percent of its population, or six million people, though statistics are vague, and vary.

‘Yes, numbers don’t tell the whole story, but they do count.

‘Another example: Belgium’s capital, Brussels, is Europe’s biggest Islamic city, with 300,000 Muslims, and has paid terribly for it.

‘It suffered mass murder by jihadists at its airport last March, its police have had two shootouts with terrorist networks, and an Islamist murdered four Jews at its Jewish museum.

‘But it is France where the fiercest frontline runs in this war between Islam and the remnants of European Christendom.

‘France has the most Muslims, and that is why four people were killed, three of them children, in an Islamist (sic: Muslim – CM) attack on a Jewish day school in Toulouse four years ago.

‘That is why 20 people were murdered in Paris in last year’s Islamist (sic: Muslim – CM) attacks on the Charlie Hebdo magazine and a kosher supermarket.

‘That is why 130 more people were murdered (and many, many others gravely wounded –CM) in Paris last November in an Islamic State assault on restaurants, a concert hall, and a football stadium.

‘That is why a policeman and his wife were last month murdered by a jihadist outside their home.

‘That is why 84 people died (that is: were mass-murdered, human-sacrificed to Allah – CM) in last week’s terrorist attack in Nice, when a Tunisian-born man (sic: “a Tunisian-born Muslim man” – CM) rammed his truck into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day.

‘That is why there have been dozens of other Islamist (sic: Muslim – CM) attacks and plots, including the beheading last year of a factory manager at Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, and the running down of 21 people by cars driven by jihadists in two attacks the previous year.

And let’s not forget the kidnap and torture-murder of the Jew Ilan Halimi by a gang of Muslims, and the murder of a French Jew, Sebastien Selam, by a Muslim colleague and former friend.  Those, too, would not have happened had France not admitted into its midst a mass of Muslims pickled from birth in a thoroughly-Islamically orthodox hatred of Jews.  Muslim aggression toward Jews in France is so bad that many, many French Jews are fleeing, mostly to Israel. – CM

‘This slaughter has forced the French Government to turn parts of France into what looks like a military occupation: 10,000 soldiers have been deployed in the streets, and the country has been under an official state of emergency for eight months now.

“We are in a war”, declared Nicolas Sarkozy, the former French president.

Yes.  A war that began in the 6th century, when France was not France, but Gaul; and has continued unceasingly, though with periods of abeyance here and there, ever since. – CM

‘True, the number of Muslims in a country does not tell the full story.

‘Indeed, by some counts Germany may have even more Muslims than France, after an estimated 600, 000 more (most of them young men of military age – CM) crossed into the country illegally last year – though Muslims do still  make up a smaller proportion of Germany’s bigger population.

‘Yet, Germany has until now been spared the mass murders suffered by so many other countries.  (It has, however, had jihad plots not a few, so far fortunately foiled; it has had honor murders of young women from the Muslim ‘community’, destroyed by their families to punish them for daring to embrace western freedoms; and at least one major mosque in Germany has been connected with serious jihad terror plots. – CM)  Perhaps this is because  many of its Muslims have come from Turkey, a country that is (or was – CM) more Westernised and advanced than the North African countries which fed France.

Or than fanatically Islamic Bangladesh and Pakistan from which hundreds of thousands of deeply-primitive Muslims have flooded into the UK.   However, the situation could change.  What matters is this one fact that Mr Bolt has already noted: Muslims ‘still make up a smaller proportion of Germany’s bigger population’.  Let that proportion change – let Muslims, in both absolute numbers and as a percentage, increase and therefore feel themselves to be in a stronger position vis a vis the circumambient German Infidels – and things could get very nasty, very quickly. – CM

‘But many of the Muslims who crossed into Germany last year did come from North Africa.  Germany’s Justice Ministry said this month it was conducting nearly 120 investigations involving more than 180 terrorism suspects.

‘Nearly 500 suspected extremists ( that is: potential jihadist mass-murderers of Infidels – CM) are being monitored.

So for Germany, too, more Muslims means more danger, whereas the situation in, let’s say, Japan, suggests fewer Muslims means less danger.

‘Japan has strict controls on immigration and its 127 million people include just 100, 000 Muslims.  Result: zero Islamist attacks.

‘Contrast that with Australia, which has a population of just 24 million, but 500,000 Muslims (and counting.. – CM).

‘How we’ve paid for leaving our door open.

‘For a start, the past three successful terror attacks here – the Lindt cafe siege, the shooting of police accountant Curtis Cheng, and the stabbing of two police in Melbourne – were all carried out by Muslim refugees we had allowed in.

‘That story is now terribly familiar.  For instance, IS’s most influential recruiter in Australia, Mohammed Ali Baryalei, was another Muslim refugee we let in.

‘Harun Causevic, put under a control order by a Melbourne court last week to prevent terrorism, is from yet another Muslim refugee family.

‘On it goes.  The Islamists jailed for plotting an attack on Sydney’s Holsworthy army base included refugees and men from Muslim immigrant families.

‘Many of the jailed Benbrika plotters were born overseas.

‘Hate preacher Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali was born in Egypt.

‘The Jew-hating Sheik Ismael al-Wahwah, head of the radical Hizb ut Tahrir movement in Australia, was born in Jordan.

‘Hamdi Alqudsi, found guilty this month by a Sydney court of recruiting jihadists for IS, is a disability pensioner born in Palestine (sic: ‘Palestine’? – I assume this means he was born in Gaza, or else in one of the Muslim colonies in Judea  and Samaria – CM).

‘In fact, of the 21 men already jailed in Australia for terrorism, 12 were born overseas.  Seven more were born here to Lebanese families (that is: “to Lebanese Muslim migrant families” – CM).

‘Who let them all in? Why?

‘How can our politicians excuse running such a dangerous refugee and immigration program?

‘How can they have imported such trouble that at least two Australian journalists have been forced to move homes after being threatened with death for mocking Islam, or reporting on I. S?

‘No person should have to live in such fear in this country.

‘No-one should have to risk death for simply speaking their mind – and risk it, worse, at the hands of extremists (that is – “Muslim sharia enforcers” – CM) we actually invited in.

‘Of course, most Muslims are great citizens and some are widely admired.  They hate terrorism (or say that they do; but it would be wise to look carefully at how they define ‘terrorism’ – CM). They want peace (or say that they do; but are they using the same definition of ‘peace’ as we Infidels are? – CM). All that is true and must always be kept in mind.

‘But most are troublingly silent when their top Muslim leaders preach hatred, excuse terrorists, and blame the West for inviting jihadist attacks.

‘They even allow our Grand Mufti, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed, to speak in their name when he lists as the “causative factors” of IS’s murder last year of 130 people in Paris not the Islamic faith which inspired the killers, but five alleged anti-Muslim sins of the West, from our “racism” and “Islamophobia” to our foreign policies.

‘It is much the same story with our most prominent Muslims – including presenters such as The Project’s Waleed Aly – who turn almost every discussion on Islamic terrorism into a criticism of the West.

‘Take Aly’s explanation when the Islamist son of Afghan immigrants (that is: Afghan Muslim immigrants – CM) killed (sic: murdered – CM) 49 people at a gay bar in Orlando.

‘To Aly, this actually showed that our “freedom just kind of ends up consuming itself in a very strange, dark sort of a way”.

‘It seemed to Aly that the problem was the West’s freedom, not the Islamist hatred of it (not the pious Muslim hatred of it – CM).

‘But the time for such sophistry is long gone.  The luxury of such vaporous (sic: I think ‘vacuous’ would have been a better word – CM) is now beyond our capacity to pay.

‘The mathematics is clear: The more Muslims we import, the more danger we are in.

Exactly. – CM

‘Isn’t the next step now obvious? 

What will our Prime Minister and Immigration Minister do now to protect us?’

Good question.

The same column also appeared in Sydney’s Telegraph,

where it was opened for Comments, of which there were many.  A few dedicated Islamophiles were hard at work trying to create and maintain confusion, but the majority of commenters, unfooled and unfoolable, were in agreement with Mr Bolt.  I encourage our readers to click on the link and read those comments, to get a sense of the way in which the wind is beginning to blow among not a few ordinary Aussie Infidels.

As for Ms Sonia Kruger, who understands the obvious, and was prepared to state it loud and clear on TV, I will reproduce a couple of the reports about that, in a separate posting.

Sonia Kruger, on Aussie TV, Demands a Halt to Muslim Immigration, In the Interests of Safety First For Aussie Infidels


As reported by (also in the Herald-Sun) and by the reliably-Islamophile Sydney Morning Herald.

First, Gavin Fernando for (and in the Herald-Sun)

‘Television Personality Sonia Kruger Calls for Australia to Ban Muslims.

‘Media personality Sonia Kruger has called for Australia to stop taking in Muslim migrants.

It really doesn’t require one to be an expert to reach this simple and obvious conclusion. It just requires basic commonsense and the instinct of self-preservation.  It requires, as the great Joshua Reynolds once said in another connection altogether, “plain observation and a common understanding”. – CM

‘The “Today” show panel was addressing a recent article by News Corp columnist Andrew Bolt, which attributed terror attacks in France to the country’s intake of Muslim migrants.

And was quite correct so to do.  No Muslims? – No Jihad.  Got Muslims? – got Jihad.  Had France never permitted Muslims to swarm in and settle within its gates there would have been no Muslims on French soil to carry out the ghastly jihad massacre and associated torturings at the Bataclan; no Muslim to attempt mass-murder aboard the Very Fast Train; no Muslim to carry out mass-murder by heavy vehicle in Nice; no Muslims to carry out that massacre of perceived ‘blasphemers’ at Charlie Hebdo; and no Muslims, seething with Jew-hatred, to hunt down and murder Jewish children and a rabbi at Toulouse, or to carry out the other attacks, on French Jews, that have been steadily multiplying in recent years (though Muslims, permitted on the soil  of France, were already attacking and murdering Jews as long ago as the attack on the restaurant in the Rue des Rosiers, decades ago). And one might also think of the late unlamented and accursed Shiite jihad gang boss, the Ayatollah Khomeini, spewing his poison for years upon years, safely ensconced in a chateau in France; had France never admitted him within its gates, had France never harboured him, what mischief, what millions of deaths, might have been averted? – CM

‘Ms Kruger, who hosts Today’s sister show, Today Extra, said she had a lot of “peace-loving beautiful Muslim friends” (or, rather, ‘sweetly smiling Muslim friends who currently appearto be peace-loving’; but appearances can deceive, and many an infidel in similar circumstances has had a most unpleasant shock when their lovely Muslim ‘friends’ turned out to be something… deadly dangerous – CM) but admitted she agreed with the controversial opinion-piece.

Personally, i would like to see it (Muslim migration) stop now, for Australia”, she said.

YES!  – CM

‘She referred to Japan, a racially homogeneous country with a low proportion of Muslim migrants, and pointed out that they don’t experience terror attacks by Islamic extremists.

And the same goes for any of the other countries – there still are some, here and there – that have few or no Muslims present inside their gates.  Muslims come in all races and many ethnicities, languages, and levels of education, but they all have one thing in common: an ideology that makes them dangerous, qua Muslims, to any Infidel society anywhere. A highly-trained ethnically-South-Asian Muslim doctor or engineer with perfect English and a degree from a prestigious Western-country university is just as dangerous – or perhaps even more dangerous than – an illiterate goat-herder from the backblocks of Afghanistan or Somalia.  – CM

“I want to feel safe, as all of our citizens do when they go out to celebrate Australia Day, and I’d like to see freedom of speech”.

Hear, hear!  You can say that again.  We don’t want a pious Muslim ramming a truck through Australia-Day picnickers, or detonating a bomb, or running amok with a kitchen knife or a machete or a gun – and we don’t want pious Muslim mobs rioting in our streets and making murderous threats just because somebody somewhere – whether in Australia or elsewhere – has defied the sharia rule against blasphemy by daring to criticise or to question or to mock or poke fun at Mohammed, Islam, Muslims.  We want an Aussie cartoonist or film-maker to not have to worry about meeting the same death as did Theo Van Gogh and the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists.  No Muslims inside the gates would mean NO jihadi mass murderers and no sharia assassins threatening to kill journalists, academics, film-makers, cartoonists and comedians.  The Muslims we’ve already got pose enough of a homeland security headache – a massive, and massively expensive headache – without making things worse by importing more, some of whom, perhaps an increasing percentage of whom, will (or their offspring) assuredly Go Jihad on us, sooner or later. – CM

‘At this point host David Campbell chimed in, exclaiming, “I’d like to see freedom of religion as well, as well as freedom of speech!  They both go hand in hand.”

Does ‘freedom of religion’ really mean that if a Muslim – an active card-carrying publicly-declared adherent of a cult that explicitly prescribes and in many places practises death for ‘blasphemy’ (whether committed by an adherent or by a non-adherent, anywhere; hence the thoroughly-Muslim sharia-inspired murders of those ‘blasphemers’, the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists and Dutch film-maker Theo Van Gogh) and for apostasy (even in the West, those brave souls who have publicly left Islam must look over their shoulders perpetually for fear of the sharia assassin; and we have all, surely, heard about those Muslim murders of atheists in Bangladesh, of late) – demands to enter a non-Muslim country, within which s/he will constantly threaten and attempt to suppress both freedom of speech and freedom of religion, that Muslim must be admitted? That we have no right to refuse admission to an identifiable Muslim?  Suppose that the Thuggee cult, or the Aztec human sacrifice cult, had been revived; would Mr Campbell, in the name of freedom of religion, demand that openly-declared and practising adherents of said cults had a right to be admitted into Australia, no questions asked, and to practise every aspect of their cults, once they got in?  – CM

‘Referring to the Bolt column, he said, “This breeds hate. This sort of article breeds hate.”

Ms Kruger responded, “I would venture [to say] that if you spoke to the parents of those children killed at Nice they would be of the same opinion”.

That is, that they would be of the opinion that Muslims should not have been allowed inside the gates and that no more Muslims should be admitted.  Well, one hopes so. Some probably have figured it out; others, I fear, may not yet have reached that conclusion. – CM

When asked by Lisa Wilkinson to clarify whether she was saying she would like Australian borders closed to Muslims at this point, Ms Kruger outright said, “Yes, I would.  For the safety of our citizens here, I think it’s important.”…

YES!  It is!  Go for it, Ms Kruger. Tell it like it is.  Thank God that somebody has come out and said it. And please, please, please, do not back down.  You will be howled at by every deluded Dhimmi and Islamophile and Muslim in the country; but … stand your ground. Just keep on stubbornly pointing out the obvious: Got Muslims? Got Jihad.  Note: if you click on the link and read the article in situ, you can hear and see this fascinating conversation as broadcast. – CM

‘Ms Kruger’s words have produced a mixed reaction on social media.  Some users have expressed support for her opinion, while others deemed her “racist” (sic ; that hoary old chestnut; how can one be ‘racist’ when one is criticising a set of ideas that can inhabit the head of a person of any ethnicity? would it be ‘racist’ to be opposed to Communism or to the KKK? – CM) and accused her of “spreading division”.

As opposed to, say, Muslims whose cult – not some strange aberration thereof, but the thing itself as defined in its core texts, its mainstream interpretations and its historic practice – divides the world into dar al Islam (where Muslims rule) and the dar al Harb, the ‘region of war’, that must be warred against unrelentingly by any and all means deemed necessary, until it is all destroyed and replaced by the dar al Islam?  Muslims, many of them obeying the guiding principle of al wala wa al bara, loyalty (to Muslims only) and enmity (toward all Infidels qua Infidels)?  Isn’t that divisive?  Doesn’t that promote division? – CM

‘Meanwhile the Anti-Defamation Commission, an Australian Jewish civil rights organisation, has spoken out denouncing Ms Kruger’s words.

Fools. Dhimmi fools. They need to have a good long talk with the Jews of France, who are fleeing in ever-increasing numbers to Israel, driven out of France by Muslim aggression, aggression that includes atrocious Muslim murders specifically targeting Jews. If Jews in Australia wish to remain as safe as they have been for the past 200 years – if they do not want to see horrors in Australia as bad as Mohammed Merah’s murder of little Miriam Monsonego and of Rabbi Jonathan Sandler and his two little boys in the grounds of a Jewish primary school in Toulouse – they should be lining up right beside Ms Kruger to demand an instant halt to all further immigration of Muslims into Australia. – CM

‘ADC Chairman Dr Dvir Abramovich said, “I am dismayed and concerned by this misguided and outrageous statement.  Sonia Kruger’s call to ban Muslim immigration to Australia is deeply offensive, irrational and unacceptable.

“Banning anyone from entry to our country on the basis of their religion (but this religion, Dr Dvir Abramovich, inculcates a truly mind-boggling intensity of Jew-hatred; you need to spend a few hours at MEMRI finding out what bog-standard Muslim pundits and preachers routinely have to say about Jews – not just Israel, Jews qua Jews – CM) goes against long-standing Australian values of respect, inclusivity and religious freedom.

No, mate, the exclusion of Muslims from Australia, were we to institute such a sensible thing, would not be parallel to our shameful refusal, during the 1930s, to admit any significant number of the persecuted Jews of Europe in the 1930s; it would, rather, be exactly like a refusal (during 1939 – 1945) to admit into the country any person who was known to be a card-carrying member of the Nazi party and enthusiastic supporter of the Third Reich. – CM

“Such singling out and demonising of Muslims (no: such rational recognition of the dangerousness of Islam and therefore the potential threat represented by its declared adherents – CM) is counterproductive (no it isn’t; what is counterproductive is the wilful refusal – by people like yourself – to recognise that threat – CM), and will only serve to foment fear and hatred.

Infidel fear of being murdered by one or more of those many, many, many allahu-akbaring Muslims who emerge continually out of the mass of the Ummah and engage in bloody rampages such as we have witnessed in France (and in many other places, as far apart as the USA [Boston, San Bernardino, Fort Hood, Orlando], Israel, India, Nigeria, Kenya), is not irrational. It is not immoral. It arises from the person’s coming to understand that there isa  real threat.  As for Muslims? – I couldn’t care less about their claimed fear of a ‘backlash’.  No Muslim has suffered, anywhere within the West, anything even remotely approaching what Muslims have repeatedly done to Infidels, in the cities of the Western world, within the past fifteen years.  

And then… hatred?  Muslims, my dear sir, are taught to hate, hate, hate us. Hatred for the Infidels – and especially, by the way, for Jewish Infidels qua Jews – is hardwired into the core texts of Islam. They hate us because we are not Muslims. They hate us because we do not regard  Mohammed the warlord as a ‘prophet’. They hate us because we do things that the sharia forbids – such as drinking wine, keeping pet dogs,  painting pictures of living beings, and making music; because our women walk about with uncovered faces.  Two writers deeply familiar with the mindset of Islam – Lebanese Christian Brigitte Gabriel, who lived through the devastating war that Sunni Muslims unloosed upon her country in order to achieve Muslim dominance, and Syrian ex-Muslim Wafa Sultan – both identify hatred as one of its defining features.  Brigitte’s book about Islam and the jihad is called “Because They Hate”.  Ms Sultan’s book about Islam is called “A God Who Hates” and it is full of examples of the active malevolence that is taught to the average adherent of this cult.  You have no. idea, Mr Abramovich, how much they – many of them, many more than you would like to believe – hate you, and us.  But I would advise you to read Andrew Bostom’s magisterial tome, “The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism”, or at least “Part One”, and learn just how much Muslims are taught to hate the Jews.  Did you know that a Muslim in North Africa once said, “Love of the Prophet [Muhammad] requires hatred of Jews”? – CM

“Our nation is strengthened by diversity (it is weakened, however, by the introduction of inassimilable and aggressive and malevolent Mohammedans into the mix – CM), and it is crucial that all leaders stand united in combatting any manifestations of bigotry and prejudice.”

Those who, from study of the Islamic texts and plain observation of how Muslims have conducted themselves and are conducting themselves toward Infidels in many places and times, both past and present, and are as a result deeply wary of Muslims, are not bigoted. They are not prejudiced; any more than Churchill was prejudiced when, after reading Mein Kampf, and paying close attention to the public statements and then the actions of Herr Hitler, he warned day and night against the rise of the Third Reich. – CM

‘In Bolt’s column, which was published this morning, he said there was a clear link between immigration and terrorism.

Not immigration in general, or ‘terrorism’ in the broad sense; but, rather, between Muslim immigration and Muslim acts of terror. – CM

“Why have jihadist terrorists made France Europe’s bloodiest battlefield”, he writes. “Simple answer; because France let in the most Muslims.”

Yep. It really is that simple. – CM

“This link between immigration policies and terrorism (between Muslim immigration and Muslim acts of mass-murder of Infidels – CM) largely explains why the French are the greatest victims of Europe’s jihadists.

“It also explains why we are fools not to change our own immigration policies to protect ourselves.”‘

‘He went on to compare Australia to Japan, pointing out that the latter has a population of 127 million and only 100,000 Muslims.

And if the Japanese were really on the ball, they would not permit even one mosque, and they would do everything in their power to dislodge those 100,000 Muslims and cause them to leave Japan. Even 100,000 Muslims in any infidel country is 100,000 too many. –  CM

‘Contrast that with Australia, which has a population of just 24 million, but 500,000 Muslims.  How we’ve paid for leaving our door open.”

Yes.  Our total death toll so far (excluding the 88 Australians who were killed by jihad not on Australian soil but in a favourite Aussie holiday destination, Hindu-majority Bali, which is trapped within Muslim-ruled Indonesia) has been small, but that has largely been the result of good luck and the vigilance of ASIO, the AFP, and our ordinary police force, which have so far managed to nip any number of would-be-mass-murderous Muslim plots in the bud.  Sooner or later we will run out of luck, and/ or someone – like the jihadist in France – will get past under the radar, and there will be a Muslim massacre of Australians. All because we stupidly let in tens, scores, hundreds of thousands of Muslims. – CM

And now for the Sydney Morning Herald, who are shocked, of course, by Ms Kruger’s commonsense.  Michaela Whitburn reporting.

“Sonia Kruger Calls on Australia to Stop Taking Muslim Immigrants’.

‘Sonia Kruger has courted controversy on morning television by calling on Australia to stop taking Muslim immigrants, prompting a stand-off with co-host David Campbell.

‘The co-host of Channel Nine’s Today Extra program left Campbell and Today host Lisa Wilkinson visibly discomfited after she said she would like to see the immigration of Muslim people to Australia “stopped now… because I would like to feel safe”.

So would I.  And I would like our LGBTI people (including various fellow parishioners and family members of mine who are gay) to both feel and be safe, safer than were those poor people in Orlando, Florida; and I would like our deeply-respected and creative Jewish community to feel and be safe, and our Hindus and Buddhists and Christians and atheists, and our artists and musicians; and I want our academics and journalists and comedians and cartoonists and satirists to not have to worry about being assassinated by some thoroughly-orthodox-and-pious Muslim who thinks that they have committed ‘blasphemy’.  I want them to be safe from that. I don’t want any Aussie Infidel to have to worry about being beheaded or shot or taken hostage or kidnapped and raped or blown to pieces or run over with a truck, by someone howling allahu-akbar and bent on the fast track to the Islamic ‘paradise’.  Oh, sure, we have violent people in our midst, unformed by any ideology; but why import extra – extra whose violence is programmed into them and sacralised by a violent cult – when we. don’t. have. to?? – CM

‘Kruger was responding to a column by conservative columnist Andrew Bolt who wrote in the News Corp press on Monday that jihadist terrorists had made France “Europe’s bloodiest battlefield” because “France let in the most Muslims.”  “We are fools not to change our own immigration policies to protect ourselves”, Bolt said.

‘Kruger said on Monday, “Personally, I think Andrew Bolt has a point here that there is a correlation between the number of Muslims in a country and the number of terrorist attacks”.

Yes. There is. –  CM

‘The former ‘Dancing with the Stars’ host added she had “a lot of friends who are Muslim who are (or who seem to be, at the moment – CM) peace-loving, who are beautiful people, but there are fanatics.”

And the thing is, even the apparently lovely smiling ‘peace-loving’ Muslims can, on occasion, ‘get religion’ and turn into allahu-akbaring murderers.  Just. like. that, as  many infidels in the past have discovered, to their horror, too late. – CM

‘She said Japan had a population of 174 million including 100,000 Muslims and “you never hear of terrorist attacks in Japan”.

“Personally, I would like to see it [the immigration of Muslims] stopped now for Australia because I would like to feel safe as all of our citizens do when they go out to celebrate Australia Day, and I’d like to see freedom of speech.

‘Campbell interjected that he would “like to see freedom of religion as well, as well as freedom of speech.  They both go hand in hand”.

What rule says that we have to have Muslims in Australia, especially given that there is no Muslim-dominated/ majority-Muslim country anywhere in the world, within which Infidels can be truthfully said to be in any real sense either free or safe?   The test of any person, or of any group, is how they behave when they have power over others.  Islam, and the Ummah, miserably fails that test.  And why, to repeat, should we be required to admit people whose cult demands Death for ‘blasphemy’ and Death for apostasy? – CM

‘In an impassioned retort, he added, “This breeds hate.  This sort of article breeds hate’.

No it doesn’t.  It was merely stating an observable fact and giving some advice based on that fact. – CM

‘Campbell alluded to controversial One Nation leader and Senator-elect Pauline Hanson (who has, quite rationally, called for a Senate commission to inquire into what it is that Islam is all about – CM) before Kruger cut him off, saying, “What, so you’re not allowed to talk about it, you’re not allowed to discuss it”.

That is: she reads him, quite correctly, as demanding that people not reflect upon nor publicly discuss the connection between Islam, and Muslims, and Muslim acts of mass murder such as was just perpetrated in Nice, France. – CM

‘He responded that “you are allowed to talk about it (no we are not, or at least, we are howled down by the likes of you, Mr Campbell, whenever we try; we are not permitted to discuss the jihad doctrine of classical Islam, nor the apostasy law, nor the blasphemy law, nor how those things manifestly influence Muslim behaviour right here within the West – CM) and you are allowed to celebrate and worship whatever you want and whatever you don’t want”.

Are we? But suppose a cinema in Australia proposed to have a public showing of Theo Van Gogh and Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s film “Submission”?? – CM

‘Kruger said, “I would venture [to say] that if you spoke to the parents of those children killed in Nice, they would be of the same opinion”.

I.e. of the opinion that there should be an end to Muslim immigration, and that Muslim immigration has made life dangerous and unpleasant for Infidels in France.  Well, some probably would; some are, despite everything, most likely still wilfully blind. – CM

‘Wilkinson, who appeared incredulous during parts of Kruger’s rant (rant? – no, she merely spoke with clarity and passion – CM), interjecte dthat “in fact, the very first person who was killed, mown down in [by] that truck was a Muslim woman so it’s killing Muslims, it’s indiscriminate’.

No it is not. My dear Ms Wilkinson, this attack was carried out by a Muslim against French persons celebrating the birth of an Infidel polity, the State of France.  It was an act of war aimed squarely at Infidel France.  Any Muslims who happened to be on the scene would be regarded either as insufficiently-Islamic Muslims deserving of punishment – because Muslims are not supposed to participate in or approve of Infidel festivals – or else as unavoidable collateral damage and even, if the attack – deemed a necessary part of the greater goal of weakening an Infidel state – could not be carried out without the risk of killing them, ‘martyrs’, shaheeds, dying in the furtherance of the cause of ‘allah’.  – CM

‘Just to clarify, Sonia, are you saying you would like our borders closed to Muslims at this point?”  Wilkinson said.  Kruger replied, “Yes, I would”.

Good on Ms Kruger for refusing to back down. – CM

The comments have sparked heated debate on social media.”

22 thoughts on “Demand a Halt to Muslim Immigration, In the Interests of Safety First For Aussies!”

  1. There are so many good Jews in the world fighting against islam, Pamela Geller, you, but these evil Jews in positions of power and influence, they are traitors to the Jews and to the infidel world. I despise them. I think the wealthy Jews in the US are worse! They defend islam and attack viciously anyone who criticizes Islam. It is really disgusting.

      1. Maybe handed over to the muslims they defend so that they can show them their deep appreciation.

    • (The Shadow Government) Cultural Marxist Dictators
    OUR politicians and “Suicidal Humanists” who support the islam invasion
    • ( the islam emulators (by their own choice) … of a Criminal Muhammad)

    Qur’an 115 مع السلامة (Ma’a salama): Good bye (All/Any islams)
    1. Purge islam appeasing ‘(Shadow Government) Cultural Marxist Dictators “Globally” !!!
    …… (ie. OURelected‘ politicians true masters)
    2. Purge islam appeasers “Globally” !!!
    …… (ie. OUR politicians and “Suicidal Humanists” who support the islam invasion)
    3. Purge islam “Globally” !!!
    …… (ie. the islam emulators (by their own choice) … of a Criminal Muhammad)

    Qur’an 115: 1-3 abrogates in entirety …
    all/every/any previous ‘holy shiite’ islamic texts

    Free Anders Behring Breivik …
    incarcerate the Criminals …
    incarcerate the cultural marxists

    1. @’Master’ Krebs
      About what do you require a comment from sheikyermami ?

      1. Especially “Cultural Marxist Dictators” and “Free Anders Behring Breivik”.

        1. Why especially is NOT necessary …
          Your “quoted terms” are explained completely in the contents of the link supplied with the comment above yours!

          Just what do you want the sheik’s comment to address??
          • Please state your issues in a reply!
          • If more than one issue … point form would be a good format to clarify your position with!


          This format could be useful in all your previous (try to incriminate type) questions and for all your your future (try to incriminate type) questions to commentators on this site … a bit nasty!

          I have to ask …
          which of the following groups, (obviously NOT the first group – and NOT in the second) but extremely likely in the last group …
          • (The Shadow Government) Cultural Marxist Dictators
          OUR politicians, “Suicidal Humanists” and “others” who support the islam invasion
          • (an islam emulator (of your own choice) … ie. a Criminal Muhammad)

          if you need more information perhaps this link will help …

          Please explain your motives in your reply as it will be beneficial to all.

        2. I know that sheikyermami believe the Eurabia conspiracy theory. I want to know:
          * if he believe the Cultural Marxism conspiracy theory
          * if a see european leaders as dictators
          * if he want Anders Behring Breivik free
          * if he hate or scorn Europeans.

        3. and knowing these points …
          nicholas …
          just how do you envisage they will then enrich and enhance Your life.
          (nicholas … I am the creator of those comments you enquire about … and the sheik is the moderator)

          Wouldn’t it be better for YOU to enlighten (us) YOUR readers with exactly what YOU think nicholas?

          Also …
          How and when did you become aware that YOU know that sheikyermami believes the Eurabia [conspiracy theory] ?

          Additionally …
          • do YOU believe the Cultural Marxism conspiracy theory and why you do or don’t believe and also how would YOUR knowing the sheiks beliefs on Cultural Marxism benefit YOUR life experience.
          • do YOU see European leaders as dictators and why you do or don’t believe European leaders are dictators and which and why is your favourite and again why you are particularly interested in what the sheik believes and how having this knowledge would affect YOU .
          • do YOU want Anders Behring Breivik free and in what way would it affect the course of world events if such an event occurred or didn’t occur in YOUR opinion and again how this knowledge about the sheiks beliefs would be of benefit to you personally.
          • do YOU hate or scorn Europeans or other ethnic groups major or minor … as well as YOUR opinion on Caucasians in and out of islam and YOUR overview of islam’s intention as a world religion … most people are reluctant to publicly expose their beliefs on these subject so YOUR courage is admired … I notice you are at least bi-lingual as you comment on non-English blogs in these blogs published languages

          In interested anticipation of YOUR sharing YOUR experience of the world nicholas.

        4. “Wouldn’t it be better for YOU to enlighten (us) YOUR readers with exactly what YOU think nicholas?”

          I dont’think so. sheikyermami is the editor, but I am only a poor reader.

          “How and when did you become aware that YOU know that sheikyermami believes the Eurabia”

          Since .

          * I do no beleive the Cultural Marxism theory.
          * I do not see european leaders as dictators.
          * I do not want Anders Behring Breivik free.
          * I do not hate Europeans.
          * I do not scorn Europeans.

        5. nicolas… your agenda here and about ?
          (are you obedient to your masters’ commands .. or do they yet require more of you?)

          and also as a commentator …
          I reiterate ….

          STOP ALL islam IMMIGRATION!
          EXPEL ALL RESIDENT islams!
          • (The Shadow Government) Cultural Marxist Dictators
          • OUR politicians, and “Suicidal Humanists” and “nicolos” who support the islam invasion
          • ( the islam emulators (by their own choice) … of a Criminal Muhammad)
          PULVERISE EACH AND EVERY mosque!

          Qur’an 115 مع السلامة (Ma’a salama): Good bye (All/Any islams)
          1. Purge islam appeasing ‘(Shadow Government) Cultural Marxist Dictators “Globally” !!!
          …… (ie. OUR ‘elected‘ politicians true masters)
          2. Purge islam appeasers “Globally” !!!
          …… (ie. OUR politicians and “Suicidal Humanists” and “nicolas” who support the islam invasion)
          3. Purge islam “Globally” !!!
          …… (ie. the islam emulators (by their own choice) … of a Criminal Muhammad)

          Qur’an 115: 1-3 abrogates in entirety …
          all/every/any previous ‘holy shiite’ islamic texts

          Free Anders Behring Breivik …
          incarcerate the Criminals includes “nicolas” …
          incarcerate the cultural marxists

          nicolas …
          do you see yourself as a pidgeon playing chess …

    2. ALL (ie. each and every) islam IS A CRIMINAL!
      islams include …
      • (The Shadow Government) Cultural Marxist Dictators
      • OUR politicians and “Suicidal Humanists” who support the islam invasion
      • ( the islam emulators (by their own choice) … of a Criminal Muhammad)

      Now watch the islams engage in criminal activity to PROVE ‘islams’ are NOT Criminals
      (with the usual vile putrid malevolent deceitful actions that islams use in an attempt to prove atypical by their usual criminal actions)

      Purge islam “Globally
      Purge islam “From The Earth

      Positions Available
      “Marxist Hunters”
      They used to be called Crusaders

  3. And people are castigating her WHY?
    At least Kruger, Bolt and Hanson are willing to debate about the Mammoth in the Room. The left hides behind computer screens, weak logic, overate and under impressing politicians and their failed belief in the rights of men and women to have dissenting views other than theirs! The myriad of mindless dribble that comes out of the left these days defiles belief, Islam does not discriminate on who it Kills, Rapes or Blows up and before they start screaming Racist, Bigot or any of the hundreds of equally vile and forgettable tags they put on people, the muslim suicide bomber or shooter will kill them dead just as much as the innocents that have been killed lately.

    1. Aussie are innocent & loving people Australian govt. don’t take action to stop Muslim migrants, THEN BE READY for one more french nice disaster in Australian soil, Be Alert.

  4. ‘Onya Sonia: For having the moral fortitude to say what the gutless, lame stream media are afraid to say.

    1. All European, usa,french and Australia country has to impose very strict and serious law on Muslims to immigrate in to there country because highest funded very big jihadist gulf mafia institution playing on card to misguide & force full conversion of innocent Christian and use them as tool to fight against the respective countries. Be Alert.

  5. Blah, diversity is overrated. We don’t need diversity when it includes ‘weeds’ that outbreed and kill the local population.

    I thought that the comments is video are correct and very brave. I support them completely, it is time for the PC bullshit to end and the truth to stand strong.

    I think that Australian immigration should be as tough as Australian Customs is when entering the country. They are very stringent to make sure that any plant or animals from outside of Australia do not enter and pollute the environment. They inspect nearly every nook and cranny of your luggage and clean your shoes of any dirt.

    You see diversity is not that great. The comparison is valid. Bringing muslims into your country is dangerous. Most are OK but enough are like weeds and dangerous for the natives. It is not worth taking the chance.

  6. Thank you Sonia kruger for having the foresight to see that islamic invasion is a DANGER to all future Australians

    If not sure ask the yazidis or aszorians or other groups that have to live with these islamic savages

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